George Santo Pietro: Bio, Parents, Girlfriend, Ex-Wife, Net 

George Santo Pietro

George Santo Pietro is Vanna White’s husband. He is a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur. He and White got a divorce years ago, but he still keeps in touch with her and their two kids as friends.

Who is George Santo Pietro?

American real estate developer, hotelier, actor, and cameraman George Santo Pietro was born on December 12, 1946. He became well-known after he wed model Vanna White.

He started as a cameraman and hotel manager. He starred in various successful 1990s TV series. After becoming a producer, Santopietro’s Italian restaurant took a backseat to his flourishing showbiz career.

Many celebrities dine at his Shushi-Ko Complex. George Santo Pietro worked in film and television more after marrying Vanna White. 

He guest-starred on popular shows like The X-Files, The Good Place, Pushing Daisies, Grey’s Anatomy, and Two and a Half Men. 

Dolly Grip and Beverly Hills real estate were his lucrative careers. He is still a camera operator, hotelier, and real estate investor. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. features his latest camerawork.

George Santo Pietro Family, Parents

He was born in California on December 12, 1946. George’s date of birth on December 12. He is Caucasian and American-born.

US citizen. Pietro always loved movies. George took cinema classes to follow his love. He then understood the film industry and his success skills.

Personal Life, Ex-Wife and Kids

George Santo Pietro married Vanna White in the year 1990. After tying the knot with Vanna, he still had one more wedding to plan. In 1981, he married Linda Evans.

Their 1985 divorce petition was indicative of a short-lived marriage. In 1882, when Linda gave birth to a daughter, she and her husband chose the name Andrea Santo Pietro for their new daughter.

When the restaurant owner met Vanna White in 1990, he immediately fell in love with her. Vanna announced her pregnancy on television in 1992, just after the couple tied the knot.

Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. 

On the other hand, Pietro never left Vanna’s side and was a rock for her whenever she needed it.

The couple kept trying to start a family. In addition, after five years of marriage, they were given the gift of a son, Niko Santo Pietro.

Gigi Santo Pietro, Vanna’s second daughter, was born five years before her parents divorced.

On May 12, 2002, after 12 years of marriage, they decided to separate. The judge officially ruled that the marriage was over. George Santo Pietro needs help to maintain meaningful connections over the long haul.

After his first marriage ended in divorce, George married Vanna White in 1990. His first marriage ended in divorce. The wedding went as scheduled despite Vanna’s fiance’s untimely death in an aviation disaster that same year.

Despite having a great marriage and appearing to be happy with one another, George and Vanna decided to split up, and no one could explain why.

Who is George Santo Pietro’s Second Wife?

George began dating T.V. host Melissa Mascari in 2004 after he and his ex-wife had split and she had given birth to their two children. They dated from 2004–2005. On October 8, White and White remarried after three years apart.

After only two years of marriage, George and his current wife Melissa welcomed a daughter in 2007 whom they named Chiara Santo Pietro. Chiara’s homeland of birth is Italy. This daughter has two daughters and a son.

After becoming a director, Pietro rose in the film industry. In the 1990s, he was a camera dolly technician on “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

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He later reprised this part in “They Came from Outer Space.”

After completing the two shows, Pietro was offered several other opportunities within the same division.

George worked hard and was talented, garnering praise. His work ethic and dependability earned him the respect of his superiors.

George Santo Pietro Net Worth

Santo is a wealthy real estate developer and restaurateur despite his elderly age. 2007 he sold his Beverly Hills mansion in Pietro for $50 million.

The 30,000-square-foot property has a wine cellar, volleyball court, open-air pool, organic and spice garden, nine bedrooms, and fifteen bathrooms.  For $23.5 million, he bought this house.

In addition, Pietro spent $22.6 million buying Vanna White’s Beverly Hills estate in 2010. The 14,554-square-foot mansion included eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. They bought the house in the early 1990s.

In 2017, he paid tenants $150 thousand a month to stay at the $47.5 million home.

According to credible sources, George has over $14 million net worth, although his holdings are more complex.

Even though he could have made far more money from his business and agent jobs, he built a sizable fortune through his Hollywood appearances and restaurant endeavours.

Is Vanna White in a Relationship Right Now?

Vanna and John Donaldson are currently in a fulfilling relationship. We have to acknowledge that for a couple that has been together since 2012, they are doing quite well. In 2012, White and Donaldson began spending time together.

The game show hostess revealed her ideal date night with her boyfriend, John Donaldson, in a 2019 interview with Closer Weekly, saying, “It would be a basic supper with a bottle of wine. 

Things are going well between the two of them. It would appear that John Donaldson is on good terms with Niko and Gigi, Vanna’s children. White has shared a few photos of herself, John, and her adult children on Instagram during the past few years.

Vanna told Closer, “He is kind, understanding, and lets me be me.” Currently, I’m happy. My admirers are most surprised by my simple lifestyle.

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