This Is How Casey Cole White Escaped From The Jail (Exclusive)

Casey Cole White Escaped From The Jail

This is an exclusive story on Casey Cole White, Who he is, What happened to him and how he escaped from the jail. Read till the end for complete information.

Casey Cole White, an inmate from Alabama, pleaded guilty to the most serious charge of escaping from custody.

His case gained national attention and increased exposure to criminal activity after a corrections officer who assisted him in evading capture took her own life.

White was willing to enter the plea in exchange for removing a felony murder charge concerning the death of Vicky White, who worked in the jail. 

On June 8, the judge is going to hand down a punishment to him. He is looking at a possible life sentence.

“Things happened fast today unexpectedly,” said his attorney, Robert Tuten, outside of court. Attorney: “Because this is still an open case. We cannot say anything else about that at this time.” We regret the inconvenience.”

White was already facing capital murder charges for the stabbing death of Connie Jane Ridgeway in 2015 when he attempted to escape. 

The charges stemmed from Ridgeway’s death in 2015. According to reports, investigators in Lauderdale County said White confessed to committing the crime in 2020.

White and Vicky White, the assistant director of prisons for the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office and the person who was supposed to take the suspect to court the year prior, disappeared. There is zero relation between the two.

This Is How Casey Cole White Escaped From The Jail Exclusive

Police Statement on Casey White’s Escape

According to the authorities, the suspect and his guard had a “special relationship.”

During a press conference on April 19, the sheriff of Lauderdale County, Rick Singleton, remarked about the deputy as the pair proceeded into the wind:

“Knowing the inmate, I think she’s in danger regardless of the circumstances.” He was serving time for the murder that led to his execution, so he had nothing to lose.

In the end, Deputy White was in jeopardy; the authorities believed the inmate only bore indirect responsibility for her passing.

In May, law enforcement officials got closer and closer to the pair near Evansville, Indiana. As stated in the indictment, Vicky White committed suicide by “shooting herself in the head” with a weapon. Casey White has been charged with felony murder following her death. 

A defendant is held liable under the law for any resulting death from the commission of a serious criminal under this theory of prosecution. The prosecution claims that the security guard’s death was caused by Casey White’s escape, a first-degree felony.

His death penalty trial for Ridgeway’s murder began on June 12, 2023. The prosecutor stated that capital punishment would not be pursued.

According to reports, authorities were surprised to learn that the deputy played a role in the prisoner’s breakout. Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Vicky White has retired after 25 years of service. 

The sheriff stated that Vicky White had informed her subordinates that she was taking Casey White to a mental health evaluation, dropping the convict off, and then seeking medical assistance because she felt ill. The evaluation was for Casey White’s mental health.

Singleton speculated that the seniority of Deputy White was the reason nobody questioned it, even though going alone with detainees was a “strict violation” of the regulation. 

While Casey White was detained at the William Donaldson Correctional Facility in Jefferson County, the sheriff revealed later this year that the convict and the deputy spoke with each other 949 times between August 2021 and late February 2022. 

These conversations took place between August 2021 and late February 2022.

The revelation that Casey White and Vicky White “had some phone sex” came in September from the sheriff’s office.

Who is Casey White?

Casey Cole White, born on August 20, 1983, has been involved in crime for at least the past decade. He was convicted of attacking his sibling in 2012. after striking him over the head and face with the axe handle. 

The judge imposed a three-year prison term on him. In March 2016, he was given a 75-year sentence for his convictions on seven charges, including attempted murder and robbery.

After being charged with murdering Rogersville, Alabama’s 59-year-old Connie Ridgeway in 2020, he allegedly confessed to a William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility investigator. 

This confession resulted in two first-degree murder charges and a 75-year jail sentence. 

So, to stand trial for Ridgeway’s murder. he was transferred to a prison in Lauderdale County. Once White was moved from the previous facility, he recanted his confession and pleaded not guilty because of insanity.

White, 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters), has many white supremacist tattoos. He became renowned at 38.

Who was Vicky White?

Vicky Sue Davis White was working as an associate director of corrections at the facility where Casey White was kept when she passed away on May 9, 2022.

Vicky Sue Davis White was born on August 19, 1965. Following 17 years of service as a prison officer, she was scheduled to retire on April 29, 2022.

During her career of 17 years, she was awarded “Employee of the year” four times, and she was on track to earn the honor for a fifth time in the year that would have been her final year of service. 

The fifth prize could not be bestowed upon her because of her role in assisting Casey White in evading capture and the eventual murder of the woman.

2002, she tied the knot with Tommy White because of his drinking and drug addiction. In 2006, she initiated divorce proceedings. 

She stayed with her mother and ex-mother-in-law until she could leave. Once their marriage ended, they remained friends until his death in January 2022. Sadly, she was childless. She lived 56 years before dying.

What happened to Vicky White?

Evansville, Indiana, police acquired CCTV footage from a car wash on May 9, 2022, showing the couple washing the pickup truck. A subsequent video showed them entering a gray Cadillac DTS.

When a police officer in Evansville, Indiana, spotted the car at Motel 41, they immediately dispatched backup. The pair checked out of the motel and got into a car driven by Casey White.

The pursuit continued on US 41 until Casey drove off the road and onto the grass. When a police car rammed the Cadillac, it flipped over and landed in a ditch.

Casey White gently surrendered to police as they encircled the car, but Vicky was shot in the head. Casey asked the cops, “Please help my wife.” No, she shot herself in the head. Authorities found no proof of their marriage. 

Vicky died in the hospital hours after being evacuated. Her suicide was confirmed. She was buried at Center Hill Cemetery in Lexington, Alabama, on May 14.

An anonymous tipper who helped apprehend the suspect received $5,000 from Alabama.

Vicky White’s remains were returned to Alabama after the Vanderburgh County coroner ruled her suicide. Over 200 mourners attended her funeral.

After waiving his extradition hearing, Casey returned to Alabama the next day. He was transported to Bessemer, Alabama’s state jail, not his escape prison.

The court denied his plea for a preliminary hearing on the escape accusation on June 13 and referred the case to the grand jury. July 11 saw Casey White arrested for first-degree murder for killing his sister, Vicky White.

The 2015 murder trial was moved from December 12, 2022, to June 17, 2023, and the Vicky White murder trial was set for April 17, 2023.

Casey Cole White pleaded guilty to first-degree prison escape in exchange for immunity for felony murder in Vicky White’s death in May 2023.

In the weeks following Vicky and Casey White’s capture, the motel room they stayed in became extremely popular, with a waiting list of up to 60 reservations.

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