Are Shelia Eddy And Rachel Shoaf Still Friends?

are shelia eddy and rachel shoaf still friends

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy, who murdered their best friend, Skylar Neese, are they still best friends? They murdered their best friend, but they still managed to act normally.

After the murder, Shelia tweeted that Skylar Neese would always be her best friend. 

The females did their best to cover their tracks, but it didn’t take long for their lies and sincere motives to appear. So the question remains are Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy still friends? Keep reading to know!

Who Is Rachel Shoaf?

Rachel was born on June 6th, 1996. She was raised in the Virginian town of Morgantown, where she was born. Only 25 years old, she.

She was believed to have been a good and obedient child who grew up.  She declares herself to be of American descent. 

Her parents are Patricia and Rusty Shoaf. In contrast to Rusty, who is employed in a clothing or garment business, Patricia Shoaf’s last known position was in communications. 

During the trial, there were questions regarding how the parents would cover the child’s legal costs. The defendants in the 2014 lawsuit that Skylar Neese’s mother filed were Rachel’s parents. 

Who Is Shelia Eddy?

Tara Clendenen and Gref Eddy are the family’s parents, including Shelia, who was found guilty of murder.

She was born on September 28, 1995, in Blacksville, West Virginia. Shelia’s parents separated in 2000 when she was a little child.

After the divorce, Tara, her mother, and Jim Clendenen relocated to Morgantown, West Virginia, in October 2010.

When Shelia Eddy and her pals were charged with Sylar Neese’s murder in July 2012, tragedy struck.

According to the Daily Mail, Skylar’s mother has filed a lawsuit against Tara, Shelia Eddy’s mother.

Following this horrifying murder, Tara, Shelia’s mother, petitioned the Monongalia County Circuit Court, asserting her innocence and absolving herself of all guilt.

Due to the fact that Tara did not influence her daughter’s behaviour on the night of the murder, she claimed she could not be held accountable.

During this time, Shelia had stayed at the Shoaf Residence.

Clendenen also noted that Mary Neese had publicly said on social media that she did not hold Eddy’s parents accountable for the acts of their daughter.

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy Murdered Skylar Neese

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy had just turned sixteen when they killed their friend Skylar Neese.

According to the case’s documentation, the two youths who killed their friend had intended to do so, even if their motivation for doing so was never determined.

Before crossing the border from West Virginia to Pennsylvania, they intended to pick up Skylar at her home.

The two women planned to turn around when they got to their destination and attack Skylar using a variety of weapons they had stashed away earlier in their car. On top of that, Skylar would receive more than fifty stabbings.

The FBI and West Virginia State Police joined the search for Skylar in September 2012. The detectives identified Shelia Rae Eddy as one of Skylar’s acquaintances whose car she was last seen aboard and questioned her. 

The 16-year-old was picked up that night, but Shelia said she put her off an hour later down the street from her house. The police started questioning Skylar’s friends and looking into their social networks.

When one of Skylar’s closest friends, Rachel Shoaf, broke down and confessed to killing Skylar and their other friend, Shelia, the case was first made public in January 2013. Family members claimed the three had a close friendship while attending University High School. 

Since they were eight years old, Skylar and Shelia have been friends. They met Rachel when they were freshmen. However, there remained an unspoken tension between them, ultimately culminating in their decision to kill Skylar jointly.

After allegedly plotting the murder with Shelia for several weeks, Rachel admitted they had chosen Skylar on July 6, 2012, to kill her. 

They planned to stab Skylar at their normal meeting place near the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border. She continued by saying that they attempted to bury the body, but because the earth was too hard, they were forced to cover it with dirt and branches. 

Over six months after Skylar vanished, the authorities finally found her body because Rachel led the detectives to the location of her burial.

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy’s crime charges

On May 1, 2013, Rachel Shoaf admitted to participating in second-degree murder. She continued by giving information that would clarify the teen’s murder and disappearance. 

After taking Skylar Neese from her flat, Rachel and Shelia Eddy drove to Pennsylvania. Following formalities and socializing until a predetermined hour, Rachel and Shelia Eddy, two friends, fatally killed their best friend. 

On the third count, they began to stab. They did it because they had changed their minds about Skylar.

According to the court transcript, the kids tried to bury Skylar’s body in the ground, but to no avail. They quickly devised the idea to cover the victim’s body with branches. 

Other students admitted to hearing Rachel and Shelia Eddy plotting a murder but choosing not to report it because they believed the scheme was funny enough to pass off as a joke. 

Are shelia eddy and Rachel Shoaf still friends?

As students in high school, Skylar Neese, Shelia Eddy, and Rachel Shoaf were close friends.

The teenagers were gorgeous and festive; they were 16 years old and residents of Morgantown, West Virginia. They relished spending time together and taking photos.

But everything changed on July 6, 2012, when Neese’s parents were informed that she had vanished. Six months later, Shoaf told the police that she and Eddy had stabbed their close friend Neese and were to blame.

Skyler Neese was sixteen and doing incredibly well, according to her parents. She worked part-time at a fast-food restaurant and had a busy social life while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.

The only child of Dave and Mary Neese, she was.

Skylar was described as a cheery individual by Dave Neese on the ABC News program “20/20”. She also had a strong sense of loyalty to the people she considered to be her friends.

At 8, Skylar Neese and Shelia Eddy became great friends. It appeared as though she belonged to our family. She was, according to Dave Neese. 

When Rachel Shoaf started her first year of high school in the autumn of 2010, Eddy met her for the first time. 

The following month, Eddy transferred to Skylar Neese’s high school, and soon after, Shoaf began hanging out with her. The three young people soon started arguing with one another.

On July 5, 2012, Skylar Neese went home after work.  Her father informed her the next morning that she had not slept in her bed.  He checked her wardrobe and found a bench and window screen.

Dave Neese remarked, “Then I knew: she snuck out last night.” The speaker added, “And then, oh my god, she sneaked away last night, and she’s not home.”

Where are Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf Now?

Rachel Shoaf pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on May 1, 2013, acknowledging that she “intentionally and deliberately stabbed Skylar Neese to death and causing fatal damage.” 

February 2014 saw Rachel’s 30-year sentence. According to court filings, she has a release date of April 30, 2028, at Lakin Correctional Centre in Mason County, West Virginia. She’s 25 years old.

After being recognized as the second offender in September 2013, she was indicted for first-degree murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy in an adult trial. 

She pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in January 2014. Lakin Correctional Facility in Mason County, West Virginia, holds her for life with parole. Per prison records, the 26-year-old’s parole eligibility date is May 1, 2028.

Skylar likely knew about Shelia and Rachel’s purported sexual involvement. The girls worried she might divulge their secret. 

Mary stated, “Skylar had many gay and lesbian friends. Her parents didn’t buy that. She wasn’t bothered by it. Some investigating cops believe the two committed the crime “for the thrill of it.” However, Rachel claimed in an interview that they committed the horrifying act because they didn’t care for Skylar.

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