Why Charles Rothenberg Attempted To Kill His Own Son?

charles rothenberg

Charles Rothenberg, a native of New York, gained notoriety when he was accused of committing a horrifying act: setting his own son, David Rothenberg, on fire in a hotel room in Buena Park.

This tragic incident occurred when David was just six years old, and it sent shockwaves through society, capturing the attention of the nation.

Though the motives behind such crimes may remain elusive, there is an undeniable intrigue that surrounds them.

People are often drawn to these dark and mysterious stories, perhaps driven by a deep-seated need to comprehend the unfathomable, a morbid fascination with the macabre, or an obsession with unsolved mysteries and cold cases.

Among the annals of history’s most captivating crimes, the attempted murder of Rothenberg’s own son stands out as an event that continues to both captivate and disturb.

The details may be unsettling, but they serve as a reminder of the complexities of the human psyche and the heart-wrenching consequences that can stem from the darkest corners of the human mind.

Who is Charles Rothenberg?

Charles is a vicious American who was found guilty of murder. In 1940, he was born in NYC. His childhood and early years are unknown.  

His parents, siblings, and educational background are not publicly known. After courting for a few years, Charles wed Marie Rothenberg, the joy of his life, in 1970. 

Six years after getting married, the couple had David Rothenberg, their first child. Regrettably, Charles used to hit his wife, making their marriage quite hostile. 

In 1980, Marie filed for divorce, declaring she could take no more of the abuse and beatings.

Afterward, she married Richard, a policeman overseeing the fire investigation following her divorce from David.

Charles Rothenberg’s crime record

Charles Rothenberg was highly harsh from a young age. He used to beat and abuse his wife repeatedly.

When she had had enough of Charles in 1980, the couple split up and filed for divorce. “David Rothenberg” was the son born to the pair.

He traveled to Orange County with his six-year-old son later in 1983. David had been promised a trip to a theme park by da Charles. Despite this, he brought him to a motel and gave David some sleeping pills.

Rothenberg burned David alive by spreading kerosene oil over his bed after he fell asleep.

By some miracle, David made it through the horrific attack, albeit he was 90% burned. Later, in 1988, ABC TV produced the film “David,” which told the courageous David’s story.

charles rothenberg

Police arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder. He got 13 years in prison for his crime.

Robbery, threatening the prosecutor in the firearms case, Cheryl Matthews, and credit card fraud were among the many other crimes he committed in 2007.

He was sentenced to 25 years for these offenses and two San Francisco firearms counts. David Rothenberg, 42, died at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas in 2018.

Charles Rothenberg attempted to murder his son 

Charles was arrested for attempted murder of his 6-year-old son. July 1983 saw his 13-year prison term.

His crime carried the maximum penalty at the time. He modified these ideals due to his circumstances.

Rothenberg was paroled with three years of supervision in 1990 after seven years. He turned himself up after two years on the run.

Furthermore, he was put on trial in 1996 for an Oakland shooting incident. He became Charley Charles instead of Charles Rothenberg in 1998.

Then, in 2007, he was sentenced to 25 years to life for weapons offenses under California’s three strikes legislation, following conviction for multiple crimes in two states. 

Charles Rothenberg’s son David Rothenberg 

Before adopting David Jordan as his monicker in 1992, his son was known as David Charles Rothenberg. His birthday is June 18, 1976. David attended the Design Center at ArtCenter. 

He legally changed his name to Dave Dave to distance himself from the adverse history. After graduating, Charles began working as a producer, rapper, and house music DJ. 

Dave directed a Kelli Lidell music video in 1996 before moving to Las Vegas to pursue conceptual art. He also worked with other artists in collaboration. 

He passed away at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on July 15, 2018. When Dave Dave passed away, how old was he? At forty-two years old, he went dead. David passed away from complications from pneumonia. 

Charles Rothenberg’s marriage

Regarding the present status of their relationship, Rothenberg married his current wife, Marie Rothenberg, in 1970.

They had a son in 1976, making them parents for the first time. Even still, the pair hated one other. He disturbed his wife more often before. 

Marie, who had to put up with his unwelcome approaches, finally filed for divorce from him in 1980, leading to their breakup.

How old is Rothenberg?

Charles will turn 83 years old the following year, in the year 2023.

Charles Rothenberg’s height & weight

Rothenberg is an astounding 176 cm tall, equivalent to 5 feet 10 inches. He is a 79-kilogram and 174-pound man.

His scary dark brown hair has become white, and he has enormous dark brown eyes. He has a bodybuilder physique.

His chest is 40 inches, waist 32 inches, hips 35 inches, and biceps. It equals 15.5 inches. Charles’s shoe size is a US 8, equivalent to a UK 40.

Is Charles Rothenberg still alive?

Rothenberg is still alive even though his son went away in the year 2018. In the United States, he is serving time in a prison in California for a term ranging from 25 years to life.

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