Bumpy Johnson Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

bumpy johnson net worth

Bumpy Johnson net worth is a concern of the public. Bumpy Johnson passed away on July 7, 1968, in the afternoon from congestive heart failure at the age of 62.

He was the target of an indictment in the US for drug-related conspiracy. Johnson was in the Wells Restaurant in Harlem at about two in the morning. 

The man fell and clutched his chest while the waitress served him coffee, a leg of chicken, and hominy grits. The Bronx, New York City’s Woodlawn Cemetery, is where the body is interred.

Before getting to know the details of Bumpy Johnson net worth, let’s discuss his career in crime.

Bumpy Johnson’s career in crime

Johnson was good friends with Stephanie St. Clair, aka the Numbers Queen. In the 1930s, he rose to first lieutenant for St. Clair. 

He and St. Clair intended to start a gunfight with Dutch Schultz, the head of the New York gang. 

More than 40 people lost their lives in the conflict, and many more were abducted. Ultimately, a settlement with Johnson stopped the competition at their last stage.

Johnson’s activities in 1952 were covered by Jet in the section devoted to celebrities. In that year, Johnson was found guilty of a heroin-related narcotics conspiracy and sentenced to 15 years in jail. 

Jet revealed in its crime report a year later that Johnson received a prison sentence following his successful appeal. 

As inmate No. 1117, Johnson completed most of his term at Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay, California. In 1963, he was released from custody while on parole.

Johnson served two prison terms for offenses relating to drugs after being arrested more than forty times. 

He staged a sit-down demonstration outside the police station on December 15, 1965, and wouldn’t oppose their continued surveillance. 

Johnson was accused of “refusal to leave a police station,” but an arbitrator ultimately found him not guilty.

Bumpy Johnson’s personal life

Barely six months after their first meeting, he wed Mayme Hatcher in October 1948.

Ruthie and Elease, Johnson’s two children, were from a previous relationship. At the age of 94, his wife passed away in May 2009.

Bumpy Johnson’s relationships with famous individuals

Bumpy Johnson has several connections with famous people during his ascent to fame in Harlem. From crime lords to criminals, Johnson was renowned for his ability to forge strong ties and relationships.

The most well-known of his allies was the notorious New York City mob boss, Lucky Luciano. 

They collaborated on numerous illicit projects run by Luciano, including heroin trafficking. 

Johnson was also good friends with another infamous mob boss, Dutch Schultz. He also served as a go-between in Luciano and Schultz’s gang conflicts.

Additionally, Johnson connected with iconic artists of the time, such as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, and Cab Calloway.

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Through these relationships, he inspired African-American artists to follow their aspirations in entertainment and contributed to introducing jazz music to Harlem’s nightlife. 

There is no denying his impact on Harlem culture, and his legacy continues to this day in the entertainment sector.

Legacy and achievements

The achievements and impact of Bumpy Johnson will always be remembered in the annals of African-American history. 

Johnson had a reputation for being a profitable gambler who owned multiple casinos and had operated several numbers. Additionally, he took care to distribute his fortune to the less fortunate.

Many people found inspiration in Johnson, especially young African Americans growing up in inner cities who admired his hustle and tenacity. 

He served as a mentor to many, giving them guidance and insight into living a better life.

Because of his relationships with political figures like Adam Clayton Powell and Malcolm X, his influence went beyond the criminal underground.

Johnson put a lot of effort into fostering better racial relations in Harlem throughout the 1950s and 1960s in addition to his charitable endeavors. 

His efforts promoted mutual understanding among white residents of the same towns and African Americans. 

He also sought out young African Americans with opportunities to escape poverty and improve their life. 

Bumpy Johnson made Harlem one of America’s most vibrant neighborhoods, offering opportunity, activism, music, art, and culture.

What was Bumpy Johnson net worth at the time of death?

Sources claim Bumpy Johnson left behind at least $50 million when he died. Meanwhile, other estimates place Johnson’s net worth as high as $100 million. Congestive heart failure was the reason for his death. 

Johnson was the subject of multiple criminal investigations during his existence, and at the time of his death, he was being investigated for narcotics offenses. 

He reportedly made a cool $1 million annually from his illegal enterprises.

Johnson was married and had two kids. It is said that Mayme Hatcher, Johnson’s widow, gave the NAACP and the Harlem Boys Club the money she acquired after her gangster husband passed away. 

He left behind a $50 million inheritance that would be closer to $440,000,000.

Co-creator Paul Eckstein called Johnson the “Godfather of Harlem,” but he wasn’t Robin Hood, as he told the New York Post. He stole from other gangsters, lived off the impoverished, and gave where he could. 

Nevertheless, Eckstein said that “the idea of Harlem criminals thinking they have at least some responsibility to the community, well, that went lost” after Johnson passed away.

Bumpy Johnson Ellsworth’s biography Raymond Johnson was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on October 31, 1905, and he passed away in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York, on July 7, 1968.

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