Bunny Hedaya Divorce: Who Is Her Ex-Husband?

bunny hedaya divorce

Just recently, American businesswoman and social media celebrity Bunny Hedaya (also known as Bunny Barbie) shared the news that she will divorce her husband. 

She has more than ten million TikTok followers due to the quirky and amusing videos she posts.

Quite a few individuals have formed assumptions regarding aspects of Bunny’s private life, such as whether or not she is married to Harry Hedaya. 

Let’s learn everything about the split between Bunny Hedaya and her husband.

Why Did Bunny Hedaya Get Divorce?

Social media followers of Harry and Bunny’s love story were shocked to learn that Bunny had filed for divorce.

They had been married for a significant amount of time and successfully managed a business together.

Many of their devoted followers believe that the breakup was fabricated to increase the viewership of their recently launched reality show titled “Legally Bunny.” 

As confirmed by Bunny’s representative, the situation was accurate, and the two were struggling together. 

Go to the Bunny Hedaya split-up thread on TikTok to see additional videos related to the split between Bunny and Hedaya.

Who is Bunny Barbie Hedaya’s husband?

According to the available documents, Harry Hedaya is a businessman from Florida born in October 1967.

He has previous experience living in Key West, Tampa, Lakeland, Hillsboro Beach, Sarasota, North Port, and Ruskin, all of which are cities in Florida.

At the University of Tampa, Hedaya studied finance and received a bachelor of science degree. After receiving his diploma in 1990, he immediately established several businesses.

According to Crunchbase, Remac, an asphalt maintenance company that specializes in crack filling, seal coating, parking lot striping, and pothole repair, obtained funding through its initial startup.

What does his Husband o for a living?

His LinkedIn page indicates that he served as president of Remac for the six years that Bunny Barbie’s husband held the position.

After that, he established a business known as The Loan Corporation, which he ran as its president. 

His LinkedIn profile indicates that he became the president of Encompass Marketing in 2007, a position he still maintains today. Finally, in December 2020, he was promoted to chief executive officer at Send It By Text.

Harry Hedaya has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, according to the bio that can be seen on his website. He owns and operates a few enterprises in the staffing, financial services, small company marketing, and communications industries.

His “areas of expertise” include “vision, software design, marketing, business process efficiencies, hiring, and leadership”; Send It By Text is a company in the communications industry. 

His professional biography states that Harry Hedaya is a “firm believer that the only constant is change.”

Bunny Hedaya Reality TV Show

Bunny Barbie discusses her upcoming reality TV show in a March 2021 YouTube video. They released the trailer for Legally Blonde in July 2021.

Several people, including her husband Harry Hedaya and son Aiden, appear in photographs from the event.

Enspire then stated, in June 2022, that mommy influencer Bunny Barbie was “taking her career to the next level by launching her self-created reality show.” It was over a year after the initial report was published.

On the other hand, there is no indication of a release date. That happened back in June. Yet the following may be seen in the teaser’s video description: “When I reach 100,000 subscribers, I will release the pilot episode of LEGALLY BUNNY!”

Bunny Barbie may have to wait to air her reality TV show pilot because she has less than 50,000 YouTube subscribers.

What is the age gap between her and her husband? How old is Bunny Barbie?

In the video she uploaded on YouTube in March 2021 titled “Telling It All About My Secretive Husband,” she revealed everything. 

Bunny Barbie disclosed that she and her spouse Harry Hedaya have a 23-year age difference.

When she was 23 is when they first met. When the video was made, she was 30, while he was 53. 

It’s been more than a year and a half since then. He is currently 55 years old, and she turned 32 on November 15 of this year.

The union of Bunny Barbie and her spouse has resulted in the birth of a son. 2017 marked the year of Aiden’s birth. He and his father have appeared in some of Bunny’s social media posts.

Nevertheless, she mentioned this in an interview she gave to Enspire Magazine in June 2022, and she said that the part that her family plays in her content “comes and goes.”

She claimed, “I only write what I believe in, and I quote:.” 

“I’m focusing on posting right now. Waves last several weeks. Some weeks, I’ll post about motherhood, my assistant, fashion, or my spouse.”

Carrie, previously married to Bunny’s husband, is described as “almost like sisters” to Bunny. She refers to the woman as her “stepwife.” 

They are the same age as each other, Carrie and Harry. They have two children together, Zara and Zane, who are separated in age by two years. 

These children are Bunny Barbie’s stepchildren. Zara Hedaya is either 21 or 22 years old, and Zane is either 23 or 24 years old.

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