Bill Carlton Texas Metal: Who Is Bill Carlton?

bill carlton texas metal

Bill Carlton, a renowned businessman and radio broadcaster, is the CEO and executive manager of Extensive Metal Works. Bill Carlton is well known for his role in the television shows Texas Metal.

Carlton is famous for his generosity. We’ll get into the details of his life and much more.

Bill Carlton is a well-known entrepreneur and actor who has been featured in a wide variety of reality shows. His most notable part has been in the Discover Productions/MotorTrend TV series Texas Metal. 

Bill also owns “Extensive Metal Works,” a company that has been around since 1994 and focuses on making and designing unique autos. The Texas-based firm not only plans vehicles but also provides fabrication services.

In the TV series Texas Metal, Bill Carlton and his team show how they can customize and remodel cars and trucks of all makes and models. For his clientele, he rebuilds vintage autos using modern materials and techniques. 

The show attracts millions of viewers since he and his staff are well-known in the auto sector. There is no information on his birth date on the internet because he has not made any of his personal information public. 

Who is Bill Carlton?

Famous businessman and reality TV figure Bill Carlton is a regular on the Discover channel’s MotorTrend show, Texas Metal. 

Bill started “Extensive Metal Works” in 1994 to specialize in fabrication and custom automotive design. The company in Texas offers services, including vehicle design and fabrication.

Texas Metal has shown that Bill Carlton and his team can modify and customize any make and model vehicles. 

He uses contemporary methods and materials to build replicas of vintage cars for his clientele. Millions of people watch the show because of his and his team’s achievements in the automotive industry.

No specifics about his life, including his date of birth, are publicly available since he has chosen not to share them, but he has American citizenship under his birth.

Bill Carlton Early life

He was born In Spring, Texas, in the United States of America; he was nurtured on a ranch both before and after his birth.

After that, his father purchased Sunny Drive in 1976 by paying off the property. After finishing his secondary education, Bill started his career as a metal worker in a country that was similar to that country. In the early days of his business, he was in the steel and welding supply sales business.

In 1994, he initiated the process of making arrangements for Extensive vehicle works. Within a short time, it became well-known as a location where people went to customize automobiles and trucks by their customers’ preferences.

In 1976, his father bought the property off Sunny Drive. After completing his secondary education in the same nation, Bill entered the workforce in the same field as a metal worker. In the beginning, he was in the business of selling steel and welding supplies.

Bill Carlton is a man who takes great pride in his work and maintains a healthy physical body. He has brown hair and eyes that are a shade of hazel. Also, take a look at the narrative written by Dave Kindig.


Soon after finishing high school, he joined his father at the family business dealing in auto repairs. He has also started a welding business that offers auto repair services. 

He started his own company in Texas in 1994 under the moniker “Extensive Metal Works,” putting his father’s expertise in metalworking and his own in automobile customizing and restoration to good use. 

In addition to manufacturing services, he also offers custom vehicle design through this business he founded. He owns and operates this business. 

He has surrounded himself with highly qualified individuals who help him provide his clients with top-notch service.

After working for a while, he created a reality program where he and his crew give old cars a second chance at life through various modifications and rebuilds. 

So, in 2017, they debuted an online-only show called “Texas Metal” on the MotorTrend TV channel. There were four seasons total, and they’re all done broadcasting now. 

Millions of viewers tune in to his show because he and his crew are skilled at building and fixing vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Bill Carlton Show Texas Metal

In the middle of the 1990s, Bill started the show Ekstensive Automobiles. Many years later, in 2017, he had the idea to create a presentation for car enthusiasts called Texas Metal. 

His play, Texas Metal, focuses on the customization and rearrangement of a wide variety of automobiles and vehicles following the choices made by the audience.

The show has been running well for four seasons and has a considerable and acceptable reputation among people interested in automobiles. 

According to the readily available information, given his background, Texas Metal frontman Bill Carton is likely to be in his mid-forties at this point.

However, he cannot reveal his actual birthday to any of the hotspots for the time being for whatever reason. He spent most of his childhood on a property in Spring, Texas, in the United States.

At the beginning of 2017, Bill started filming Texas Metal as a promotional show for his automobile adjustment. Texas Metal is about a metal band. 

Due to the show’s continued airings, it has maintained its status as a top-rated program for the past four years. According to NewsSquare, it is estimated that the entire assets held by Bill Carlton amount to more than $1.9 million.

He runs a successful automotive and vehicle expansion workshop and a web platform with a lot of name recognition. 

His total assets are reasonable for a TV character who is also a business, considering the various types of revenue he brings in. a user’s account on Instagram.

Bill Carlton Family

Bill Carlton never talked about his parents or siblings. Thus, there is no public record of their names or family details. Jennifer is the wife she has. 

Carlton is the proud father of three kids: Keegan, Corbin, and Presley. Even though Keegan is the eldest, we know very little about his family, including his wife and children. 

Bill Carlton’s Wife, Jennifer Carlton

Bill Carlton, lead singer for Texas Metal, and his wife, Jennifer Carlton, have been together for over 22 years and are very much in love.

Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton are their three beautiful children, and the Carltons are a close-knit and supportive family. Keegan, who is the oldest son, will soon turn 19 years old.

Net worth

Bill Carlton’s name is recognized by millions of people thanks to the excellent work he and his Extensive Metal Works colleagues have done. Moreover, he is very widely recognized online. 

He oversees the growth of Extensive Metal Works’ Instagram following to over 200k, and his vehicle business’s website has a solid reputation online. There is scant data on Bill Carlton’s income and net worth. 

However, one could reasonably assume that Bill Carlton is worth over $5 million. This is an estimate of the person’s wealth.

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