Police Arrest Drew Erickson Pastor Driving Intoxicated

drew erickson pastor

Authorities arrested Drew Erickson, Pastor of Travis Avenue Baptist Church, during a routine traffic stop.

He was charged with DUI while having a child in his vehicle, as well as possessing an unlawful weapon.

Following his arrest, he resigned from his position due to personal reasons, which deeply saddened the congregation.

Erickson had been detained for leading an unauthorized worship service before stepping down, citing personal issues.

The arrest was made on the grounds of drunk driving with a minor and unlawful possession of a handgun.

Is Drew Erickson Pastor still in the jail?

According to a supplementary article published by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Pastor Erickson is a forty-year-old man who resides in Burleson.

On Saturday, March 4, around 12:45 p.m., he left jail with permission, having posted a personal bail of $2,250. He had been arrested on March 1.

The Reaction of the Travis Avenue Baptist Church to the Decision of Pastor Drew Erickson to Resign

On Tuesday, March 7, the old board of Travis Avenue Baptist Church informed church members via email, as communicated by Church Leaders.

Erickson had resigned “effective immediately” from his position as pastor of the church.They announced Erickson’s resignation as “effective immediately.”

The church wants to reassure its congregation that it did not fire Drew and that no inappropriate activities have occurred.

However, the church also wants to emphasize that it has not taken any disciplinary measures. The note added, We love him as much as you do and will miss him greatly. 

The church also promised its followers that Travis Avenue Baptist Church would continue to worship God and help the needy. The first Sunday of each week will feature a Bible message. 

The ministry employees will proceed with their responsibilities and provide service as usual. Additionally, we will initiate the search for a new lead teaching pastor once we install the new leaders.

Baptist News Global reported the following:

Despite in Tarrant County two days ago for carrying an illegal firearm and driving intoxicated with a child under 15.

Drew Erickson, the lead teaching pastor of Travis Avenue Baptist Church, abruptly resigned on March 5. Authorities arrested Erickson for drunk driving with a child.

In a brief resignation letter, he said, “Over the past year and more recently, it has been evident that there are things I need to focus on personally, which makes me need a break from ministry.”

The church members received a copy of the letter, which opened with an unsigned introduction: “We regret to inform you that Drew Erickson, our lead teaching pastor, has resigned immediately. We want to tell you that Drew was not fired and that TABC took no negative steps. Like you, we will miss him dearly.”

Erickson’s church website bio states that he was a Southwestern adjunct preaching professor “throughout his ministry.”

However, a spokesman for the seminary stated that Erickson had taught an English class at Southwestern’s undergraduate college as an assistant in 2013.

Still, there was no other record of him being an adjunct preaching professor. Erickson had taught an English class at Southwestern’s undergraduate college in 2013.

Concerning the Baptist Church on Travis Avenue 

Worldwide, nationally, and locally, members of Travis Avenue Baptist Church actively embrace the “less Mission” and commit to spreading the gospel to those spiritually distant from God.

Travis Avenue equips members to effectively share the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide and in their local communities.

According to its website, Travis Avenue aims to foster interactions among individuals of diverse ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. It strives to create an inclusive environment where people from diverse backgrounds can connect and engage with one another.

They believe that they are a church for the people of Fort Worth, Texas, and the rest of the world.

Travis Avenue Baptist Church accepts people of all nationalities and generations and celebrates its diverse membership. From infants to seniors, the Travis Church ministers to all ages.

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