Chad Scruggs: Contact With Audrey Hale, Daughter Loss

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Pastor Chad Scruggs had been talking to Hale before the shooting. Audrey Hale, the shooter, killed three adults and three children at Covenant School. Scruggs’s daughter, 9-year-old Hallie, was also a casualty.

Inside Edition quoted Hale’s former pastor at Covenant School, Jim Bachmann, as saying that Hale’s counsellor was Scruggs. 

According to Bachmann, security footage showed Hale stalking kids around campus seeking Scruggs.

“Something didn’t sit right with her,” Bachmann remarked. Police shot and killed Hale over 15 minutes after he smashed through the school’s side glass doors and killed nine people.

“Perhaps she would have left the daughter alone if she had tracked out Chad and attempted to kill him,” Bachmann said. 

We need more information about the nature of Scruggs’s counselling with Hale or its parameters, methodology, or strategy.

Friends and a college instructor said the shooter identified as trans, but authorities have not commented on a possible motive. 

Hale also intended to assault two other schools but abandoned those plans when he realized the other schools were better protected.

A former classmate of Hale’s received a letter from him just before the shooting that read, “I’m preparing to die today… The media will likely cover my story.

Hallie Scruggs wasn’t the only student to be slain; Evelyn Dieckhaus and William Kinney were also victims. Mike Hill, a janitor; Cynthia Peak, a substitute teacher; and Katherine Koonce, the headmistress, all perished in the tragedy.

Koonce has been hailed as a hero when she allegedly raced toward the shooter when she heard gunfire. 

A former FBI agent, Russ Pulley, praised Koonce, saying she heard the initial shot while on a Zoom call, according to a witness at the school.”

She hung up the phone abruptly and ran toward the gunman. She shielded her kids, just like any good principal or headmaster would. 

Katherine also sought advanced-level active-shooter training for the school, which, according to witnesses, “saved countless lives”.

According to local media, Hallie Scruggs’s father, Pastor Chad Scruggs, began his ministry at Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCPC) in Dallas the same year she was born. PCPC hosted a memorial service for the victims on Tuesday.

The senior pastor of PCPC, Mark Davis, spoke a few words at the service in honour of Hallie.

How wonderful she was to be around! May God grant us the ability to imagine her in heaven.

Nashville, Chad Scruggs return A Sermon After Losing Daughter.

The Rev. Chad Scruggs returned to the pulpit after losing his daughter, age 9, in the recent Nashville massacre and thanked his congregation for their love and support. 

Titled “Loss and Gain,” the Mother’s Day sermon discussed losses and gains, such as hope and perseverance.

The Covenant School third-grader Hallie Scruggs was among the six victims of a mass shooting on March 27 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Covenant Presbyterian Church founded the school. On the Sunday following the tragedy, Scruggs preached about the ladies who remained with Jesus until the end.

‘I’m Looking for a New Benchmark,’ says Pastor Chad Scruggs

An impassioned Scruggs declared, “First of all, we love you,” to the congregation. We loved you before March 27, but your love has made us love you even more. 

In response to a question about his family’s health, the pastor replied, “That’s not a bad question,” but “we just don’t know how to answer it.”

Scruggs said, “I’m trying to establish a new normal in my life.” Jada, the pastor’s wife, and he have three more kids together. Hallie was the youngest of them all.

Scruggs has turned to “A Grief Observed,” a journal-like book by C.S. Lewis, for guidance through his grief journey. 

Among his favourite quotes are “There is nothing we can do about suffering but to suffer” and “There is no device that will make pain no longer be a pain.”

According to Scruggs, Christians cannot pretend away hurt and are not magically shielded from it but weep with hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13). 

He said, “The hope never erases the grief.” Still, people have faithfully shown up to suffer with his family, just as the women in John 19 stood at Jesus’ cross.

Since no one has attempted to help his family after the Nashville shooting tragedy, Scruggs said, “That has been your gift to us.” 

In times of need, love under the cross is best expressed through presence and tears rather than words: “You have come beside us in our time of need.” 

It responded to the many expressions of support, including hugs, cards, texts, dinners, flowers, and prayers.

Amputation Loss Philosophy And Concerns About Family

Scruggs also used Lewis’ analogy of loss being like having an arm amputated. He said we’re adjusting to life with a crucial piece of ourselves absent.

From where we’re standing right now, it’s hard to believe that the arm will regenerate or ever feel complete again. It’s okay that we’re learning to live with sadness,” the preacher continued. You’re capable of it.

Scruggs cited Isaiah 40:31, saying he is “trying to walk without fainting” and is “grateful that we’ve never felt alone.”

While analysing the sermon, Scruggs called the women who stayed by Jesus’ side at the cross the “faithful remnant” because they were there “in his moment of horror.” 

According to Scruggs, John’s list of names ensures that “history will not forget the faithfulness of these women.”

Finally, he used Romans 8:38-39 to assure us that our faith in Christ’s love is secure, saying, “Death itself cannot tear us apart.”

It is still a priority for Pastor Scruggs to spend time with his family.”

A representative from Covenant Presbyterian Church said that, at this time, Rev. Scruggs would not be making any public comments. In an interview with The Washington Times, she said, “He’s focusing on his family and grieving and healing process.” 

Other religious and educational leaders have avoided discussing the Nashville shooting. 

“We want to provide the best end to the school year for students, faculty, staff, and families,” said the spokeswoman.

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