Amanda Cerny Family: Who Is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Cerny Family

Amanda Rachelle Cerny is an American actress, model, and Internet celebrity. Let’s get to know about Amanda Cerny Family.

Amanda Cerny arrived on June 26, 1991. She has over 4 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and was formerly popular on Vine. 

Amanda Cerny was recognized as the Playmate of the Month in the October 2011 issue of Playboy magazine. Amanda Cerny entered the world on June 26, 1991, in the Steel City of Pittsburgh.

Who is Amanda Cerny?

American actress, model, and social media star Amanda Cerny. Amanda Cerny’s well-known for her videos on both YouTube and Vine. 

She runs her channel on YouTube. She also appeared in Health & Wellness magazine as a model. Amanda Cerny has modelled for well-known companies, including Nike, Marc Jacobs, Guess, and countless others.

She was the brains of the Zeus video streaming service. Nearly 3,000 comedy sketches and music videos are among her body of work. 

Amanda Cerny was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for October 2011. Since August 2017, she has been leading LiveXLive’s Digital Talent segment. She appeared in Cardi B’s “I Liked It” music video in June 2018.


Amanda Cerny’s early schooling was completed at a local school in Pittsburgh, where she currently resides. Her academic performance was above and beyond expectations. 

Her diploma was awarded by Florida State University, located in the state of Florida in the United States. 

Amanda Cerny started working as a model when she was 15 years old, finally achieving her goal of working in the entertainment industry as a model. which Amanda Cerny had had since she was a child.


When Cerny was 15, he pursued modelling as a pastime and began working as a model. In the Playboy edition published in October 2011, she was highlighted as the Playmate of the Month. 

Cerny was a Vine user who posted material with more than 4.6 million followers. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter are among the social media platforms on which she is active.

At age fifteen, Cerny launched her career in the fashion industry as a model. She was highlighted as the Playmate of the Month in the October 2011 issue of Playboy, which featured her as the cover subject. 

After using Vine, Cerny soon built up an audience of more than 4.6 million followers. In August 2017, Cerny was promoted to head of the Digital Talent Division at LiveXLive.

She appeared in Cardi B’s “I Like It” music video, released for the first time in June 2018, alongside J Balvin and Bad Bunny. 

In January 2020, Cerny and Gippy Grewal shot a music video for their Punjabi duet “Where Baby Where.” The song was initially performed in English.

Amanda Cerny Family

Cerny is the child of Russ Cerny and Amy Reed, his parents. The successful entrepreneur Mr Russ Cerny is her father, and she is his daughter. 

Her mother’s name is Amy Reed, and she is a model. Samantha Cerny is the name of two older sisters who are sisters. Additionally, she is related to Nick Bateman, who is her half-brother.

Who is Amanda Cerny’s mother Amy Reed?

Amy Reed arrived on April 21, 1964. Amanda’s relationship with her mother is quite strong and she shares frequent images of her mother on Instagram. 

Many of the model’s admirers have remarked that the model’s mother or father is much more stunning than the model herself.

Amy Lee Reed is the full name of the female in question. She has recently tied the knot with Jason Paul Reed. Together, they manage a business and make their home in Stuart, Florida. 

Earlier in her life, she shared a marriage to Amanda’s father, Russell Cerny. Amy received her high school education from West Haven. 

In addition to Amanda. she also has a daughter named Samantha, as well as a daughter named Nicole. The woman had a lifelong passion for athletics and trained in Taekwondo. 

This passion for athletics was passed down to her daughter Amanda. She looked up to her mother as an example to follow.

Who is Russ Cerny, father of Amanda Cerny?

On April 24, 1962, Russ Cerny came into the world. The model and former Playboy Playmate and her father do not have a very close relationship because she does not wish him well on any holidays through social media, and she does not publish any images of her father. 

Russell Allen Cerny is the full name of this individual. He is married to another woman, Zemira Cerny, and was previously divorced from Amanda’s mother.

At the very least, he is the father of three children: Amanda and her sisters Samantha and Nicole. The man had a very successful academic career. 

He studied business administration at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and received a bachelor’s degree in the subject. 

Currently, he works for Change Healthcare, a firm that offers technological services to enhance the operations of healthcare businesses.

Amanda Cerny Boyfriend

Her marital status Amanda has not yet tied the knot. Her boyfriend is the well-known fitness model and vegan Johannes Bartl. 

They are now in a relationship. The year 2017 marked the beginning of the couple’s relationship together.

Regarding the state of Amanda Cerny seeing’s romantic relationships in the year 2021, it has been revealed that she is currently seeing an American Instagram personality named Johannes Bartl. 

In 2017, they started collaborating on videos for YouTube, and the same year marked the beginning of their romantic relationship. 

Johannes Bartl, who has over 2 million people following him on social media, considers himself a fitness enthusiast.

Austrian fitness model, social media personality, and personal trainer Johannes Bartl is known simply as Bartl. 

He is an actress who has roles in movies like Split: Screen Parody, Truth, and Sober Coach, among others.

Bartl holds certifications as an instructor for CrossFit and TRX and a CrossCore Master Instructor.

Bartl reveals that he started his journey toward a healthier lifestyle when he was just 12 years old. 

According to him, he first started performing callisthenics while Bartl was competing in swimming, volleyball, and soccer.

How old is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Cerny arrived on June 26 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As of 2023, she is 31.

Weight & Height

Amanda Cerny is approximately 5 feet 7 inches, which converts to 173 centimetres, and her approximate weight is 57 kilograms.

Net worth

It is estimated that Cerny has a net worth of eight million dollars. Through social media and endorsements, she has developed an excellent career worth several million dollars.

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