Caryl Vaziri: Wife Of Famous Wrestler Iron Sheik

Caryl Vaziri

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, known as The Iron Sheik, is married to Caryl Vaziri. The Iron Sheik, also known as Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, was a former professional wrestler and Caryl’s husband.

Vaziri, an amateur wrestler born in Tehran, Iran, competed in the Asian Games 1971 and represented Iran at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

Vaziri relocated to the United States in the late 1970s and switched to professional wrestling.

Assuming the identity of The Iron Sheik, he rose to prominence as a well-known antagonist, using the political tensions between Iran and the United States as the basis for his plot.

The Iron Sheik took advantage of the geopolitical environment of the moment by speaking poor English and integrating Persian words.

Although the renowned wrestler is no longer with us, his wife and children remain a mystery to many who followed him. Keep reading to learn more about his wife, Crayl Vaziri’s life, career, education, net worth, and more.

Caryl Vaziri Wife Of Famous Wrestler Iron Sheik

Who Is Caryl Vaziri?

Many people are familiar with Caryl Vaziri, better known as Caryl Peterson, as the loving wife of illustrious professional wrestler The Iron Sheik. 

Even though she may not have achieved the same degree of notoriety as her husband, Caryl is significant because she supported and was there for her throughout her professional wrestling career and her personal life. 

He, the Iron Sheik, constantly relies on her for support inside and outside the wrestling arena. She gives him love, strength, and companionship. 

Caryl keeps a low profile but occasionally shows up with her husband to display their strong love. Caryl’s devotion to The Iron Sheik stretched far beyond wrestling, influencing his life and legacy as a devoted mother and significant support to their family.

Caryl Vaziri Education

Currently unclear are the facts of Caryl Vaziri’s upbringing. Her significance comes from her position as The Iron Sheik’s faithful wife, who never fails to stand by and love him. Beyond her educational background, she significantly influenced The Iron Sheik’s life and career.

Caryl Vaziri Family

The Iron Sheik’s wife, Caryl Vaziri, had a significant and adventurous marriage to him. On March 21, 1976, they married, and The Iron Sheik’s close buddy “Mean” Gene Okerlund was the best man. 

The American Caryl and the Iranian Iron Sheik combined many customs and cultures. Together, they deal with various difficulties, such as his career as a wrestler, inner conflicts, and addiction issues. 

The pair enjoys becoming grandparents to five grandchildren and has two daughters. But their family also experienced tragedy when, in May 2003, their eldest daughter Marissa was killed by her lover.

Caryl Vaziri Career 

There isn’t much known about Caryl Vaziri’s career or her goals in terms of a profession. She is largely concerned with supporting her husband during his wrestling career and personal life as The Iron Sheik’s wife. 

Although Caryl’s exact employment is unknown, her commitment and function as a devoted partner and mother are fundamental to her existence. 

Care for her family and overcoming their obstacles, such as the devastating loss of their daughter, are her primary priorities. 

Instead of pursuing her own independent professional career, Caryl focuses on giving her husband and children love, security, and direction.

Caryl Vaziri Husband Iron Sheik’s Career

Vaziri began an amazing wrestling career in the early 1970s. He began by participating in local wrestling tournaments under the ring moniker “The Great Hossein Arab.” 

He was given a stage by the American Wrestling Association (AWA) and National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) to hone his abilities and develop his villainous persona. 

In the end, Vaziri created a new figure known as the “Iron Sheik,” who deftly capitalized on the political tensions between Iran and the United States in the 1980s.

The Iron Sheik joined WWF in 1983 and quickly rose to prominence as the organization’s antagonist. He got into noteworthy fights with big-name athletes like Sgt. 

Slaughter, Hulk Hogan, and Bob Backlund. The apex of his career came on December 26, 1983, when he defeated Bob Backlund to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship title. However, Backlund would soon reclaim the title from him. 

In 1983, Iron Sheik returned to the WWF to challenge Backlund for the WWF World Heavyweight Champion title. Later, Backlund’s management called off the game out of concern that Backlund’s neck condition would worsen. 

Iron Sheik would defeat Backlund in a rematch and prevail. Later, he would defend his championship against Pat Patterson, Salvatore Bellomo, and Chief Jay Strongbow.

After losing the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, The Iron Sheik competed in low-key matches for WWE during the 1980s and the early 1990s. 

He worked with Nikolai Volkoff to create “The Foreign Legion,” a tag team that won their first bout at WrestleMania in 1985 and became the WWF Tag Team Champions. On June 7, 2023, the Iron Sheik regretfully departed away.

Caryl Vaziri and The Iron Sheik Marriage

On March 21, 1975 (some sources state 1976), Caryl Peterson and Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, a former Iranian-American professional wrestler, exchanged vows. The Iron Sheik was from Iran, but his wife was American.

His friend Eugene Arthur Okerlund, better known as “Mean” Gene Okerlund, served as his best man because his wrestling career had already begun three years earlier.

The couple continued to be together until the wrestler died in 2023 for almost 50 years.

Caryl Vaziri And Iron Sheik Children

Throughout their more than 47 years of marriage, the Iron Sheik and his wife welcomed 3 children. They welcomed Marissa Jeanne Vaziri as their first child a year after marriage.

They also had a daughter named Nicole “Nikki” Vaziri in the ensuing years. On December 12, Nicole celebrates her birthday.

Tanya Vaziri was the name of their third child.

Recent reports claim that Caryl and her late spouse were gifted with 5 grandchildren. Niko, Vahra, and Marissa, who bear the names of their first daughter, are some of their grandchildren.

Caryl Vaziri’s Daughter Killed By Her Boyfriend

Her lover Charles Warren Reynolds killed Caryl’s first child with Hossein in May 2003. The young woman and her boyfriend lived together in an apartment and fell out on the day of the sad incident.

It was revealed that after hosting a party at their apartment that day, Warren and Marissa got into a disagreement. Reynolds then killed The Iron Sheik’s daughter by strangling her after their guests had left.

The wrestler was so shaken and devastated by this tragedy that Caryl’s husband briefly considered murdering Warren.

The wrestler brought a blade into the courtroom while the investigation into the murder was still proceeding, intending to hurt the man who had killed his daughter. 

When Caryl told her husband’s family about his plans, he could not carry out the retaliation.

Warren Reynolds pleaded guilty despite expressing regret for his actions, and in the end, he was found guilty of the crime. Marissa’s killer died on May 31, 2016, a few years later.

Caryl once admitted that she would choose to start her life over again if she could. She would also push her husband to take up activities besides wrestling.

Caryl Vaziri And Iron Sheik Divorce

The wrestler’s mental state changed after his daughter was brutally murdered. When he started using drugs, his family became quite concerned and upset.

Ali Vaziri made many attempts to persuade him to resign, even assuring that he would, but he never actually followed through.

His drug usage had gotten so bad by 2005 that he even constituted a threat to others around him. Later, his family sent him to rehab against his will, but it didn’t work. The Iron Sheik had a staff member bring him cocaine while receiving treatment.

By 2007, Caryl had had enough of his habit and had decided to separate from him. After compelling her husband to break off contact with his cocaine sources, Caryl and Vaziri were divorced for two years until reconciling in 2009.

The Iranian made special efforts to maintain his sobriety after that, and by 2013, he said that he had been clean for four years.

Caryl Vaziri Husband Death And Lasting Legacy

1973 Hossein Vaziri began competing, and in 1979, he joined the WWF. He became one of some famous people who passed away in 2023 after passing away on June 7, 2023. 

Additionally, he left a significant legacy and was even credited for advancing Hulk Hogan’s career.

His ‘Camel Clutch’ choke hold, which has become his trademark, is also difficult to forget. Fans and participants in the boxing federation would always remember his contributions to the group and the sport.

Apart from that, many individuals who have followed the Hall of Famer on social media in recent years would recall his media sites as full of profanity and insults for numerous people, trends, and cultural norms.

Even his family acknowledges the lasting legacy he has left as a father. His wife, two daughters, and five grandchildren are left behind.

Although the exact reason for his passing has not yet been established, it is known that he had a heart attack in 2005.

Caryl Vaziri Height, Weight, and Age

Caryl Vaziri’s precise birthdate is unclear, however, it is believed that she is between 70 and 82. Her height, weight, and place of birth were also unknown data. 

Caryl’s significance comes from her position as The Iron Sheik’s devoted wife. She has supported him all these years, giving him love, courage, and company.

Caryl Vaziri’s Net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, The Iron Sheik has a net worth of about $500,000. Iron Sheik wife 

Carly net worth is still a mystery because there is little particular information available about Caryl Vaziri’s profession and financial efforts. 

According to any trustworthy sources or publicly available information, she does not have a distinct personal net worth from her husband, The Iron Sheik.

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