Chanel West Coast Transgender

chanel west coast transgender

Chanel West Coast transgender experience is inspiring. A popular internet meme from 2015 claimed that Lee Norris had gender-reassignment surgery and was now known as Chanel West Coast. 

It was a joke, but many people took it seriously. Chanel West does not fit the description given in the narrative.

She was never a male, and any claims to the contrary are fabrications. Chanel and Lee Norris are not the same person and have superficial similarities due to their age gap. 

Model and DT Model Management signee Dom Fenison is dating Chanel West. The two were officially dating by early 2022, but their friendship went back years before that. Bowie Breeze Fenison, the daughter of Chanel and Dom, was born on November 2, 2022. 

Who is Chanel West Coast?

Chelsea, The American city of Los Angeles, is the place of Chanel Dudley’s birth. The TV star can perform as an actor, a singer, a rapper, and a model. She was born in the United States to parents of Russian and Jewish descent. 

Before transferring, she attended two years of high school at Woodland Hills’ Taft High School. She finished high school at home with her parents as her teachers. 

At 14, Chanel Dudley followed in the footsteps of her idol, Tupac Shakur, and began rapping. She started her MySpace website for her music when she was only seventeen. 

While accompanying her father to nightclubs, she was exposed to marijuana and other substances, later influencing her musical approach. 

In 2009, Chelsea made the transition to professional singing. Her early albums included collaborations with various artists, and she has since appeared in numerous music videos and television series. Chanel’s Melting Like Ice Cream and Midi Mafia’s PHAMOUS starred Tiffanie Anderson and Somaya Reece. 

Dudley joined Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 record label in 2011 but has since departed the company without releasing any new material. After that, she started putting out music online and making it accessible. 

Chanel joined Lil Wayne’s record company, Young Money Entertainment, in 2012. She conducted two tours in support of her 2013 mixtape, Now You Know. 

Chelsea and French Montana dropped a “Been On” music video that same year. Here is a selection of her lead vocal performances. 

The singer’s mixtape, Waves, was released in 2015, and her studio album, America’s Sweetheart, was released in 2020. 

Between 2009 and 2015, she was a prominent cast member of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. In 2017, Chelsea was a regular on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, and from 2011 to 2021, she co-hosted the Ridiculousness show. Here is a list of her acting roles. 

Is Chanel West Coast transgender?

Channel, an American singer and TV personality, is not a transgender person. There were 2015 rumours that she was a trans woman. People are curious whether this is true, so they look for phrases like “Chanel West Coast, is she transgender?” on Google. 

After a collage including Boy Meets World’s Minkus appeared next to her photo, rumours began circulating that she was transgender. Some websites shared the photo, spreading false information that she was a man. 

After being accused of playing Minkus on the show, Chanel West Coast took to Twitter to set the record straight. The artist even hinted that she would sue the sites that spread false information about her. 

Relationship Status

At 19, she began dating a young Latino guy named Saul Garcia. On their way to the studio, he and his best buddy Kevin Deville were shot and died in 2007. 

Similarly, Deville was in his twenties. A member of a gang approached the group of teenagers and fired two shots, as confirmed by the authorities.

She had flings with American TV personality Chris Pfaff in 2015 and American rapper Solo Lucci between July 2017 and October 2017. 

West claimed her romance with Solo Lucci was fake. The plot of Love & Hip Hop required them to make it up. Together with Liam Horne, she went to various events on the red carpet. 

The trans allegations surrounding Chanel West Coast have piqued the public’s interest in her love life. Dom Fenison is her current beau. 

The American model appears in her latest music video for the song “Vinyl.” After a mutual acquaintance of around five years, they started going out as a couple. 

The couple’s first child was born on November 2, 2022. Bowie Breeze was the name they chose for their newborn daughter, who was born through C-section. 

Chanel West Coast’s Instagram and Facebook pages feature photos of her, her daughter, and the father of her child. 

Who is Chanel West Coast boyfriend Dom Fenison? 

Dom Fenison has walked the catwalk for designers like Georgio Armani and Givenchy in addition to his work as a certified real estate agent with Beverly & Company under DT Model Management. Both Nike and Men’s Wearhouse have used him in their advertising efforts. 

Fenison attended Western Governors University, where he received accounting and business management degrees. 

He worked at Stabler & Associates Inc. as a California business manager and executive assistant. Fenison oversaw the financial matters of celebrities and other high-profile clients throughout his time with the firm. 

Weight & Height

Chanel West Coast is 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimetres) tall and 121 pounds (55 kg) heavy. Her hair and eyes have a deep brown colour. 

Her proportions are 36 by 26 by 37 inches, 91 by 66 by 93 centimetres. 

How old is Chanel West Coast?

By February 2023, 34 years will have passed in the life of Chanel West Coast. Since she entered the world on September 1, 1988, she is a Virgo. 

Net worth

Each episode of Chanel West’s show brought in $142,050. After Season 5, there were between 30 and 42 episodes of The Ridiculousness, and she made 24 appearances in those seasons between 2011 and 2021.

The fortune of Chanel West Coast is reported to be $3 million. She also has several clothing lines and sells hemp items in addition to her musical and acting careers. 

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