Casey Coates: Husband, Child, Controversies and More!

Casey Coates

Casey Coates is a well-known interior designer and movie producer known for her environmental advocacy. Through her successful interior design career, Casey has significantly impacted the environment and the arts.

She was Ted Danson’s second wife. Long Island, native Cassandra Coates, was born that year. Her parents were creative types; her dad played music, and her mom painted.

As a kid, she rearranged her room, created designs, and painted on raw wood to show off her creative side. 


Casey Coates received her official education at Great Neck High School, where she was a student.

In later years, she relocated to Boston, where she enrolled at what is now known as Lasell College but got once referred to as Lasell Junior College.

After graduating from the institution, she relocated to London, located in the United Kingdom. 

Before returning to the New York metropolis, Coates spent most of the year in the European municipality. During her time in London, Casey became conscious of the importance of protecting the natural world.

She got her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies since she was passionate about protecting the natural world.

Parsons School of Design offered her a BFA in Environmental Design. In 1975, she got honorably discharged from college.


Casey started her career as soon as she had her diploma. She started working at the Ben Thomson company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she developed crucial environmental design skills.

Throughout her career, Casey has received praise and respect for her innovative and environmentally friendly design solutions.

Along with her creative work, she became actively involved in several environmental initiatives. The Environmental Media is one of the organizations on which she has served on the board. 

Association, the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and the Parsons School of Design.

Casey decided to provide her skills to Jimmy Carter’s Work program in Los Angeles because of her dedication to environmental problems.

Casey Coates, Husband Ted Danson

Ted Danson, a well-known American actor, producer, and activist, was married to Casey Coates.

After ten years, they divorced. Famous American actor, producer, and campaigner Ted Danson married Casey Coates

The pair married in 1977 and lived together for more than ten years before divorcing.

Casey Coates and Ted Danson occasionally appeared together at public events throughout their marriage.

She stayed mainly out of the public eye and did not aggressively pursue a general profile.

So nothing is known about her personal and professional endeavors to the general public.

Casey Coates Divorce

Casey Coates and Ted Danson divorced in 1933 after eleven years of marriage.

Because both parties have maintained a certain level of seclusion regarding their personal lives, the precise causes of their separation and eventual divorce got extensively reported.

After divorcing Ted Danson, Casey has avoided the spotlight. Her post-divorce activities, including those on the personal and professional fronts, are unknown. She may have found love again or started noteworthy businesses alone.

Casey Coates Children

Ted Danson and Casey Coates had two kids together while they were married. Shortly after their wedding in 1977, their son Thomas Danson was born. Kate Danson, another child they had, was born in 1979.

Thomas and Kate have followed their father into the entertainment industry, even though details of their children’s lives are not widely known.

What happened to Casey Coates?

A terrible stroke struck Casey soon after giving birth to her daughter. Undiagnosed elevated blood pressure was the root cause. 

Ted took a six-month leave of absence to care for his wife and their new baby. 

Casey Coates Controversies

During the 1990s, Ted Danson dated the famous actress Whoopi Goldberg. They frequently appeared together.

‘The Joan Rivers’ was a show they both performed on. Ted Danson had no control over his wealth or notoriety.

Though married with two daughters, he had an affair.  After learning this, Casey filed for divorce quickly, making it one of the most expensive.  To settle, Ted Danson was required to pay millions in alimony.

What Is Casey Coates Doing Now?

Despite continuing challenges, Casey continues to strive for a sustainable future for the planet.  Keeping the planet alive is Casey’s mission. Her solar-powered home was designed and built by her.

Since 1996, she has led Global Possibilities, which promotes solar power as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

In the 1980s, Casey and Ted Coates founded the American Oceans Campaign. 

The nonprofit’s mission was to restore and maintain healthy marine ecosystems worldwide. In 2002, the group amalgamated with Oceana.

Casey Coates Height, Age & Weight

Casey is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 60 kg. His eyes are naturally black, and his light brown hair occasionally turns dark brown. As of 2023, Casey Coates Danson will be 85 years old. 

Casey Coates Net worth

Environmental activist and designer Casey has had success in her work. Her estimated net worth of $20 million reflects her significant contributions and commitment to sustainability.

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