Who Is Gavin Arvizo? An Exclusive Story

Who Is Gavin Arvizo An Exclusive Story

Gavin Arvizo was the youngster who brought the case against Michael Jackson for alleged sexual misconduct with a child. In 2000, when Gavin was just a young boy at 10, he was diagnosed with cancer and began treatment. 

He had one significant desire: to talk to Michael Jackson. When Jackson was informed about his dream, it suddenly became a reality. It didn’t take Jackson very long at all to give Gavin a call.

Gavin Arvizo was in the middle of his chemotherapy treatment when the first phone call came. Jackson has told Gavin that he is interested in seeing him and has invited the boy to visit his property. 

During Gavin Arvizo battling illness, Jackson contacted him approximately twenty times, and their chats frequently lasted for several hours.

When Gavin and his family first went to see Jackson, a limousine was there to pick them up and take them to their hotel. The ranch was Gavin’s favorite place, and he often went on rides there. 

Gavin was forced to watch an argument between his parents when the Arvizos stayed at his house for a few days. Together, he and Jackson operated a motorized vehicle like a car. 

In addition, Gavin and his younger brother Star were permitted to sleep in Jackson’s bed; however, they were not the only ones in the bedroom. Frank Cascio, as well as Jackson’s two children, also slept there.

S*xual Assaulting Story By Gavin: Frank Cascio And both of Jackson’s children

In court, Gavin Arvizo said that Frank Cascio showed him and his brother photographs of naked women and that Frank Cascio took them to around seven adult websites while they were present. 

Frank was the one who owned the computer. Sitting immediately beside him, Jackson commented on the women Gavin described as young (between the ages of 15 and 25).

Gavin recounted that Jackson teased him by calling him names like “Doo-Doo Head” and “Apple Head.” He also stated that Jackson referred to practically every child as an “Applehead” or “DooDoo.”

A manifestation of one’s friendship: A “Doo-Doo” cap was being worn by Omer Bhatti. Gavin returned to the ranch approximately ten times after this trip, and each time he did, he remained there for an extended period, most of the time with his father. 

Jackson and Young Boy’s Relationship

Jackson and the young boy, who was ten then, were quite close. They have lengthy conversations over the phone, and Michael ultimately decides to surprise Gavin by bringing his favorite car on his trip to see him. 

Gavin even received a computer as a gift from Jackson. Gavin’s mother testified in court that she did not believe it was appropriate, and as a result, she informed her husband that she did not want Gavin to continue traveling to Neverland. 

Gavin had no idea what was happening and felt like Michael Jackson had abandoned him. 

Jackson and Gavin communicated less due to Gavin’s mother and Jackson’s efforts to avoid Gavin and change his telephone number. Once upon a time, Chris Tucker and Gavin came to the ranch together.

Michael Jackson invited Gavin to join in the 2002 documentary “Living with Michael Jackson”. Gavin spent a week and a half at Jackson’s. 

Jackson told the 12-year-old youngster about his burn victim experience, then took him to his library. 

In addition, Jackson instructed Gavin on what to say while he was being filmed, such as that Jackson healed him of his disease.

Gavin believed Jackson was the greatest person ever. 

Jackson told Gavin to keep his hand on his during the interview, but Gavin rested his head on his shoulder because Jackson was his best buddy.

The documentary revived their bond and brought them closer. Jackson made an astute choice by doing this. 

Gavin supported him on television, and it is possible that he now felt free to molest the 13-year-old because who would believe a boy who defended Jackson less than one year earlier? Gavin defended him.

Jackson invited Gavin to visit him in Miami, and Gavin responded by asking whether Jackson’s family could accompany them. 

Jackson was not pleased that his younger brother and his sister wanted to attend, but he did not object to the younger brother’s attendance. 

It demonstrates once further that Jackson only liked boys and only wanted boys to be around him. In the case of Jordan Chandler, we were also able to experience this phenomenon firsthand.

How It Started?

In Miami, Jackson began to court Gavin by offering him alcohol that he nicknamed “Jesus Juice.” Gavin was first skeptical of Jackson’s intentions. He also cautioned Gavin to keep this information a secret and assured him that the wine would help him relax. 

He encouraged him to consume it by claiming that “he needs it because of the stress caused by the media.”

Gavin also received various presents from Jackson, including an expensive watch symbolizing the two men’s unending friendship and some video games that Aldo Cascio did not enjoy.

When Jackson and Gavin flew back to California, the offer of white wine was extended once more. For the rest of their visit, Gavin and his family stayed at Michael’s ranch.

Gavin and Star occasionally stayed in Jackson’s bed overnight and enjoyed drinks in his bedroom. They would also sometimes indulge in alcoholic beverages in that same room.

Approximately five times, Michael escorted Gavin down to the wine cellar. In addition, they spent time together watching movies, and Gavin was given access to Jackson’s recording studio.

After that, Jackson took it a step further and nurtured Gavin emotionally. He gave him a note that read, “I’m very happy to be your daddy.” (I’m very happy to be your daddy).

 When Gavin was eleven years old and cured of cancer, his father abandoned him shortly after the treatment.

A few weeks later, Jackson started referring to Gavin as his “son,” Gavin did the same thing in response to Jackson’s behavior. Jackson was addressed as “dad” by him. In addition to this, Gavin considered Jackson’s other children to be his siblings. 

After that, Jackson took things one step further by incorporating sexual activities into the overall grooming process. He made it appear as though he had sexual relations with a female mannequin that was kept in his bedroom.

Following that, Jackson traveled to Calabasas with Gavin Arvizo on a road trip. Once more, he allowed Gavin and his brother to sleep on his bed.

When Michael Jackson stripped off in front of the Arvizo brothers at Neverland, he put himself in a precarious situation that almost led to him being abused. Additionally, he displayed a pornographic picture to Gavin.

As can be seen, Jackson made incremental progress toward his goal. It is highly characteristic of people who sexually abuse children.

The sexual assault on Jackson began when Gavin’s brother regularly slept in Jackson’s bed. He explained to Gavin that guys need to masturbate and that they would rape a girl if they didn’t. He added that a young boy had once raped a dog because the youngster could not masturbate in front of the dog. 

Jackson tried to persuade Gavin by arguing that it is normal for boys to engage in the behavior and promising to show Gavin the ropes himself.

Jackson masturbated Gavin to the point where he ejaculated, and then he removed his hand from Gavin’s pants. 

After that, Jackson tried to console Gavin, who appeared to be suffering from embarrassment. The following day, the same thing occurred as Gavin and Jackson watched television.

Jackson then attempted to place Gavin’s hand on his private regions, but Gavin resisted his advances and pulled his hand away.

Star, Gavin’s brother, stated that he saw Jackson molest Gavin approximately two times when Gavin was asleep during past sleepovers. Star’s testimony was presented in court.


Gavin lost his 2005 sexual assault case against Jackson, although he was lucky to have accused Jackson at 13 in 2003. Michael Jackson was acquitted, like O.J. Simpson in the 1990s.

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