Deborah Shiling Biography: All About Her Life Experiences

deborah shiling

Deborah Shiling, also known as Deborah Shiling Messing, is a politician in the United States of America. She was formerly married to another politician, Bernie Sanders. 

After forming a love relationship with Bernie Sanders, Deborah Shiling gained significant public attention. 

This article discusses Deborah Shiling’s early life, career, weddings, ex-husband, height, weight, net worth, and more!

Early life

Deborah Shiling prefers solitude; therefore, Her upbringing is unknown. However, she was born in 1944 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Her father, Dr Moses Shiling, headed the pulmonary department at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. 

Deborah grew up in an educated family. Her father stressed the significance of studying and working throughout her youth.

We know little about her childhood, but she attended an unidentified Baltimore high school before studying political science at the University of Chicago.

Loving and supportive parents raised this woman. They constantly urge Deborah to succeed. Deborah joined the Congress of Racial Equality while a university student and became interested in civil rights.

After becoming interested in politics and social justice, she became a Hunger Mountain Coop customer despite her father’s illness. Despite her father’s medical history, she became interested in politics and social justice.


Moses Shiling was Shiling’s father, and Shiling was born to him. His name may seem familiar because he is the Chief Lung Disease Physician at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.

Her father was a pillar of strength for her throughout her life. Shiling may only have succeeded in the modern world with his father.

Deborah Shiling Weddings And Married Life

The beginnings of Bernie Sanders and Deborah Shiling’s romantic relationship may get traced back to when the two were students at the University of Chicago. 

Volunteering at Israel’s Kibbutz Sha’ar HaAmakim and participating in the Congress for Racial Equality were two examples of their commitment to causes related to social justice and political engagement, respectively.

They had been together for some time before getting married on September 6, 1964; Bernie was just 23 then, and Deborah was in her twenties then.

The couple relocated to Middlesex, a little hamlet outside Montpelier and the state capital of Vermont, where they bought an 80-acre property for $2,50.

Even though they married young, they wanted a family and a new life together. 

Despite this, they divorced after 1.5 years of marriage. Their marriage ended quickly. They had no children.

Bernie even mentioned Deborah’s massive impact on his life and political career in his memoirs.

Deborah had been alone for several years before meeting Bob Messing following the dissolution of her brief marriage to Bernie Sanders.

They started going out together, and their love became more robust as time passed. Finally, they married in 1967 and started their life together. Their 1970-born daughter is a girl.

Bob and Deborah have kept a shallow profile regarding their private lives, so very little information about their marriage or daughter is available.

Deborah Shiling Ex-Husband Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, an American politician, was born Bernard Sanders in Brooklyn, New York, on September 8, 1941. 

He turned 80 in 2021. Vermont’s Junior Senator since 2007, Sanders was first elected in 2007. From 1991 to 2007, he represented Vermont’s congressional district in the US House.

Additionally, Sanders is well-known for his presidential run in 2016 and 2020. His campaigns ended with him coming in second place, and he received notice for his progressive policies and speeches. 

Not many people know that when serving as mayor of Burlington, he also released an album called “We Shall Overcome,” featuring the musical talents of thirty Vermonters.

A picture of Bernie Sanders during Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2020, in which he is seated in a folding chair while wearing patterned mittens and a jacket, caused the image to go viral and became a big topic of discussion among internet trolls and meme creators. 

The picture soon gained widespread attention and was featured in internet memes and mocking posts.

Throughout his career, Sanders gets recognized with many trophies and honours. Time magazine bestowed him the title of “Person of the Year” in 2015. 

Deborah Parker honoured him with the name Coast Salish in 2016 by bestowing it upon him to recognize his involvement in Native American problems during his presidential campaign. 

2017 Brooklyn College honoured him by conferring the Doctor of Humane Letters degree. 

Bernie Sanders has been a prominent political figure for a good number of years, and the contributions that he has made to political life in the United States will undoubtedly get remembered for a good number of years to come.

Deborah Shiling Current Husband, Bob Messing

Deborah Shiling Messing is married to Bob Messing, and the couple has been together since 1967. Bob Messing is her husband. 

Bob has always been quiet; thus, His personal and business life are unknown. Unlike his wife, Deborah, he eschewed the spotlight and political activism.

They have enough time together to start a family. Even though he is married to a prominent politician, Bob has always kept his personal life secret.


Deborah is a businesswoman but maintains high discretion regarding her personal life. She is also famous for divorcing a celebrity.

Her former husband, Bernie Sanders, is a prominent US politician. Born and bred in Vermont, he has represented the Senate since 2007.

Bernie represented the state’s at-large congressional district in the US from 1991 to 2007. He is the longest-serving US Congress independent and linked to the Democratic Party.

Sanders has consistently opposed economic inequality and neoliberalism.

He has supported labour rights, universal and single-payer healthcare, paid parental leave, and tuition-free university education throughout his political career.

Additionally, he has pushed toward the beautiful Green New Deal. US lawmakers have proposed the “Green New Deal” to address climate change and economic inequality.

Body Measurements

Deborah is around 5 feet 4 inches (64 inches) and weighs approximately 64 kilograms (141.09 lbs). This information pertains to her body measurement.

She has no chest, hip, or other vital statistics information.  She is 74 and has fair skin, grey eyes, and hair.

Social Media 

Deborah Shiling is entirely engaged in her use of many social media platforms. 

She is active on accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 

Deborah Shiling Net Worth 

She earns her living as a successful entrepreneur. Her earnings and net worth are unknown. Deborah’s assets and wealth are still undisclosed.

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