Gabriela Sabag Husband Death And Second Marriage Controversy

gabriela sabag

Surprising many, Gabriela Sabag, the widow of Valentin Elizalde, recently married Fausto ‘Tano’ Elizalde, who happens to be a relative of Valentin Elizalde.

Numerous theories surround the identity of the killer in the tragic murder of the Mexican singer, which has become synonymous with the Elizalde family.

Even after 15 years, Valentin Elizalde’s memory lives on, cherished for his music and vibrant personality, while the identity of his assailant remains a mystery.

Valentin Elizalde was born in Jitonhueca, Sonora, and it was there that he spent his early years, even earning his first job selling music cassettes in the Palenques.

Eventually, he moved to Guadalajara in Jalisco and later to Guasave, Sinaloa, where he resided with his father, Everardo Elizalde, and his siblings, Jess Elizalde Valencia, Francisco Elizalde, and Livia Elizalde Valencia.

Valentin pursued his legal studies at the University of Sonora, where he obtained his law degree.

In 1998, Valentin Elizalde had his first singing performance at a party in Bácame Nuevo, Sonora, marking the beginning of his musical journey.

He went on to write several songs in various styles, showcasing his talents within the Sinaloan drum tradition.

However, tragedy struck on November 25, 2006, when Valentin lost his life in Reynosa, Mexico.

Let us delve into the poignant and personal life of Gabriela Sabag, examining the details surrounding this heartbreaking event.

Who is Gabriela Sabag?

Gabriela Sabag is a widow and Fausto Elizalde’s current girlfriend. She has been married to Valentin Elizalde since 1999 when they were both 19 years old. 

Fausto Elizalde is Fausto Sabag’s current boyfriend. Because of the romantic connection between them, sometime later, a daughter by the name of Gabriela was born to them.

After the well-known Mexican musician passed away, Sabag continued to act as the only executor of his estate. 

Shortly after, the deceased person’s cousin contacted her to negotiate the rights for the life story of ‘El Gallo de Oro’ and produce the series “The Truth of My Tano.”

This initiated ongoing contentious relationships that could lead to an engagement soon.

Who was the murderer of Gabriela Sabag’s husband, Valentina Elizalde?

This inquiry into the atrocity has many unresolved questions. Valentina Elizalde, the daughter of the deceased, told Univisión that her uncle Fausto ‘Tano’ Elizalde was involved.

“He planned everything about my dad, the day, and the date so that what happened to him would happen to him,” he expressed on the program ‘De Primera Mano.’

The account now includes Marysol Castro, the musician’s ex-wife. In a 2020 interview with ‘Ventaneando,’ Marysol Castro expressed her belief, as reported by Univisión, that her ex-husband might have played a part in the criminal activities of his cousin.

Tano felt intense anxiety on that particular day and hesitated to go. However, it was Tano who asked her out, so it puzzled me why he was so fearful.

Going to Reynosa was against Vale’s wishes. He remembered that Tano didn’t stay with him that day to sign autographs.

On the other hand, the primary suspect has denied these allegations in their statement.

Gabriela Sabag second Marriage to Fausto Tano

Fausto “Tano” Elizalde being in a relationship with Sabag, the widow of Valentín Elizalde, has gained attention from the public.

Rumors started circulating months ago and continue to gain momentum.

In an interview, the singer confirmed plans to marry his cousin’s widow.

“I gave her the engagement ring in Obregon, Sonora. We’re getting married shortly, and we’ll tell everyone with joy,” she remarked. “We will gladly inform you.”

“I’m loyal to Sabag, who has found happiness and the desire to move forward.”

Tano Elizalde is engaged to be married to Sabag, who was formerly Valentin Elizalde’s wife. 

Amidst the marriage uproar, the “Golden Rooster’s” brother clarified that they’re not concerned with their cousin’s actions or choice of spouse. She was formerly married to Valentin Elizalde.

In a recent interview on Sale el Sol, Fausto (aka Tano) shared his excitement about marrying his partner, Sabag, in a few months.

He is not worried about what people may say about them because they are so close.

Gabriela Sabag marriage controversy and family reaction

Despite being uninterested in the news dispute, Francisco Elizalde, the brother of the slain translator, responded to his cousin’s remarks.

“We are on the sidelines, we don’t care if they wallow if they get married … what happened with my brother was a long time ago, she is not his widow, she was not with my brother at the time he died,” he stated in Ventaneando initiative. 

Sabag married Valentin Elizalde in 1999 and had a daughter, but they divorced in 2003.

Francisco ensured Gabriela’s marriage to the interpreter because he had a financial interest in it.

Commenting on the situation, he said, “In all honesty, she made his life very difficult; she got him like you can’t imagine, the ‘pearls of the Virgin;’ it was always money, money, money.”

Fausto openly shared his intentions to marry Sabag, making them even more in love and happier than ever.

As a result, they have no trouble confirming their next marriage, which Fausto reported, saying: “I want to tell everyone that I already gave her the engagement ring in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. “We are going to get married soon, and we are going to let all of you know with great pleasure.”

Marisol Castro, Tano Castro’s wife, told Ventaneando about Valentn’s cousin’s behavior.

Castro says ex-husband chose “El Gallo de Oro”‘s Reynosa, Tamaulipas debut. Castro says the day was her first signing session with her ex-husband.

Valentin often performed in Reynosa despite his reluctance, demonstrating his dedication to his following. He said Valentn had regularly failed to show.

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