Drew Lynch Wife: Who Is Melanie Sergiev?

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Drew Lynch wife is Melanie Sergiev. The couple had been dating for a long time before tying the knot.

Drew had already established a considerable presence before his initial audition on America’s Got Talent in 2015.

In that same season, he secured the impressive position of second place. 

More recently, the accomplished comedian officially tied the knot with his beloved long-time partner. The beautiful Vermont wedding took place atop a breathtaking mountain.

Who is Drew Lynch?

On August 10, 1991, Drew Lynch awoke. It was determined that he was born in the US state of Indiana. He’s a well-known American actor, comedian, and YouTuber.

His rise to fame began, so the story goes after he competed in and finished second on America’s Got Talent Season 10.

Tim Lynch is his father’s name, and he wrote a piece about him. He mentioned that his dad served in the military and “then he was a waiter at Applebee’s.”

He attended a middle and high school dedicated to the performing arts. His YouTube channel reportedly went live on February 28, 2012. 

His dog Stella is the star of most videos on his channel. His channel on YouTube is said to have over 2 million followers. 

Drew travelled to Los Angeles from Indiana when he was 19 to seek a career in cinema and television. I wanted to be an actress ever since I was a youngster,” he stated.

Drew got hurt playing softball when he was just 20. The laryngeal nerves and vocal cords were injured when the softball struck his throat. This triggered his stuttering. 

In an interview, he revealed his fear about the potential consequences of his throat damage. When asked about his stuttering, he continued, “People often question whether my stuttering is an act, if I’m pulling their leg.”

Drew began dating his future wife, Melanie Sergiev, shortly after trying out for America’s Got Talent season 10.

Who is Melanie Sergiev?

Melanie Sergiev was the long-term girlfriend of American comedian Drew Lynch. It was stated that the pair decided to get married on top of a Vermont mountain. 

Drew posted a video on Facebook commemorating his wedding, captioning it as though he and his new wife, Melanie, were climbing Vermont’s peak. He added that everyone should see his video. 

Drew Lynch & Melanie Sergiev

Drew and Sergiev’s relationship was officially established in 2019, and 1992 marked Sergiev’s birth in Bulgaria. She is an excellent runner and orienteer. 

After they went public with their relationship, Drew would frequently post about his girlfriend, Sergiev. He also wrote about being the wedding planner for a couple who chose a UNO-themed event. 

They love each other in these images. Drew showed a photo to the group in which Sergiev appeared to be pleading with him to marry her.

What does Drew Lynch do for a living?

Drew Lynch created his YouTube channel in February 2012 and uploaded his first video in March of that year.

In the pilot episode of his channel, titled “Words R Hard,” he laid out his background and intentions for the channel.

Lynch first gained notoriety due to videos of him appearing on YouTube. This is the Lynch and Stella vlog.

When he was about 20, Drew Lynch tried out for “How I Met Your Mother.”

Unfortunately, drew lynch was injured in a car crash right before the audition and could not participate. His former talent agency cut him loose.

The organization had requested that he contact them once he had recovered from his illness. After accepting his new circumstances, Lynch began performing stand-up comedy.

Eventually, he could incorporate his circumstances into his act and as a result, he gained a devoted fan base.

This made my participation in the tryouts for the tenth season of “America’s Got Talent” possible.

The May 16, 2015, premiere marked the debut of the tenth season of “America’s Got Talent” on NBC.

Lynch’s stand-up comedy was the first of the season to receive the coveted Golden Buzzer on national television. Howie Mandel supposedly used it. Lynch advanced from the quarterfinals to the semis.

Lynch’s stammer and high-pitched voice, which made phone interactions challenging, were addressed in his semi-final performance. Then he was among the top ten.

In this set, he joked about his insecurity as a singer, the time he lost attempting to give his sweetheart his number, and her ample bosom.

The competition concluded with Lynch taking second place, just behind ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.

Lynch made her first television appearance in 2015 on the episode of “Dogs & Me.” After that, he became a regular on the IFC comedy series ‘Maron,’ playing the role of Adam.

His next role was as Doug on “Cassandra French’s Finishing School” a year later.

Lynch appeared in the British horror thriller “Secret Santa,” released in 2018. The telefilm “If Humans Acted Like Dogs,” in which he also starred, was written by him.

The 2017 production “Drew Lynch: Did I Stutter,” directed by Adam Marcus, featured him in a supporting role. He co-wrote the project with Howie Mandel and appeared in it as well.

Drew Lynch Family

Drew Lynch was born to parents Tim and Chris Lynch in Indianapolis on August 10, 1991. 

His siblings’ names are Taylor (older brother) and Monica (middle sister), and McKailyn (younger sister). He grew up and went to school in Sin City. 

Tim makes water heaters for a living, but Chris focuses on the insurance sector.

Drew, at one time in his life, wanted to be an actress. He dreamed of one day playing leading roles in Hollywood movies. 

He moved to Los Angeles when he was 20 and began training for a career in acting. He struggled to pay the bills. 

Even the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” let him try out. He had already passed the preliminary auditions and was slated to participate in the finals.

He got by at the time by checking tickets at a comedy club and playing softball on a team made up of his coworkers. The day before the tryout, there was a softball exhibition game. 

A ground ball the batter hit directly at him caught him in the throat. Dazed and in excruciating pain, he collapsed to the floor. He eventually returned home, where he promptly crashed. 

After waking up the next day, his speech was much slower and only worsened over time. He developed a severe stammer over time. 

Although doctors assured him at first that his stuttering would be short-lived. They eventually realized that the damage to his vocal cords was irreparable.

While he was on “America’s Got Talent”, he was seeing a certain someone. She worked three jobs to keep them afloat financially. 

They eventually went their separate ways. He has love aspirations for Melanie Sergiev, whose picture has been featured on his Instagram account.

How Old Is Drew Lynch?

Drew Lynch’s 32 years old; his birthday was August 10, 1991. His astrological sign is Leo.

Drew Lynch Height & Weight

Drew Lync weighs 75 kilograms and is 5 feet, 3 inches tall.

Net worth of Drew Lync

As of 2023, Drew Lynch’s wealth amounts to $2 million. The stand-up comic generates income through various channels, including his YouTube channel, social media platforms, and endorsement agreements with prominent brands.

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