Elizabeth Keen Death: Is She Realy Died in ‘Blacklist’?

elizabeth keen death

On the Blacklist, is Elizabeth Keen death declared? Elizabeth Keen suffered a horrible end when she was shot and died in the compelling Season 8 Episode 22 of The Blacklist, dubbed “Konets.”

Her death, in the opinion of many fans, was unfair to the character. Elizabeth deserved a happier finish, according to even her most hated supporters. 

So many fans are curious about will Elizabeth Keen return in season 10 or if Elizabeth Keen is dead. So keep reading to learn more about she will return and who was playing Elizabeth Keen’s character!

Is Elizabeth Keen Dead on The Blacklist?

On The Blacklist, Elizabeth Keen has indeed passed away. She is shot and dies in “Konets,” episode 22 of Season 8. The character’s passing was a pivotal moment in the series, significantly affecting both the plot and the remaining characters.

Before her demise, there is a pivotal scene in which Red requests that Elizbeth kill him to give the impression that she is unstoppable.

As an inducement, he promises her a letter from Katrina, her mother. Elias VanDyke, a devoted supporter of Neville Townsend, unexpectedly shoots Liz when she hesitates to carry out the deed. 

Elizbeth bleeds out and dies in Red’s arms after the gunshot wound becomes fatal. Showrunner Jon Eisendrath said Liz’s death greatly impacted the remaining characters. 

The other characters experience unexpected and varied effects due to Liz’s absence as they deal with her death’s aftermath. The show still examines the criminal underworld and the heroes’ difficulties even without Liz.

Actress Megan Boone left The Blacklist and has not joined the show since. Given that Season 10 of The Blacklist is the show’s final season, it is highly doubtful that Boone will return to the series in her role as Elizabeth Keen. However, her character can appear in flashbacks.

Who was Elizabeth Keen’s killer?

Elias VanDyke, Townsend’s right-hand man, was the one who shot and killed Elizabeth Keen. Red shot him to death almost quickly after. 

But in Season 9 of the show, we learned that there is much more to Elizabeth’s murder than first appears, including obscure details directly related to a person in Red’s inner circle.

Red spent the whole of season 9 looking into Elizabeth Keen’s death. Still, his efforts were hampered mainly by Marvin Gerard, a longtime friend, and lawyer implicated in Cooper’s framing and other issues. 

As the season ended, Reddington discovered that Marvin was responsible for the hit on Liz and the planning of Cooper’s extortion.

Marvin admitted that he had given the order to kill Elizabeth when he realized his strategy had failed. 

After all, he (Marvin) believed he (Red) was more qualified to handle the Blacklist and did not support Red’s decision to give it to Liz. 

Red assured Marvin that he would pay for betraying him before Marvin managed to flee the plane where he delivered his confession.

Marvin knew better than anybody that he was in danger, and that realization, coupled with Red’s threat of retribution, drove him to believe that suicide was his only option. 

As a parting gift, he visited Wujing from the first season of The Blacklist in prison and revealed that the latter was an informant, which would ultimately complicate Red’s life.

Red left the city after Marvin passed away, and the Task Force gathered beside Keen’s grave to pay their condolences. 

The conclusion featured Wujing’s prison break and a vow to track down and murder Raymond Reddington. He also disclosed that he has many personnel at his disposal to assist him in doing the task.

Will Elizabeth Keen Reappear in Season 10 of Blacklist?

Elizabeth Keen’s comeback to Blacklist in Season 10 is quite unlikely. Blacklist watchers and fans are well aware of the fakeouts and deceptive plots that have been a feature of the show since it first aired. 

This awareness may have given some viewers and fans hope that Elizabeth Keen might not be dead and would appear in the series finale.

Any chances of that happening got destroyed when the character died during the season 8 finale. The character did not make a single appearance in season 9. 

The departure of the actress who played the role impacted the plot and led to Elizabeth Keen’s demise.

Who Portrayed Elizabeth Keen?

Megan Boone, an American actress, played Elizabeth Keen. The 40-year-old saw her acting career take an exciting turn when she started playing FBI agent and profiler Elizabeth Keen in the series The Blacklist. 

The 40-year-old began her acting career in 2001 with her performance of Abigail in the short film Elijah.

Due to her remarkable performance in one of the series’ essential roles over the first eight seasons, she garnered the media, public, and show fans’ attention.

The actress, however, announced in June 2021 that she would be leaving the show to seek other possibilities, and after her character died in the season 8 finale, she followed through on her promise.

Overview of The Blacklist

The famous crime thriller television program “The Blacklist” had its NBC debut on September 23, 2013. 

The drama, created by Jon Bokenkamp, revolves around Raymond “Red” Reddington, an infamous criminal and former US Naval Intelligence officer who voluntarily turns himself in to the FBI.

The names of the world’s deadliest criminals, according to Reddington’s list known as the “Blacklist,” are on it.

He offers to help the FBI by providing information about these criminals in exchange for immunity, but only if he may work exclusively with new FBI agent Elizabeth Keen, despite their backgrounds appearing to be unrelated.

The series also prominently features Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, Amir Arison, Hisham Tawfiq, Harry Lennix, James Spader as Reddington, and Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen. It has received positive reviews throughout its run, particularly praise for Spader’s acting.

The series has received praise for its complex storyline twists and compelling storytelling. On February 22, 2022, it was announced that “The Blacklist” would return for a tenth and final season.

The season premiered on February 26, 2023. On July 13, 2023, a two-hour episode known as the series finale would run, ending the program.

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