Who Is Christian Joseph Wiley, Kim Burrell’s Son?

Who Is Christian Joseph Wiley Kim Burrell Son

Christian Joseph Wiley is the son of Joseph Wiley and Kim Burrell, and his name is Christian Joseph Wiley. He pursued many interests because he was the son of two successful people.

His mother, gospel musician Kim Burrell, played the piano and sang in church, which got her into showbiz. The man who plays baseball named Joseph Wiley is Christian Joseph Wiley’s father.

Who Is Christian Joseph Wiley?

He is the son of Joseph Wiley and Kim Burrell, and his name is Christian Joseph Wiley. Despite being the son of two wealthy businessmen, he was the only inmate in his facility.

American gospel singer Kim Burrell was his mother. She entered the entertainment profession after playing piano and singing in churches. 

Collaborations with other singers have made her famous. The man who plays baseball named Joseph Wiley is Christian Joseph Wiley’s father. 

Because Christian Joseph Wiley is not a public figure but rather a private individual, we only have a little information regarding him, his work, what he does, or where he is.

Christian Joseph Mother

Houston, Texas, was the birthplace of Kimberly Burrell on August 26, 1972. Her gospel singing and piano work are maybe her most famous. 

The most significant of her six studio albums and two singles are “Try Me Again” (1995), “Everlasting Life” (1998), and “The Love Album” (2011).

A bishop of The Love & Liberty Fellowship Pentecostal Overcoming Holy Church is another of her many titles and accomplishments.

Born to a musician and pastor father and a singer-evangelist mother, Kim Burrell was drawn to gospel music early on. Her mother is a legendary gospel singer.

As a child, she sang in her father’s church with the Greater Emmanuel COGIC Choir of Houston and became a famous singer.

Despite this, she did not release her first album until 1995, “Try Me Again.” Even though the record was only available in limited quantities and was distributed by an independent label, it undoubtedly attracted the attention of well-known gospel musicians, and she quickly obtained a deal with Tommy Boy Gospel Records. 

The sales of Kim’s second album, which was released three years later and was titled “Everlasting Fire” and reached No. 12 on the Billboard Gospel Charts, undoubtedly contributed significantly to her net worth. 

After publishing the album, she concentrated on performing live and going on tour. In 2001, she issued a live album named “Live In Concert,” also distributed by Tommy Boy Records.

The record label fell out of business shortly after the album was published, so Kim had to find a new one. 

She published “No Ways Tired” in 2009 after quitting music to spend time with family. She maintained her career and published “The Love Album.” in 2011. 

Her wealth was unquestionably on the ascent. In 2015, she marked the publication of Kim’s album “A Different Place,” which contributed to a rise in the total amount she is currently worth.

Additionally, she has worked together musically with many artists, some of whom are Shirley Caesar, Missy Elliott, Yolanda Adams, Stevie Wonder, and James Fortune. 

Her net worth has increased due to these connections. Kim has won many significant prizes for her talent. 

These include the Gospel Music Excellence Award for Female Vocalist of the Year, the Stellar Award for Contemporary Female of the Year for “The Love Album,” and the Dove Award for Urban Recorded Song of the Year for “Sweeter.”

Christian Joseph Father

Joseph Wiley is best known to the general public as Kim Burrell’s ex-husband. A musician himself, he shares this talent with his wife. 

Joseph is a keyboardist who is well-versed in various musical styles but focuses primarily on gospel. He has traveled the length and breadth of the country, playing in multiple settings and ministering in several different churches.

Joseph is also well-known for the gospel music compositions and arrangements he has written. In addition to that, he has experience in musical theatre due to his time spent on the Herlam Gospel European theatrical tour.

Christian Joseph Parent’s Divorce

Kim Burrell and Joseph Wiley were married for a substantial amount of time to each other. Christian is the name of the couple’s child together.

Before deciding to separate, this couple enjoyed a successful and fulfilling family life. Joseph is a musician who currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States of America.

Joseph is a native Philadelphian living in Boston; however, it is unknown if he does so alone or with another person. Joseph’s hometown is Philadelphia.

The divorce proceeding between Kim Burrell and Joseph Wiley lasted a very long. This couple went through multiple legal cases. 

The leading cause of the separation was never spoken, but when it was, they moved out of the typical apartment and started living alone.

However, there has been little news of this couple’s legal divorce. This couple has not confirmed their breakup or sought spousal support. However, sources say the pair have split.

Christian Joseph Age

Christian Joseph Wiley is Kim Burrell and Joseph Wiley’s offspring, named after his parents. He was born in 2012, which means that in 2023 he will be 11 years old.

Net Worth

As of the middle of 2023, reliable sources put Kim’s net worth at approximately $5 million, an estimate of the sum of all her assets. 

She has acquired most of this money thanks mainly to her musical abilities and her lucrative career as a gospel artist.

 In addition, she has made guest appearances on various television programs, such as “From the Church to the Charts,” which have each added significantly to the overall amount of riches she possesses.

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