Chael Sonnen Wife: Who Is Brittany Smith?

chael sonnen wife

Chael Sonnen wife, Brittany Smith, is an MMA fighter. Chael’s plan to meet her was something only a hoodlum from West Linn, Oregon, could pull off. 

According to Chael, he and Brittany first crossed paths during a fight in Portland. Brittany Smith  “ran away” after chatting casually with him. He persisted, though, and made another attempt to get up to her in the midst of the bustling crowd. 

Chael told her he needed to use her phone because he had died when they finally met.

He dialled her number himself to get a hold of it. Chael texted Brittany, as Brittany later recalled, warning her not to give her phone to strangers after her brother had spotted them talking to Sonnen. 

The next day they up and left. Brittany’s past prior to marrying Chael is a well-guarded secret, but she is best known as Chael’s wife. Their wedding took place in July 2013. Two children were born to Brittany and Chael. 

There was a boy, Theo, and a girl, Pria. The couple had their third child in 2015, but sadly, she lost away soon after birth. She went under the name Blauna Dian.

Who is Chael Sonnen?

American submission grappling promoter, MMA analyst, and former MMA fighter Chael Patrick Sonnen was born on April 3, 1977. 

He joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1997 and rapidly became a top contender in the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions, challenging for the UFC Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Championships. 

Sonnen participated in Pancrase, Bellator, and World Extreme Cagefighting. Sonnen is one of the sport’s greatest trash-talkers. has never won a major world championship.

He started as an MMA analyst for ESPN and then launched his own submission grappling promotion, Submission Underground (SUG), in July 2016.

At 19, Sonnen began his professional MMA career in 1997, when he competed in and won a bout against Ben Hailey in Vancouver, Washington. 

He then went on to defeat Strikeforce Middleweight contender Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who was also the eventual ICON Sport Middleweight Champion. 

After going 6-for-6, he finally lost to Trevor Prangley. Forrest Griffin, the eventual Ultimate Fighter champion and UFC light heavyweight champion, submitted him with a triangle choke in late 2003.

Who is Brittany Smith?

Fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) would recognize their heroes based on the level of toughness they display in competition. It’s not easy to see hardened combatants as gentle, caring people. 

Now, through interviews and social media, fans may get a glimpse into their favourite fighter’s private life. Chael Sonnen, a retired UFC fighter, recently discussed the first time. He met his wife, Brittany Smith, in an interview with Ariel Helwani.

Sonnen’s speech patterns revealed him to be a hopeless romantic. The American submission grappler also spoke about how much time he values with his loved ones.

How did Chael Sonnen & Brittany Smith marry?

MMA Fighting posted a video on YouTube in which Sonnen and Ariel Helwani discussed Sonnen’s plans to pick up his wife at the airport. Chael Sonnen revealed, “I met her on a flight. She was just in town for the day. 

The structure has three levels. I caught a glimpse of her escape from the ground floor. And I looked for her all over the building, finally locating her on the second story. I approached her and explained that I couldn’t reach her via phone. I have to take a call right now.

The MMA commentator carried on. She lent me her cell phone. A. I. called it in. It’s not like my phone was dead. 

As soon as I felt the vibration. I handed her phone back and sent her a text message warning her to be wary of who she gave her number. I got her number, asked her out the next night, and then proposed.

In July 2013, Chael Sonnen tied the knot with Brittany Smith. Sonnen’s mom allegedly didn’t find out about the wedding until they were set to board the plane. 

The couple secretly tied the knot over the weekend. Sonnen’s fight with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC on FOX Sports 1 came less than two months after the low-key ceremony.

‘The American Gangster’ caught listeners off guard. No one in the UFC community wanted to think that their fiercest athletes could also be the nicest dads and husbands. In July 2013, Sonnen tied the knot with Brittany Smith. 

They started dating shortly after meeting and stayed together for about two years. They’ve been married for ten years and have two children a son named Thero and a girl named Pria.

Chael Sonnen & Brittany Smith Children

Their Sonnen is the name of their child. He joined the world in 2015. Their second child, Blauna Dian, was born in 2016. Unfortunately, she passed away soon after from listeria.

Because of her strong desire for privacy, few details regarding Brittany’s life prior to and after her marriage to Sonnen have been made public. Some stories have stated that she is now in her late 30s.

The loss of their newborn daughter, Blauna Dian, devastated Sonnen and his family. Sonnen’s wife and Blauna Dian both came down with listeria, which led to tragic consequences. 

Sonnen responded to a question about his son Thero’s possible entry into MMA by saying that the choice is ultimately up to his kid. He did, however, express enthusiasm for beginning with wrestling.

Net worth

As Chael, “The American Gangster”, Sonnen is a veteran in the sport of mixed martial arts and is considered a legend of the genre. Chael started MMA in 1997. 

Chael Sonnen is one of the wealthiest fighters in the world with a net worth of $4 million. The American Gangster has cashed several large checks as compensation for his stellar performances.

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