Casey Beane: Daughter Of Billy Beanes

casey beane

Casey Beane is the daughter of Billy Beane. She has been in the media since birth because she is the daughter of a famous person.

The Oakland Athletics front office is run by Casey Beane, Billy Beane’s daughter with ex-wife Cathy Sturdivant.

In 2011, Casey received fame for landing her part in a highly acclaimed Hollywood film that recounted the cost-effective methods her then-GM father used to value and attract players.

As in her father’s real life, Casey, Billy’s daughter, is also prominently in the cinematic adaption. Even three decades after his first arrival, it appears in part thanks to her that the former outfielder from Orlando is still a member of the Oakland Athletics.

Read about Casey Beane’s life, profession,  whether she is married, net worth, and more.

Early Life

Military parents raised Beane. He spent his childhood in San Diego and Mayport, Florida. His Navy father taught him pitching.

Casey Beane was likely born in California around early 1990s May. Her grandfather on her father’s side served in the navy as a commander.

The Irish Gaelic origin of Casey’s name, Cathasaigh, lends the young woman’s name a special significance. The name means “watchful” or “vigilant,” or may Billy Beane have picked it for his daughter to help her think about her career.

Beane received a high school education at Mt. Carmel in San Diego, where he excelled in baseball, football, and basketball. 

Beane’s high school baseball coach advanced him to the varsity team for the final game of his first year. Beane played second and third bases during his sophomore and junior high school years. His hitting average plummeted during his senior year of baseball.

Even though Beane’s batting average dropped, scouts were impressed by his talent. Beane decided to give up football to save himself from getting hurt and having his baseball career cut short.

Despite this, Stanford University tried to recruit Beane on a dual baseball–football scholarship to replace then-sophomore John Elway as the Cardinal’s quarterback. The scholarship would have allowed Beane to play both baseball and football.


Between 2004 and 2008, Casey was educated at Sage Hill School. Additionally, Billy’s daughter earned her degree from Kenyon College in Ohio, where she studied from 2008 through 2012.

Casey is a half-sister to Tinsley Bean and Brayden Bean due to her father’s previous marriage to Tara Bean, who is also his current companion. Around the time she was born, Billy decided to go on a career in Scouting.

Casey Beane Father Billy Beane

Billy Beane is Casey Beane’s father. Casey Beane’s father is a well-known former professional baseball player in the United States of America. 

Casey Beane was born on March 29th, 1962. He holds a minority ownership stake in Barnsley FC, which competes in EFL League One. In addition to that, he serves the Oakland Athletics as Executive Vice President.

Casey Beane’s grandfather was a Navy Military Officer, and he instilled in Casey’s father, Billy Beane, the values that have guided him throughout his life. 

The primary schooling of Casey Beane’s father was finished at Matt Carmel High School in San Diego, which is located in the state of California.

While at this institution, Billy Beane became an expert in three sports. Billy Beane was a standout performer in basketball, baseball, and football.

Billy Beane gave up playing football to focus all his time and effort on developing a baseball career. He dodged injuries that could have ended his baseball career by doing this.

Casey Beane Biological Mother Cathy Sturdivant

The University of California awarded Cathy Sturdivant, who was born in 1970, a degree.

Cathy Sturdivant is Casey’s biological mother, previously married to Casey’s father, Billy Beane. She and her father have been friends since they were little. There needs to be online information on her mother to be located.

Cathy wasn’t the focus of attention for many people before getting married. Women regularly find themselves in the public eye for the same reason that first attracted them there after marrying a famous person. Cathy Sturdivant’s situation was the same as this one.

Because her husband is wealthy, Cathy Sturdivant has garnered much attention in her country, the United States.

Casey Beane Stepmother Tara Beane

Her father is married to Tara Beane, who is also her stepmother. Tara is her father’s second wife. They have a strong bond and mutual respect, despite not being related. Their mother-daughter relationship is powerful and they share a deep connection.


Casey Beane has two brothers and sisters on her father’s side of the family. Brayden and Tinsley Beane are their respective names, and they are twins. Beane gets along well with her half-siblings, even though they are related to her biologically. They have a powerful connection with one another, and they love one another.

Professional Life

Casey Beane has completed all the requirements to earn her degree from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio.

Casey is employed by Citadel LLC in Chicago, Illinois, as an associate in the company’s finance and accounting department.

Despite this, a significant number of individuals have speculated in recent times that the celebrity kid is a vocalist. After Kerris Dorsey’s performance as her character in the movie Moneyball, rumours began to circulate that Casey Beane was a singer.

An American author named Michael Lewis wrote a book on baseball economics and published it in 2003. The book featured Billy Beane as the main character owing to the tremendous success that his teams had despite having a low budget. 

After some time, the story was turned into a movie in 2011 titled Moneyball. The leading part of Billy was played by the American actor Brad Pitt and in the role of Casey, Billy’s daughter, the actress Kerris Dorsey appeared in the movie. In the film, Dorsey has a part in which she sings. 

In addition to the movie being a tremendous hit and receiving nominations for six awards in various categories, Billy and his family developed a positive relationship with the cast members.

Regarding the realm of her professional life, she is currently employed at Citadel LLC Chicago as an affiliate of the finance and accounting department.

According to the most recent statistics, the typical annual salary for an affiliate financial associate in Chicago is $41,471.00. It is therefore presumed that Casey has the same level of financial success.

Casey Beane Personal Life

Casey Beane has a discreet existence. You will find very little information regarding her personal life on the internet. No information is transparent or validated.

She is the type of person who would rather avoid the public eye and the media’s scrutiny.

Discussing her private or work life in depth is not in her nature. Therefore, concrete information concerning her marriage needs to be found. However, it is assumed that she is single.

Who Played Casey Beane in Moneyball?

In the sports drama movie Moneyball from 2011, actress Kerris Dorsey, best known for her roles in Walk the Line and Just Like Heaven, portrays Casey.

The movie’s events occur while she is just entering her teenage years. To add insult to injury, Casey had already reached her senior year at Kenyon College when the movie debuted.

Did Casey Sing The Song In Moneyball?

There are two sequences in the film Moneyball where the actress who played Casey sings to her on-screen father, who Brad Pitt portrays. These are two of the many scenes in which the two characters interact.

While driving in the closing scene, Brad Pitt’s character, who was playing the Oakland Athletics general manager at the time, plays music that his daughter Casey wrote. There is a connection between this scene and an earlier one in the movie, where she sings a song to him in a guitar shop. The song’s name is “The Show,” and the Australian singer Lenka is responsible for its performance.

Since then, many people have the notion that the genuine Casey Bean is the one behind the voice. Nevertheless, the voice for the performance was provided by the actress Kerisa Dorsey. When the movie was made, Dorsey was 13 years old.

Is Casey Married?

Casey, the daughter of Billy and Cathy, appears to have a partner, even if the nature of their relationship is not defined or even acknowledged.

She may be married; however, the comment was made considering the fact that she appears to be inactive on Facebook, although she does have a few images with a man named Jake Quaid.

However, the actual status of Beane and Quaid’s relationship might be argued over. Although each photo suggests they were engaging in something meaningful behind the scenes, none claimed they were in a committed relationship.

Casey’s recent social media inactivity adds to the mystery. Her locked-down Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter identities, along with those of other social media platforms, further obscure the situation.

Casey Beane Height

Casey is roughly 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs close to 68 kilograms.  Her bust, waist, and hip measurements are 34 inches, 24 inches, and 35 inches. She has light brown eyes and hair.

Casey Beane Social Media

Mr Moneyball’s daughter Casey rarely uses social media. She avoids Instagram and Twitter.

Casey uses “Casey Beane” on Facebook but rarely. She does have some photographs displayed over there. Perhaps she prefers to live away from the public eye and the spotlight cast by her famous father.

Net Worth

Casey’s Estimates net worth is between $100,000 and $1 million.

Her parents, Billy Beane and Cathy Sturdivant, are also wealthy, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Cathy Sturdivant is a former model and actress. Equestrian Casey Beane is talented and successful.

She is the daughter of a successful baseball executive, but she chose business over baseball.

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