Meet Etienne Kilcher: The Member Of Last Frontier Season 11

etienne kilcher

Etienne Kilcher is a young cast member of Alaska: The Last Frontier season 11. 

Alaska: The Last Frontier returned to Discovery in October, captivating audiences with its 11th season.

This acclaimed series offers a glimpse into a way of life that many of us can only imagine: living in the majestic snow-covered landscapes of the western state, where the ability to survive the harsh winters often determines one’s fate.

While we are familiar with Atz Lee and his wife Jane’s extraordinary fishing and hunting skills, their personal lives have remained a well-kept secret, shielded from the public eye for the sake of their children.

However, in season 11, their 20-year-old son Etienne joins the Kilcher family, opening a window into their closely guarded world.

Etienne Kilcher, the son of Atz Lee, has remained largely unknown to the viewers of Alaska: The Last Frontier due to his parents’ commitment to protecting their children’s privacy and shielding them from online trolls.

This has left fans eager to learn more about this enigmatic family member.

One topic that has piqued curiosity among fans is his future plans for education, as he recently announced his relocation to Southern California.

The Kilchers, the famed endurance champion family from The Frozen North, have become household names among the show’s viewers.

Through captivating storytelling and breathtaking imagery, Alaska: The Last Frontier continues to enchant and inspire, giving us a glimpse into a world where resilience, family bonds, and the pursuit of survival intertwine amidst the untamed beauty of Alaska.

Who is Etienne Kilcher?

Etienne, born in 2001, is now about 21 years old and Piper’s older brother. Piper is Jane’s child from her first marriage.

From his first marriage to Nantia Krisintu, Atz Lee has a son named Etienne. Etienne’s existence gives the Kilcher family a new dimension, even if he isn’t frequently featured on his parents’ social media.

Etienne left the farm lifestyle in October 2022 to begin a new adventure in warm Southern California.

His move was motivated by a long-held desire to continue his education. Etienne emphasized his ambition to forge his way with determination in his heart.

Etienne Kilcher on Alaska The Last Frontier

He is Atz Lee and Nantia Krisintu’s biological child. After Krisintu left, Jane Kilcher, his stepmother, raised Etienne. 

The young Kilcher views her as a second mother as a result. Etienne has also been residing with his family on a 600-acre plot of land in a remote area of Alaska. 

Etienne received the same training in wilderness survival as the rest of the family. They need talent because Alaska is where they reside.

He received training from his father starting at an early age. 

At the moment, Etienne is a great hunter and fisherman. The kid, Kilcher, can survive in this circumstance despite his father’s abilities and education.

Who is Etienne’s mother?

Nantia Krisinta, Kilcher’s mother and Atz’s ex-wife, gave birth to him.

After relocating from Colorado to Homer, Alaska, in 1997 to work on the project, his mother met Atz. 

Unfortunately, the demands of parenthood stressed their relationship after having Etienne, and the two finally parted ways.

Atz didn’t wed Jane Kilcher, frequently referred to as Etienne’s mother, until after that.

Speaking briefly about Nantia’s private life, she will turn 46 in June 2022. In 2015, after receiving her MPA from the University of Alaska Anchorage, she was appointed president of Providence Health Systems Alaska.

She also participated in the system-wide Health Work Committee.

He created and launched a talent development program with his senior executive council in 2011.

From the initial pool of 20 presenters, the show is presently thriving and growing to 170 presenters.

Charles Walker Prewitt Sr. and Virginia Alexandria Stewart’s grandchild is Nantia. Charles Walker Prewitt, Jr., David Prewitt, Mary Stewart Prewitt, Pamela Huffman, Gina Prewitt, and Tamara Wilton are more members of her family.

Who is Etienne’s girlfriend

In August 2021, he first met Paige Cone-Clark, his future wife. They haven’t been able to be separated since then.

Etienne claimed that his fiancée encouraged him, stood by him, and showed unwavering affection.

He said he will always be grateful to the universe for bringing her into his life, and spending time with her improves him. 

Etienne added that the past six months have exceeded all of his expectations. On their one-and-a-half-year anniversary, he wrote his girlfriend is his universe, queen, and multiverse.

Paige, his girlfriend, graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage after attending Mat-Su Central School, where she was born and raised in Whittier, Alaska.

She has so far had positions at Glacier BrewHouse, The Alaska Club, and Krazy Moose Subs.

Etienne professional career 

Despite Atz Lee’s desire to shield his kids from the spotlight, Etienne Kilcher has become a well-known reality star.

Etienne did make a few appearances in Alaska: The Last Frontier, though only sometimes. But that was all before 2017.

He initially debuted on the reality series in season 11 in 2011. He appeared in 4 other episodes over the years.

Mom-at-home Etienne only relocated to Southern California in October 2022 to further her education.

For a very long time, she wanted to live here. Time to pave my path, she wrote on Instagram.

In addition, he said that having his love, “Miss Magic” Paige Cone-Clark, at his side made the adjustment simple for him.

Etienne acknowledges that the estate will always be his home, although he is embarking on a new adventure and is already looking forward to lending a hand whenever possible.

What is his age?

The renowned Kilcher family member Etienne belongs to the younger generation. He is currently 21 years old and was born in the year 2002. 

Little is known about Etienne because he was shielded from the media for such a long time.

But on May 13, Atz Lee did send him a happy birthday message. So, it may be his birthdate.

What is Etienne Kilcher net worth?

Not long ago, Etienne made his final appearance on the family program. The identity of Etienne, who is only 20 years old, is unknown to us and other program viewers. His net worth in 2022 is also still being determined.


With Etienne now in the spotlight, the story of the Kilcher family is seen from a new angle. His tenacity is demonstrated by the education and aspirations he is pursuing in beautiful California.

Etienne is setting his way while embracing his parents’ protecting arms, showing the strength of ambition and the tenacious Kilcher spirit.

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