Claudio Carlos Basso: Photography Career & Accomplishments

claudio carlos basso

Claudio Carlos Basso, an Italian photographer, is well-known worldwide, and very few photography fans have ever heard of him. 

One of the most well-known photographers in the world and a performer is Claudio Carlos Basso.

Claudio Basso is also well-known as the ex-partner of the lovely Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci.  So let’s learn more about Claudio, a renowned photographer known for his superb photo-taking abilities.

Claudia Carlos Basso Age and Early Details

Claudio will be 64 years old in 2023. He was born in Paris, France, in 1959. His parents moved to Argentina after his birth, followed by Italy, where he spent most of his youth. He got brought up in the sleepy fishing community of Portofino.

Claudio became interested in photography due to his childhood in Italy. He is also a French citizen and a Franco-Italian in terms of ethnicity.

Claudio Carlos Basso Personal Life

Claudio Carlos Basso was once married to Monica Bellucci, after meeting Monica Bellucci as a model aspiring to become an actress, the couple dated for a period.

They didn’t discuss their initial meeting all that much. In 1990, they married privately before their closest friends and family members.

They divorced after remaining husband and wife for 18 months. 1992 saw the end of their marriage, and they had no kids.

Besides his ex-wife, Claudio Carlos Basso got no association with other women. He can be unmarried, concentrating on his objectives, or secretly in a committed relationship.

Early Career

Claudio Carlos Basso, born in Paris in 1959, is well-known due to his brain and attractive looks in graphic design. 

Claudio Carlos Baso eventually travelled to Italy with Iris and the kids. He is a well-known Italian photographer regarded as a conspiratorial figure. 

He’s a well-known photographer. Those with an interest in photography must be familiar with his name. 

At the tender age of 14, Claudio Carlos Baso began his path in photography. At his 14th birthday party, Claudio Carlos Basu learned how to use the Russian equivalent of the Rolleiflex 1/4 camera from his mother.

Claudio Carlos Basso provided his assistant with a meagre income for a few years.

He came to work after travelling to Milan to sate his appetite for photography. It was enjoyable to picture a loveseat in the studio in the interim.

When he was 21 years old, he got a fantastic chance. He was thrilled to be recognized as Claudio Carlos Baso by Italian Vogue’s renowned director Alberto Node and several of his other great photographers. 

He became well-known all over the world as an accomplished photographer and artist. 

Claudio Carlos Baso featured photos of himself on the pages and the status of numerous rumours publications, such as A Star, Being the Flow, and A Baby. They can alter how we perceive the world when they are in the flow.

Claudia Carlos Basso Award-winning photographer

In 2016, he was advancing quickly. The internationally acclaimed photographer worked expertly everywhere he went since, from the start, he had become accustomed to finding success in many settings. 

His high expertise has helped him succeed in the fashion sector in Paris, Italy, New York, and many other significant locations. His present place of residence is in Westport. 

The artist-portrait photographer (March 2009), current founder of Dundee Renovation, chief photographer (2005-2009), fashion-ad-hotel and commercial photographer (2005-1985), film director (1991) and (2001) DOP is impressively fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French in addition to her apparent photographic work.

Additionally, it is both multidimensional and multi-lingual. It works well with computer technologies like circular analytics and photography software.


Basso was allowed to work with legendary Italian Vogue art director Alberto Nodolini when he was just 21 years old. Shortly after, he began working with several major magazines, including Vanity, Bazaar, Grazia, Elle, and many others.

Claudio became well-known in French fashion and places like Monte Carlo and London. Carlos also received praise abroad for his contributions to Max Factor Japan and Elle in Brazil and Greece.

Additionally, Claudio worked with the well-known individual Eileen Ford, and at her invitation, he relocated to the United States, which helped him advance his profession. 

Marriage to Monica Bellucci

There needs to be public information about how the former partners met to get right to the point. 

They likely met at a photo shoot since Monica Bellucci was a model and Claudio was a fashion photographer.

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, an Italian actress and model with a $45 million net worth, may be recognizable.  

Before moving on to Italian, American, and French films, she started her career as a model, working for companies like Dolce & Gabbana and Dior.

Anyway, something happened between the attractive couple that led to the union of two lovely souls.

The Italian couple exchanged vows on January 3rd, 1990. However, given how quickly their love had grown, it also fell away quickly. 

As a result, the couple separated just eighteen months after getting hitched. Like any other celebrity couple, the ex-partners kept their split a secret and maintained a low profile.

Later, Claudio Carlos Basso met her second husband, French actor Vincent Cassel, who has a $40 million fortune. 

On the set of the movie The Apartment, he met the model. Following a year of dating, the pair were married in 2003. However, they have also broken off their relationship.

In addition, Claudio has shielded the world from seeing his private life. After divorcing Monica Bellucci, he has not said whether or not he has remarried. 

The subject of Claudio’s relationship or the fact that he is single is unknown.

Ex-Wife and Kids

It’s important to note that the now-separated couple never had children while married. Despite the actress’s first spouse not having any children, Claudio’s ex-wife had two children with Vincent Cassel. 

Deva and Leonie Cassel are Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel’s daughters.

Monica Bellucci, the ex-wife of Claudio Carlos Basso, and her former husband Vincent Cassel are the parents of two daughters. Social media is the image’s source.

Claudio is a minimalist who values the serene beauty of nature, a stark contrast to his previous life of glamour and extravagance. 

He is pleased with his existence as a Buddhist and continues looking for truth and beauty in nature and his art.

Claudia Carlos Basso Body Measurements

Claudia Carlos Basso is a tall man who is 5 feet 10 inches tall and who, at the moment, has the appearance of a boy with 72kg weight. 

He has short hair and a small amount of abdominal fat. Although he had seen as amiable, ambivalent, and tranquil, it is also true that he smokes, which is a concern.

Net Worth

Claudia, a native of Paris, is worth around $5 million. His photography business was the main source of his enormous wealth. His well-known ex-wife Monica had thought to be worth $45 million as of 2023.

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