Amanda Levy Mckeehan: Toby Mac’s Wife

Amanda Levy Mckeehan

Amanda Levy McKeehan, a famous Jamaican-American wife, is Toby Mac’s spouse. She rose to fame after being hitched to gospel producer and musician TobyMac.

She is one of the founders of the Truett Foster Foundation, established to help disadvantaged children. 

Who Is Amanda Levy Mckeehan?

American celebrity spouse and family member Amanda Levy McKeehan is well-known for being TobyMac’s wife. 

TobyMac is an American rapper, singer, and record producer of contemporary Christian music. 

He gained notoriety in 1987 when he joined the Christian rap and rock group “DC Talk.” Nevertheless, he no longer belonged to the group as they took a break in 2000. 

TobyMac, sometimes known as Toby McKeehan, is a 58-year-old musician who was given the name Kevin Michael McKeehan on October 22, 1964, in Fairfax, Virginia, a state in the United States of America. 

He began his career in 1987 after joining the “DC Talk” musical group at 23. TobyMac has received numerous honours since the beginning of his career, the most notable being the Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Artist. 

Early Life

Amanda Levy Mckeehan entered the world on January 9, 1971, in Jamaica. Levy spent her formative years in Jamaica with her parents, Judy and Robert, Jamaica Broilers. 

Robert E. Levy and Judy Levy welcomed Amanda in Kingston, Jamaica. She was one of four siblings—Christopher Levy, Wendy Levy, and Stephen Levy—raised in a Christian home; her parents are well-known Jamaica Broilers fans.

Her father is the board chairman of Jamaica Broilers Group and a Harvard Business School graduate. In 2015, he was admitted into the Hall of Fame of the Private Sector of Jamaica (PSOJ).

Levy adored Jamaican music as a young child, and she met her husband, TobyMac, through her career in the music industry. 

Levy and Mac moved to the US after marrying in 1994.  Levy’s education is mostly unknown, and information regarding her professional life has never been made public.

Amanda Levy Education

In Jamaica, Amanda Levy McKeehan’s native land, she received her academic training. She completed both her primary and high school education there. 

Even though this is the case, it is still being determined if she attended a university in Jamaica. 

In May 1994, Amanda earned a psychology bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University. 

Since then, she has honed her business acumen by earning finance and real estate development credentials from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Career Outlook

The Truett Foster Foundation co-founder is best known as TobyMac’s wife. On October 30, 2019, they founded the organisation in memory of their late son Truett. It attempts to raise money to support homeless children’s musical success.

Amanda Levy was brought up in Jamaica. Therefore, she has a deep understanding of the culture. 

She became involved in the area’s music scene, which she adored, and that’s how she met TobyMac. 

After marriage in 1994, she followed her husband to the United States; however, they still occasionally returned to Jamaica.

She has been mostly unseen. However, she has been there for her husband at major events and concerts. She shifted her attention to raising their five children, two identical twins after they started a family.

Their firstborn son followed in his father’s musical footsteps, earning many tribute songs and working frequently with his famous father. 

However, it was announced in 2020 that he had died of an overdose. The father has only released songs concerning his late child, and the family has stayed silent about their sadness.

Amanda Levy Husband

American Christian hip-hop recording musician, songwriter, producer, and author TobyMac (stylised as TobyMac). On October 22, 1964, he was born in Fairfax, Virginia, in the United States.

As a Christian rap group DC Talk member in the late 1980s and early 1990s, TobyMac first gained notoriety. 

After the band broke up, he pursued a prosperous solo career, launching his debut album “Momentum” in 2001.

His subsequent solo albums include “Welcome to Diverse City,” “Portable Sounds,” and “Eye on It.” Hip-hop, rock, pop, and electronic are in his songs.

TobyMac has won many Grammys, Dove Awards, and other awards for his music. He has also penned several novels, including his autobiography “Under God.”

Overall, TobyMac is a well-liked and significant figure in the Christian music industry, recognised for his stirring lyrics, exciting live performances, and dedication to positively influencing the world.

TobyMac met his wife in Virginia in the early 1990s. Both were supposedly in college. In 1994, the couple began dating and married in a private ceremony with only close friends and family present. 

Three of the couple’s original five children are biological, while the other two were adopted. 

Amanda Levy Children

Levy and Mac are parents to four kids: Truett, Moses, and Marlee’s twins, Leo and Judah. The youngest of the four kids, Truett, sometimes known as TruDog or Tru, was born on September 4, 1998. 

He decided to pursue Christian hip-hop in the same direction as his father, who frequently worked together. Unfortunately, the young musician died on October 23, 2019. 

On October 23, 2019, after the Fire Department responded to a cardiac arrest complaint, Tru was discovered dead at his Nashville residence. 

Although no known causes of death exist, an autopsy found that Tru had overdosed on fentanyl and amphetamines. 

Hobbies & Interests

Amanda spends most of her free time reading about the Holocaust and World War II. She loves cats and has dogs, cats, and turtles.

Amanda enjoys travelling and has accompanied her husband to red-carpet events around the US. The couple vacationed in France and England.

“Schindler’s List,” “The Pursuit of Happyness,” and “The Imitation Game” are her favourite true-crime films.

Amanda Levy Age, Height & Weight

As of 2023, Amanda McKeehan will be 52 years old. Her birthday is January 9, 1971. Capricorn is the sign of her zodiac. Amanda is 49 years old. 

She is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, weighs about 120 lbs (55kgs), and has long brown hair and blue eyes.

Amanda Levy Net worth

Her estimated net worth as of 2020 is $200,000. She has made money by making brief appearances in several TobyMac music videos. 

Amanda Levy McKeehnan is a loving mother and wife. Many individuals should emulate her kindness and support.

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