What Happened With Donna Goudeau? Where is She Now?

donna goudeau

Texan criminal Donna Goudeau went viral in 2011 after her arrest footage got posted online. 

In a case involving a 73-year-old guest at the Driftwood Inn on Memorial Boulevard named Juan Sustiata, Donna Goudeau and two male accomplices were found guilty of assault and armed robbery.

Goudeau and her accomplices stole Sustiata’s money, credit cards, and iPhone. The crime occurred while she was dating her high school ex-boyfriend. 

She needed money for bail since she got arrested for a crime of passion or retribution; the two lived together then.

What Happened to Donna Renee Goudeau?

On July 20, 2011, Donna Renee Goudeau and two men, identified by authorities as Keyron Elmore, 28, and Jeremy Goudeau, 20, allegedly knocked on the doors of the Driftwood Inn until Juan Sustiata answered.

When Juan Sustiata answered the door, the intruders barged in, attacked him, and made off with his bank card. 

A pillowcase has placed over the victim’s head, and he got stabbed multiple times while some attackers went to an A.T.M. Juan allegedly suffered torture to extract the correct P.I.N. for his debit card.

Juan Sustiata’s pipefitting work is no longer an option because of his terrible injuries. The crooks were caught after using Sustiata’s credit card to buy petrol.

Devin Hammon, 28, was detained with the other three but charged with unauthorized vehicle use because police stated he had nothing to do with the violent incident. Donna Goudeau became famous worldwide when a 2014 arrest video went viral.

Keyron Elmore, 28, received 60 years, Jeremy Goudeau, 20, 50 years, and Donna Goudeau, 20, 18 years, for their roles in the brutal crime. Donna will remain behind bars until July 29, 2029.

Is She Alive Or Dead?

Goudeau, who is well-known for saying things like “P.O.P. Keep it down,” “barely,” and “I’m legally blind,” has become the target of a death hoax that has quickly swept around the internet after a satirical website fabricated it.

For instance, much fake news got read on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. A video of a prisoner “stabbing to death” a woman went viral in October.

During her time behind bars, the P.O.P. The lady reportedly died, according to a Twitter commentator.

Someone else reacted to the news by writing, “Damn guy Donna Goudeau got murdered in prison!!!”

You can’t keep suppressing it any longer. Damn. One of the other users submitted, “R.I.P., Donna Goudeau.

This person is a female, 28 years old, and she lives in Jefferson County. She and two other men, Keyron deWayne Elmore, and Jeremy Jomard Goudeau, were arrested for the brutal assault, robbery, and stabbing death of a 73-year-old man called Juan Sustiata in Kansas. 

A news segment from July 2011 featuring their arrests gained widespread online attention earlier this year. After being found guilty, she received an 18-year prison term; her release date got projected for 2029.

Huzlers.com’s made-up article went viral after it was posted on Tuesday, garnering over 2,40,000 Facebook likes and 643 Twitter shares.

These are two awe-inspiring numbers. Inmates have said that Hendricks pulled out a knife and stabbed Donna to death after an altercation between the two became heated. Due to her wounds, Donna passed away. 

The nature of the argument between the parties could be more explicit, as testified by the witnesses. 

According to the fake website, Victoria Hendricks had already spent 32 years in prison before being caught for Goudeau’s murder.

A disclaimer reads, “Huzlers.com is a combination of true alarming news and satire news to keep its viewers in disbelief.” This disclaimer got included with each hoax article published on the website.

The same website spread panic worldwide in the most recent incident, predicting that total darkness would fall on Earth for six days in December.

Where is Donna Goudeau Now?

She was convicted guilty and given an 18-year prison term, which she is presently completing. 

All three robbers have been convicted and sentenced; Keyron Elmore and Jeremy Goudeau are their names. 

Keyron, then only 28 years old, was given a 60-year prison term; Jeremy, then only 20 years old, was given a 50-year prison term; and Donna Goudeau, then just 18 years old, was given an 18-year prison term.

Donna Goudeau got detained, and if the forecast holds, she won’t be freed from prison until 2029. It is a very long time to spend behind bars.

They did not have her murdered in jail, despite what you may have heard. Donna Goudeau is alive and will spend the rest of her time behind bars.

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