Eric Mays Wife: Who Is Megan Ritchie?

eric mays wife

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Councillor Eric Mays has been a divisive figure in Flint, Michigan, where he has served for ten years. 

He is well-known for his confrontational politics, public spats with political allies and opponents, and disruptive behaviour at city council meetings. 

Mays has had multiple run-ins with the law, including an arrest for DUI and a pawning incident involving a city-owned laptop. 

He has been removed from his positions of authority on the municipal council for a number of reasons, including but not limited to engaging in hostile discussions and flashing the Nazi salute.

More publicly available data regarding Eric Mays’ current income needs to be available. A federal lawsuit he filed in 2020 against Mayor Sheldon Neeley and others in City Hall ultimately failed, and in 2021 he was compelled to pay roughly $35,000 in city legal fees. His wages were withheld to cover the legal costs.

Who is Eric Mays?

Eric Mays, a councilman in Flint, Michigan, has gone viral in recent weeks. He often causes controversy during council meetings with his direct remarks, witty comebacks, and explosive outbursts. 

While Mays’s responsibility and willingness to ask critical questions about the problems affecting Flint’s inhabitants have earned him accolades, his disruptive behaviour has thrown him out of meetings. 

He was only recently found guilty of disorderly conduct and could be sentenced to jail time or a fine. A TikTok page celebrating Mays’s best moments has attracted a large following despite his legal problems.

Whether he wears a black or orange suit, he still has numerous followers who will cheer for him online.

Eric Mays, a member of the Flint City Council, has a history of odd conduct in local politics and is known for his arrogant and belligerent demeanour.

During his third tenure, city council members were frequently removed from public meetings by police in handcuffs. 

On City Council grounds, he criticized the reporter and stole the city’s laptop for petty cash. He has signed multiple petitions to impeach fellow council members and has engaged in initiatives to remove previous mayors from office.

Recently, he’s been doing the Nazi salute to the council president and calling him Hitler. In the upcoming fall of 2019, the city attorney threatened to “smash in the head” the man.

Eric Mays was sentenced to prison in 2016 for drunk driving after being arrested outside a council meeting. This came after he was found next to a broken-down car on the wrong side of the freeway in 2013.

Mays complained that the media only covers his achievements when they are negative. He claims that he always answers calls from residents and promises to help everyone in Flint, not just those in his district.

Early Life & Education

Eric Mays was born and raised by his American parents in Flint, the county seat of Genesee County, and the largest city in that region of Michigan. 

There is a major city in the area known as Mid Michigan and its location is along the Flint River. It is a major hub for that area. Eric comes from a middle-class Christian background. His parents are committed to providing him with the best opportunities possible. 

He is still a Flint City resident, where he completed his formal education. Among his many titles and roles in Flint is that of a city councilman.

Eric Mays is a well-educated guy who went to some of the best institutions in Michigan for his elementary and secondary schooling and then did well at Michigan University. 


On September 16 September 16, 1958, he entered the world in Flint, Michigan. He was born to parents who were devout Christians from the middle class. Eric Mays’ parents are making sacrifices for him. 

He is a child of the 1960s. He went to Michigan University and graduated with a master’s. For decades, he was involved in the politics of Flint City. He was elected to the City Council in 2013. 

The margin of victory over Anita Brown’s campaign was only eight votes. After four years, he left his position. In 2015, he won the election by a margin of 500 votes over Anita Brown.

Eric Mays also served as mayor of Flint, Michigan, in 2015. However, he lost the election.

In 2021, he won a seat on the council of his city. After a month of fighting with the other council members and Mayor Sheldon Neeley, he was dismissed as council president. He is currently on trial and must establish his innocence.

Who is Eric Mays wife Megan Ritchie?

His family is not something he has talked about online. Social media, however, claims that he is a married father of three from his marriage to Megan Ritchie. 

Eric Mays Controversy

For the past decade, he served on the City Council of Flint. He served as Flint City Council Vice President and Chair of the Finance Committee.

His office conduct could have been more professional at times. Recently, in front of everyone, he gave the council’s leader the Nazi salute and compared him to Adolf Hitler. 

Therefore, the Flint City Council voted against him and removed him as vice president and chair of the finance committee.

He allegedly got into a brawl in a Flint bar with Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s Deputy Chief of Staff. He claimed the deputy chief began cursing at him and knocked him to the ground. The Michigan State Police also looked into this incident.

He was convicted of disorderly conduct and faces jail time and fines. Despite being innocent, he lacks the means to prove it in court. He has received nearly $13,000 in donations from people across the US on GoFundMe.

In 2021, the city required him to pay $35,000 in legal fees after he failed to win his federal case against Mayor Sheldon Neeley and other City Hall officials.

His conviction for disorderly conduct was handed down on March 10, 2023. Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley of the District Court for the City of Flint ruled in this case.

He might go to jail for up to 90 days and have to pay a fine of up to $500. He added, “I was disappointed and I don’t believe I was guilty of disorderly conduct.” after the verdict was read. The new date for the verdict is April 25, 2023.

In 2010, he served 22 days of a 45-day sentence because Gildneer prosecuted the case that resulted in his conviction for drunk driving.

Net worth

Eric Mays has no wealth to speak of. His legal fees have put him deeply in debt. Around 13,000 dollars have been donated to him. 

Mays’ reputation as a controversial Flint politician who has clashed with other city council members partly contributes to the success of the video on TikTok and YouTube.

Even though he has been found guilty of misbehaviour, he is appealing the decision in court. Mays plans to utilize the funds donated on GoFundMe to pay for legal representation.

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