Did Arthur Booth Meet With A Schoolmate In Court?

arthur booth

Let’s stroll down memories of Arthur Booth that made us all cry while watching.

We had all seen this video on the Internet years before, showing two friends from middle school reuniting in a courtroom after decades apart.

This courtroom camera captures an intriguing occasion in which Judge Mindy Glazer was performing her routine duties when she unexpectedly noticed a verdict for a person who was a middle school acquaintance.

If you saw the video, you know how naive Booth—the defendant—was initially, pretending he had no remorse for his actions. But the following query permanently altered his course in life.

Mindy questioned Booth, “Did you attend Nautilus for middle school?”

We all know what occurred after that Arthur Booth started crying uncontrollably, and every word from his friend from middle school felt like a realization of all the years he had spent and the people he had let down.

The kindest student in middle school was this one. In the video, Booth sobbed and was overcome with sadness as she remarked, “I used to play football with him. Look what has happened.”

When was Arthur Booth released?

Booth was released from jail early after serving ten months as part of a judicial program.

But was it any different from his previous life, in which he was frequently in and out of jail on accusations of grand theft, burglary, police evasion, and resisting arrest, among other offenses?

Growing Arthur Booth was a brilliant student in one of Miami’s top schools.

However, he quickly gave in to all of the heinous habits, such as drug and gambling addictions, which ruined his promising future and lofty goals. His goal was to work as a neurosurgeon.

He spent multiple terms in prison. And if it weren’t for Mindy, nothing would have changed, and everything would have stayed the same.

Following his ten-month jail sentence, Booth told CBS Miami, “She’s an inspiration and motivation to me,” upon release. Mindy is amazing.

Compared to the first reunion, the second one was much more emotional. Arthur had undergone a lot of transformation throughout those ten months.

Arthur Booth 1

After reading literature, he developed an interest in business. He decided to begin anew.

He didn’t want to dwell on the regret of his past, even if he had given up on his dream of becoming a surgeon.

Along with Arthur’s family, Mindy was there on the release day, wishing him well and optimism for the future.

Arthur Booth vowed to never again go to jail and to give up narcotics and gambling permanently.

After more than six years, Arthur’s life has completely changed. He’s in much better shape.

As he’d told his old classmate, he’s now a manager of a pharmaceutical firm and leads a law-abiding life.

“Look after your family. Seek employment. Remain hygienic.” Arthur was freed, and Mindy assured him, “You are going to do something good for somebody else.”

Arthur shot back, saying, “You better believe it. You had better trust it.”

Arthur Booth obituary

Arthur Booth was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on April 11, 1930. At 93 years old, he departed this world on September 12, 2023.

Oswald and Henrietta Booth are his parents. Walter is his brother, predeceased him. 

He was raised in Hamilton and went to work to support his family after graduating from Queen Mary Elementary School. 

Arthur Booth enlisted in the Canadian Navy at sixteen, serving until his honorable discharge in 1952. That’s when he met and wed Jean Houser, the man who has been his loving wife for 73 years.

He crossed the Rainbow Bridge near Niagara Falls to join the US Air Force. He retired as a Master Sgt. in 1972 after 20 Air Force years.

Booth and Jean served in Colorado, Louisiana, Germany, and other states. He moved to Concord, New Hampshire 1971 with his son Michael and wife Jean. 

After serving in the USAF, he spent 20 years with the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. 

Throughout it all, Art established himself as a well-known card shark, neighborhood mayor, welcoming committee member, and diehard New England sports fan. 

He enjoyed his duties as Santa, a debate starter, and a grandfather.

Apart from his spouse and son, Art is also left behind by his daughter-in-law Sue (Sniegocki) Booth, her husband Forrest, Christian and Sarah (Booth) Watkins, and his extended family residing in Canada.

On Friday, October 13, at 1 p.m., Art will be honored with military service and inurnment in the New Hampshire Veteran’s Cemetery, Boscawen, NH.

Attendance at the burial ceremony and the following celebration is open to friends and relatives.

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