Bridget Moretti: Kirsten Costas Murder Case

bridget moretti

Bridget Moretti is the serial killer who was responsible for the death of her close friend Kirsten Costas. Keep up with us to learn more about Bridget’s husband and their children.

Bridget Moretti is well-known for her role as Bernadette Protti, a murderer responsible for Kirsten Costas’s death. 

In addition, Kristen was an American high school girl who passed away in June 1984 after being murdered by her fellow student Bernadette Protti.

Similarly, Kristen Costas was the privileged offspring of wealthy parents named Arthur and Berit Costas. In addition, Kirsten Costas spent her childhood in the modest suburban community of Orinda, California, alongside her older brother, Peter. 

In addition, Costas attended Miramonte High School, where he participated in both the varsity swim team and the cheering squad during his time there.  

There is a movie released based on this true story in 2019. So keep reading about Bridget Moretti’s murder case, her release and where she is now!

What Happened to Bridget Moretti?

Bridget Moretti is infamous worldwide for being the person who murdered Kirsten Marina Costas by stabbing her to death.

In a similar vein, Moretti and Kristen were fellow students. In addition, it took the authorities nearly half a year to determine who had murdered Costas.

Bridget was condemned to nine years in prison but released on parole seven years later.

She moved from California to Oklahoma and changed her name to Jeannette Butler to start a fresh life without the shame of being a killer. 

Later Bridget began working as a nurse in the Sooner State. Similarly, many individuals appear interested in Moretti’s location after such an extended period.

Moretti has not been in the public eye for a considerable time. On the other hand, she is believed to reside in Oregon with her husband and their children.

Kirsten Costas Murder Case

Bridget Moretti, a fellow student, was responsible for the stabbing death of Kirsten Costas, who was only 15 years old at the time. In addition, Arnold witnessed Protti assault Costas while he was at the Costas’ house and was sitting in his car.

In addition, he was under the impression that he was observing a fistfight when Protti stabbed Costas five times with a butcher knife before fleeing the scene. 

Similarly, the Costases’ neighbours called an ambulance, but by then, Kirsten had sustained life-threatening injuries and passed away at a local hospital.

It took the police approximately half a year to find out who had murdered Costas. In addition, the lie detector test that Protti took and passed, but her explanation was never validated.

Similarly, the police became suspicious that Protti needed to be more truthful as they attempted to verify her alibi. 

After discussing with an FBI agent who warned her that the agency was about to place her under arrest and that they knew she was responsible for Kirsten’s death, Protti wrote a letter to her mother in which she ultimately confessed to the crime.

What Lead Her To Murder Kirsten?

Kirsten and Bridget Moretti both attended Miramonte High School. Bridget Moretti, Aka Bernadette Protti, was unhappy with her family even though she was wealthy like most people in Orinda.

Although her parents were decent and hardworking, Bernadette believed they were too elderly and did not pay attention to her. She didn’t picture herself living in a home like hers, with paint supposedly peeling off.

In addition to her economic situation, Bernadette suffered from severe bodily difficulties, leading her to believe she was undesired and unsightly.

She admired Kirsten and her friends and aspired to be like them. This project, however, experienced several setbacks.

First, Bernadette was denied a spot on the coveted cheerleading squad and rejected from the yearbook crew.

She eventually began to feel humiliated and more insecure by Kirsten. She had taken Kirsten for a drive in her car, and Kirsten thought Bernadette had become “weird.”

To get dropped off at her house, Kirsten went to strangers. Bernadette stabbed her five times with a kitchen knife before running away.

Alex Arnold saw the attack, but he could not see the attacker’s face. He also had no luck pursuing the attacker’s Pinto. It ultimately took the police around six months to apprehend the murderer. Notably, Bernadette’s session was what finally proved her guilt.

When Was She Released?

Bridget Moretti was charged with a crime that might have resulted in a nine-year sentence.  She was eventually released in 1992, though seven years later. Her age was only 23.

The offence for which she was accused carried a maximum term of nine years. During this period, Costas’ parents maintained their steadfast opposition to Protti’s release from prison.

Is Bridget Moretti Married?

After serving more than seven years in prison, Bridget Moretti reportedly began her nursing career shortly after being released. 

Bridget has now restricted the public’s access to her private life and her presence in the public eye. 

People on the internet have been inquiring about Moretti’s husband and her children. According to the most recent poll taken by 2020 on July 29th, we know that she is a married woman. Similarly, Moretti married and subsequently changed her name to Jeanette Tomanka after the wedding.

Why She Changed Her Name to Jeanette Tomanka?

Instead of changing her name to Jeannette Butler, she decided to go by Jeannette Tomanka. That is her new name.

She was initially thought to be a cold-blooded killer who killed her companion, but she appears to have changed and reformed.

Nearly half a year, she was passed before the authorities determined who murdered Costas. Even though Protti passed the lie detector exam, he was determined innocent of the crime.

The police investigated Protti’s testimony, and their findings led them to conclude that she had lied.

Protti finally wrote a letter to her mother, providing a full confession after communicating with an FBI agent who informed her that her arrest was near and that they knew she had killed Kirsten. The agent informed her that they knew she had killed Kirsten.

Her Murder-Based Movie “Death of a Cheerleader (2019)”

Death of a Cheerleader, a remake of the television movie A Friend to Die For that initially aired in 1994, is the most recent film to be released by Lifetime.

This time around, Aubrey Peeples, Morgan Taylor Campbell, and Sarah Dugdale feature in the film based on murder.

It is an actual event and tells the tale of a young woman who kills a cheerleader at her high school and the chaos resulting from her actions.

In addition to being a reimagining of the film A Friend to Die For, it has been revealed that actual events inspire the plot of Death of a Cheerleader.

The events in 1984 involve a fellow student called Bernadette Protti, who is accused of killing Kirsten Costas. Protti allegedly used a butcher knife to stab Kristen five times after the two females got into a quarrel about the false party invitation that Protti had created.

It took the police a year to determine that Protti was responsible for the murder. Protti served a total of seven years before being released from prison. When she was freed from prison, she was 23 years old.

The 1987 documentary Landscape Suicide and the 1994 film A Friend to Die For were based on the story.

Tori Spelling, known for her role in Beverly Hills, 90210, played the cheerleader in the previous film. In contrast, Kellie Martin, known for her role in Life Goes On, portrayed the murderer—a young lady named Monica, played by Kathryn Morris in Cold Case.

Sarah Dugdale plays Kelly Locke, the cheerleader. She is more likeable than in the first picture.

Morgan Taylor Campbell, the story’s narrator, plays Nina, the young woman wrongly accused of murder.

Who played Bridget Moretti role in the Movie?

This time, the murderer’s name is Bridget Moretti, and Aubrey Peeples plays the role on the show.

As the uncomfortable outsider, Peeples feels odd, given her other movie performances.

In 2015, she starred in Jem and the Holograms, her first film role since Nashville on ABC.

Lifetime’s new cheerleader series, Death of a Cheerleader, premiered on Labor Day. The following episode, “The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders,” airs on September 2, followed by “Identity Theft of a Cheerleader” on September 7 and “The Wrong Cheerleader” on September 8.

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