Casting Crowns Controversy: Hillsong Worship Tour, Journey

casting crowns controversy

Curious about the Casting Crowns Controversy? Stick around to discover all the details surrounding it and why their tour gets cancelled.

The famous Australian worship band has cancelled their North American tour in the wake of Brian Houston’s recent resignation as co-founder of Hillsong Church. 

Houston resigned as senior pastor of the church at the end of March after receiving allegations of sexual misconduct from two women. 

As of later this month, Hillsong Worship will no longer actively promote its upcoming tour with Casting Crowns and We the Kingdom. 

The band said they regretted making this choice, but it was the right one at this point in our history and required the most faith.

We are a group of worship leaders from different Hillsong churches coming together to serve as an extension of Hillsong Church. 

Currently, our church is experiencing a challenging period of transition that has brought about feelings of both sorrow and optimism within our community.

In the statement, Hillsong Worship apologises to Casting Crowns and We the Kingdom for any disappointment they may have caused and urges all ticket holders for the next tour to go and support the bands. 

“The Hillsong Church is going through a terrible patch, and our thoughts and prayers are with them,” Casting Crowns and We the Kingdom wrote on social media. 

Other well-known artists, such as Brooke Fraser and Darlene Zschech, are also members of the Hillsong Worship band, which includes Houston’s eldest son, Joel.

We’re excited to have you back in our midst for worship and to share the joy of the Lord’s work among us as we give ourselves to His will and purposes.

Casting Crown Journey, Awards

Casting Crowns plays mellow rock music with a Christian message. Mark Hall, a youth pastor and the band’s lead singer, is responsible for forming the group. 

The gang used to play together and serve in a youth organisation in Atlanta.

Casting Crowns was a band that rose to prominence in 2003 with the help of songs like “If We Are the Body” and “Who Am I,” which caught the attention of record labels thanks to the support of contemporary Christian music legend Steven Curtis Chapman. 

According to the Until The Whole World Hears Songfacts, Casting Crown’s Until The Whole World Hears album broke the record for most first-week sales by a Christian artist in Nielsen Soundscan history with 167,000 copies sold.

Casting Crowns, based in Atlanta, has released music reminding Christians of what matters most for the past eight years.

Since its inception in 2003, the band has won three Grammys, an American Music Award, and fourteen GMA Dove Awards. 

Billboard has named Casting Crowns the world’s best-selling Christian act for four years.

The Recording Industry Association of America certified “Who Am I,” their 2003 debut smash, Gold. With over half a million sales, the song is among only 12 Christian songs to go Gold.

Casting Crowns has always accommodated religious commitments during tour dates, yet its concerts continue to resonate with fans worldwide. 

The band performed for U.S. troops in Kuwait and Qatar as part of their “Until The Whole World Hears” globe tour from 2009 to 2011. The band collaborated with Global Resource Services to do two shows in North Korea.


Casting Crowns released the album Come to the Well in 2011 alongside the film Courageous, which included a song of the same name. 

Released in February 2012, “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” is the album’s second single.

“All You’ve Ever Wanted,” Thrive’s first song, debuted at #6 on Billboard’s Top 200 album list in September 2013. Thrive debuted on January 28, 2014.

Mark Hall has also published a book explaining what it means to walk as a child of God and how we might “dig deep and reach out” to others.

Early in 2015, Casting Crowns released the hymn album Glorious Day – Hymns of Faith, which featured acoustic versions of “If We Are the Body” and “Praise You In This Storm”, “Glorious Day” from Until the Whole World Hears.

Four members of Casting Crowns are ministers at their church, Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church in McDonough, Georgia, and their other hectic schedules as musicians, songwriters, and performers.


As a group, they have also achieved six RIAA certifications: three Platinum Albums (Casting Crowns, Lifesong, Altar and The Door), two Platinum DVDs (Live From Atlanta, Lifesong Live), two Gold Albums (Until the Whole World Hears, Peace on Earth), and two Gold DVDs (Altar and The Door Live, Until The Whole World Hears). 

What happened to the lead singer of Casting Crowns?

Mark Hall, the lead singer of Casting Crowns, was initially diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015 and expected the worst.

When Hall learned he would fight cancer, he kept the news to himself. He was unwilling to share his feelings or talk to anyone. 

Guidepost published an article Hall wrote in which he said, “I didn’t want everyone feeling sorry for me or making a fuss. I wanted people to refrain from forwarding each other tweets they found encouraging. 

That there’s a plan behind everything that happens. Everything I’d seen happen to other hurt individuals.

Hall shared some of Bonhoeffer’s concerns; he didn’t want anyone to try to “fix it” or make him feel better; he just wanted someone to be there with him through the suffering.

On the other hand, Hall was adamant about not letting anyone tag along. It is how we usually react to difficulties in this world as Christians. We feel alone and as if no one else can relate to what we’re going through. 

No one can give us the solace we need, and we may even be right in thinking that such relief doesn’t exist. 

We often say trials are meant to bring us closer to God, but we forget that they can also help us grow closer to our fellow believers. 

God cannot be experienced alone. Christian community is essential. Happiness makes assembly easy. Churchgoers seeing our vows would be great. 

We don’t seek help from Christians when our marriages are hurting. Instead, we hide our suffering. We’d love for churchgoers to attend our kids’ baptisms and offer guidance on spiritual development. 

We hide our anguish when a child withdraws. We’re not seeking a group of folks that have or are going through what we are.

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