Chegg Unblur: How to Do it For Free? 6 Methods, FAQs

chegg unblur

If you use a subscription service like Chegg, you may have observed that some of the answers are blurred. Let’s discuss how to unblur Chegg, find free Chegg solutions, and how to get answers to your homework questions. 

A simple solution for Chegg unblurs copying the question’s link from Chegg. Join the study space Discord server after copying the question’s link. 

To ask a question, copy the link and go to the server’s “unlock-bot” channel. Get the solution by downloading and opening it. 

A Chegg bot is available on the study space Discord server to clarify questions around the clock, every day of the week. You need only supply the question’s link. 

Two unlocks are provided at no cost to new members. You’ll get it every week. You’ll need to invite individuals to the server if you want more unlocks.

Let’s get to know more methods of unburying Chegg Solutions; 

Method 1 Try Chegg Free Trial

Do you find this hard to believe? Yes, you can use Chegg without ever having to spend a dime. 

During the trial time, students who utilize Chegg can get free answers to questions. You can terminate your membership anytime if you are unhappy with the service.

  • Look for “Chegg Free Trial” in Google.
  • Click the first “Chegg Free Trial” link.
  • Chegg now demands email or cell phone number registration.
  • Select “I am a Student” and give the school name.
  • Select a profile photo and visit My Account.
  • Pay using the payment form.

Chegg offers the Study Pack ($19.50/month) and Study Plan ($14.95/month). You can pick any. The former is preferable because it provides more assistance.

You can use your PayPal account, debit or credit card to pay as per your plan. But fear not! You will be refunded if you cancel your subscription once the trial ends.

Once your payment has been processed, you can access numerous Chegg solutions.

If you cancel your subscription within 30 days, your bank account will be refunded within 5-6 business days.

Chegg’s free 30-day trial lets you ask and get as many questions as possible.  Use these four weeks to solve complex problems.

Textbooks are not allowed now. Rent or buy. Remember that the trial period price applies whether you decide to purchase or rent the books.

You may obtain the help of a tutor and get your questions answered correctly with a free trial account from Chegg.

Method 2 No-Click Access via Google

You may have heard of the Google Opinion Rewards app by now. After answering a few questions and earning reward points, this app can help you acquire free Chegg answers.

If you answer daily questions, you can earn a few dollars. Connect your PayPal account to the app now, and when you’ve earned enough, you may cash out directly into your bank account.

With this sum, you can create a free Chegg account and communicate with expert tutors for advice and help with your assignments. 

Google’s Opinion Rewards app is compatible with both iOS and Android. It will aid you much in your independent study efforts.

Method 3 Reddit Free Solutions 

In addition to being a great place to make new friends, Reddit has many subreddits where you can find free Chegg solutions to your tough homework questions. 

Ask the group—someone will answer. Your question will be answered, but it may take time.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download Reddit.
  2. Reddit has a Signup button in the top right corner.
  3. Joining requires a valid email.
  4. Add a username and password for the account.
  5. To access Chegg Answers, enter its name into the app’s search field.
  6. Several other communities meet this need and are represented in the results section.
  7. The catch is that you must pick a community with over 20,000 people.
  8. Come on in and pose a question to the group.
  9. Then, patiently wait for a group member to respond to your inquiries.

Method 4 Unlock Chegg

There are a lot of different applications and websites that might help you with your homework than Chegg. Using these applications is subject to their respective terms and restrictions.

Websites charge a subscription fee on a yearly or monthly basis. You can also get a free subscription to these apps during their introductory periods.

Quizplus, Slader, and many others are just a few helpful tools available. After signing up for Quizplus, you can access five free answers. Search engines provide answers. 

After enrolling, you’ll get the quiz’s last two answers for free. Slader also offers free Chegg solutions. 

Search for your query on your mobile device. After that, you’ll have various answers in seconds.

Method 5 External Programs

A few websites provide access to Chegg solutions without requiring a registration or trial period.

If you’re having trouble getting answers to your complex inquiries from Chegg, third-party apps like iStaunch can help. 

Give the site 30 minutes after you’ve asked a question for a detailed response to be emailed to you.

Here are some suggestions that can help you get free Chegg Answers from staunch:

  • Type into your mobile device’s Google search bar  The iStaunch Free Chegg Answers Service
  • Enter your question and email address on the page.
  • Enter your name, email, and question.
  • Submit your query below.
  • So long! Within the next half hour, you can expect to receive a response to your inquiry.

Method 6 Chegg.Link

Software engineers have already addressed the issue of how to remove blurring from Chegg. It would help if you used the Chegg. Link to make use of this.

Compared to other sites, this one has a rather unique layout. The solutions are identical to those found on Chegg. The only distinction is that it is straightforward and cost-free.

How does the Chegg Unblur Extension work? If you’re looking for free Chegg answers, the Chegg Unblur plugin is another option. An add-on for Google Chrome that clarifies search results from Chegg.

  • Click “Add to Chrome” to install the add-on. You can save the extension to the page you’re on as you search for answers. 
  • After activating the extension, you can read the blurry image that appears when you type an answer into Chegg. 
  • Due to Chegg’s removal of the Unblur Extension, this is no longer a viable option. 
  • You can unblur replies only by paying for the service or the free trial time.

How to unlock Chegg for free?

You can get free access to Chegg’s solutions in several ways. You could look for free solutions elsewhere online. However, these are only sometimes accurate and can be shaky. 

One alternative is to utilize optical character recognition (OCR) software to read information from photographs. 

This method has some promise but could be more laborious and sometimes unreliable. Use a Chrome plugin like Unblur Chegg to fast and conveniently obtain the answers while avoiding blurred text.

What are the alternatives for Chegg Solution?

Several free options exist that are comparable to Chegg. Course Hero is one option for getting study aids, including course notes, practice exams, flashcards, and more for various courses. 

Khan Academy is an alternative that offers thousands of videos and articles on a wide range of subjects like math, physics, and history. 

In conclusion, Cramster is an excellent tool for students who need guidance with their assignments or test preparation.

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