Diana Lovejoy: Why She Tried to Killed Her Husband? Case 

diana lovejoy

Due to her horrific case, Diana Lovejoy has become a household name. She was convicted of conspiring to kill her ex-husband Greg Mulvihill, shocking the neighbourhood. Murder was her verdict.

Media covered the trial extensively, including incisive assessments. Wikipedia has all the information on Diana Lovejoy and the case. Her life up to her suicide is public. Wikipedia explains the case’s complex relationships and motives.

Diana Lovejoy’s Wikipedia entry describes this high-profile case and its repercussions.

It’s a good place to start learning about Diana Lovejoy’s background, upbringing, and legal actions that led to her incarceration.

Who Is Diana Lovejoy?

Diana Lovejoy was charged with murder for plotting to kill her ex-husband Greg Mulvihill.

She was born on October 26, 1972, in the US. Technical writer and triathlete Diana Lovejoy also taught fitness.

She was also a popular YouTuber for making healthy, portable meals. They were married and had a child together: Greg Mulvihill and Diana Lovejoy. The incident occurred as the couple was going through a divorce.

Lovejoy claimed that Mulvihill had sexually abused her and their child. After an investigation, the family court rescinded the supervised visitation order and gave Mulvihill full custody of the child.

Diana Lovejoy was found guilty of plotting to have her ex-husband murdered by an ex-Marine gun instructor after a heated custody battle.

A 26-year to life sentence was imposed on her after she was found guilty of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Who is Diana Lovejoy’s Husband And Son?

While still married, Greg Mulvihill and Diana Lovejoy had a son. Child custody was a major point of contention during the couple’s two-year acrimonious divorce.

However, Lovejoy insisted on having the child all to herself, despite Mulvihill’s willingness to share. Lovejoy endured much pain due to the divorce proceedings since she believed she had fibromyalgia and her child had a sickness. 

Diana Lovejoy was an accomplished triathlete and sports trainer. She was also a popular YouTuber for making healthy, portable meals.

Her effort to hide information about her parents and early life means we know little about either.

Diana Lovejoy was convicted of planning to have a former Marine gun instructor shoot her ex-husband after a bitter custody fight.

Her two murder convictions—one for attempted murder and one for conspiracy to murder—led to her 26-year-to-life sentence.

Trial and Inquiry Of Diana Lovejoy Case

McDavid called Greg on September 1, 2016, and Greg answered. This person claimed to be a private investigator when they called. He assured Greg that he had proof and information that would prove useful in the case.

As McDavid said, Greg can find this evidence on a dirt route leading to Avenida Soledad. 

However, there was no proof, and the whole thing was a plot to bring Greg there.

Greg brought Jason to the location. Greg survived the attempted assassination after the bullet missed his heart.

Greg’s friend quickly dialled 911 after hearing gunfire on the dirt path leading to Avenida Soledad. Police were curious about why Jason and his companions were still there at 11:00 p.m., so he disclosed all relevant details.

Jason detailed how a private investigator had contacted Greg and how he and Greg had travelled to the location in question to acquire the necessary evidence. 

There are rumours that Diana paid $2,000 to McDavid so that he would testify in court that Greg had molested her son and mistreated her sexually.

Further evidence piled up against Diana and McDavid when her aunt spoke up. 

She claimed that Diana had asked her to provide information about a potential killer or a terrifying stranger for Greg. The court found McDavid and Diana guilty after hearing all the evidence.

Why did Diana Lovejoy kill her husband?

Following their divorce, Diana reported her ex-husband to authorities for allegedly sexually abusing their kid. Her motivation was to secure legal custody of her son in her name alone. 

However, the court found that Diana owed her ex-husband $120,000 and that none of the claims were true. Diana and her boyfriend had plotted to kill Greg since she couldn’t pay the ransom.

Where is Diana Lovejoy Now? Alive?

After being arrested for her role in her husband’s murder plot, Diana Lovejoy’s mugshot was taken.

Diana Lovejoy is alive and serving time in a California state prison as of the last known date. In 2016, a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to murder, and assault with a deadly weapon, and they gave her a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Lovejoy and McDavid Jr. were on trial for serious offences but insisted throughout that they were innocent. Lovejoy stated that she was a victim of a murder conspiracy in which she was falsely accused.

However, a jury found Lovejoy and McDavid Jr. guilty because the evidence revealed at trial contradicted their first statements.

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