Daisy Morgan Emphasizes On Women Empowerment and How It Is Important to Help Women Get Back On Their Feet

Daisy Morgan Emphasizes On Women Empowerment and How It Is Important to Help Women Get Back On Their Feet

Gender equality is a human right, but women and men continue to have unequal access to opportunities and decision-making authority in our world.

Women have fewer economic possibilities than men, have less access to basic and higher education, face greater health and safety concerns, and have less political representation globally.

Women’s rights must be protected and chances given to them to fulfil their full potential in order to achieve gender equality and a variety of other international development goals. Women and girls who are empowered contribute to the health and productivity of their families, communities, and countries, benefiting everyone.

About Daisy Morgan and How She Gives Back to Society

At a time when the world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for women to stand up and help other women get back on their feet is critical.

Daisy Morgan is a Singapore-based entrepreneur who has run successful and well-known clubs both locally and internationally for many years. Daisy assisted many skilled women and entrepreneurs in regaining their footing while earning the desired profits during the pandemic. She gives back to the community that helped her succeed by coaching, guiding, and networking with capable women all over the world.

Daisy Morgan worked around the clock to help several businesses get out of a financial bind during the pandemic. Her dedication and hard work gained her a stellar reputation in her field.

Daisy began her professional career in the cosmetics industry in 2001. Her unrivalled line of skincare products has won her fans from all over the world. Daisy feels that a person’s beauty is the key to their confidence. No matter what the task of the day is, if a person feels good about themselves, they will confidently face any problems that come their way.

Despite the fact that women make up more than half of the world’s population, they only hold 1% of the world’s wealth.  

Daisy Works Hard to Ensure That All Women Get the Required Help

Women and girls all across the world do unpaid household chores for long periods of time. In certain regions, women still do not have the right to own land or inherit property, to acquire credit, to generate an income, or to advance in their careers without facing prejudice.

Women are underrepresented as decision-makers at all levels, both at home and in the public sector. Women outnumber males 4 to 1 in legislatures around the world, yet their political engagement is critical for achieving gender equality and genuine democracy.

Every woman is fighting her own battles. But it is the solidarity shown to women by other women that fuels a woman’s determination to keep going in the face of atrocities and daily struggles.

When you raise your voice and hear it echoed in all directions, it feels very empowering. Whether it’s a friend, mother, daughter, sister, or domestic violence survivor thousands of miles away.

Morgan believes that women must work together to break the glass ceiling and dispel the myths that have held them back for so long.

The recent incident at Miss Sri Lanka’s crowning event serves as a reminder that when a situation like this arises, every lady around the world must stand up for her fellow ladies.

In response to the Sri Lankan incident, Daisy stated that women all over the world should adjust the crowns of other women rather than removing them. Daisy believes that kindness can make the world a better place to live in a world where everyone is struggling financially.

If Anyone Can Stand Up for A Woman, It’s A Woman

What Daisy wishes every woman should learn is instead of grouping together, calling each other names, or judging each other’s appearance and choices, all women need to join together as a team to jointly fight the monster that is patriarchy.

Begin with your own home and take small steps. If you are a mother, encourage your daughter to pursue her dreams and hold her hand firmly when she raises her voice.

If you are a daughter, support your mother if she wishes to leave her marriage, or even if she wishes to keep her hair grey. If you are a sister, support your sibling in her daily battles with society.

Women must learn to support one another, since the voices that you hear and the shrieks that plague us could one day be our own. Women are the only ones who can speak up for themselves. The difficulties Daisy had as a single mother included being disregarded and marginalized in her professional life. Instead of giving up when faced with adversity, she resolved to work even harder to give her children the future they deserve. Even after becoming a wealthy entrepreneur, Daisy continues to support women all around the world who are in need whenever she can.

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