Fred Toucher Divorced Story Explained

fred toucher divorced

In October 2022, Fred Toucher announced his intention to end his marriage.

He’s been highly forthright about his battle with alcoholism, sharing anecdotes from his time in recovery on the Toucher and Rich radio show and on Instagram. 

Read all the details about why fred toucher divorced his wife and what are the reasons.

Who is Fred Toucher?

Fred Toucher co-hosts “Toucher and Rich,” a sports radio talk show on WBZ-FM in Boston, with Rich Shertenlieb. 

In 1975, Toucher entered the world. Fred Toucher Born and raised in Detroit, Toucher attended Rollins University to complete his education. 

He found work at a radio station in his hometown of Cumming, Georgia, soon after finishing college. In 1999, he took over the Atlanta radio station 99X’s night shift and quickly worked up to the morning show. 

When Fred Toucher moved from Atlanta to Boston in 2006. he joined forces with Rich Shertenlieb to broadcast The Toucher and Rich Show on WBCN. In 2009, they changed the station to 98.5 The Sports Hub. 

Who was Fred Toucher’s wife, Stephanie Toucher?

For the past 13 years, Stephanie Toucher has been a stay-at-home mum to her two beautiful children. She can go back to work now. that her children are older. 

She has worked in the food and beverage business for 11 years in advertising and marketing agencies. She got lucky and found a terrific job with MaidPro.

 where her experience in franchisee marketing will be put to good use. The Boston radio host revealed on Instagram that he would check into a mental health facility the following week.

Fred Toucher Is Divorced?

Sports radio host Fred “Toucher” Toucher and his wife Stephanie have recently announced their separation. 

A story in the Boston Globe claims that he took time off in July 2022 to focus on his divorce. In 2020, the sports host’s story coverage helped spread the information further. 

Toucher opened up to his audience about his struggles with mental health and explained that he needed to take some time off. Fred returned to work after being out for over two months.

What did Fred Toucher do for a living?

Starting in the evenings in 1999, he worked up to the morning show on Atlanta’s 99X. 

After he stopped broadcasting in Atlanta in 2006, he and Rich Shertenlieb co-hosted a show on Boston’s WBCN called The Toucher and Rich Show. The program broadcast on 98.5 The Sports Hub began in 2009. 

Even though The Toucher and Rich Show was brought in to fill in while the station put together a sports-oriented program, it has since become one of New England’s most popular radio programs. 

With a 10.5 share, the show topped the morning drive category in Boston’s autumn 2018 Nielsen Audio ratings.

Toettcher is not a typical “shock jock,” but he has sparked controversy. He pushed a caller to reveal the ending of the then-recently-released Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in May 2005. 

This man described Overtly Christian quarterback Tim Tebow’s NFL Draught party as “resembling a lily-white Nazi gathering” in April of 2010. 

He disconnected from Rick Pitino in October 2013. In 2019, Toucher cut off Carolina reporter Chip Alexander, saying he “just does not want to listen to a guy having a southern accent explain hockey.”

John Dennis, co-host of the erstwhile rival morning show Dennis and Callahan, frequently referred to Toettcher as a hipster and dubbed him “Fred Douchebag.” 

In response, Boettcher would joke about Dennis’s age and point out that The Toucher and Rich Show was more popular with Boston listeners than Dennis and Callahan’s.

Boettcher checked himself into a detox center in May 2023. declaring, “I was voluntarily locking myself up so I wouldn’t drink anymore. so I knew I wouldn’t drink.” 

It was like that for me; I realized that I was no longer in charge of my drinking. or my thoughts and that I needed to put myself in a situation where I would be unable to partake. 

How did you like it? Those five days were the worst of my life. In 2023, Fred Toucher temporarily lost his voice, which led to his exit from the show.

Toettcher had already taken time away from the series in 2020 to seek alcoholism treatment.

Net worth

Fred Toucher has almost 21,000 Instagram followers who can view his public profile. He is valued at about 5 million dollars.  

The radio show he co-hosts with Rich Sheertenleb, “The Toucher and Rich Show,” has been nominated for and won many awards. And the “Marconi Award” for best morning show also went to their show.

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