Gop Blocks $2,000 Checks As Trump Leaves Covid Aid In Chaos

President Donald Trump has demanded $2,000 checks for most Americans, but that was promptly rejected by House Republicans. This happens because of his chaotic actions that have thrown an immense Corona Virus relief and government funding bill into turmoil. The uncommon Christmas Eve session of the House lasted just for few minutes, with help for millions of Americans pending Trump’s signature on the bill. Unemployment profit, expulsion protections, and other emergency support, as well as smaller $600 checks, are in jeopardy. Trump’s refusal of the $900 billion packages, which is associated with a $1.4 trillion government funds bill, could flash a federal shutdown at midnight Monday.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, the majority leader, said that they are going to let the government shut down, nor they are going to let the American people down. The optics appear awful for Republicans, and the outgoing president, as the nation strives to suffer through the most horrible holiday season many can remember. Families are separated under COVID precautions and millions of American households are overwhelmed without ample income, food, or shelter. Thus, the virus death toll of 327,000-plus is increasing.

Now, Trump is finishing his presidency much the way he had started it, hence sowing confusions and reversing pledges all while challenging the election and courting a federal shutdown over requirements his party in Congress will not convene. The congressional Republican leaders now have been left almost astonished and speechless by Trump’s year-end blazing of their work.

Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader) and Kevin McCarthy (House Minority Leader), helped discussed the year-end deal, a prized bipartisan concession, that won sweeping sanction this week in the House and Senate, after the White House, guaranteed GOP leaders that Trump assisted it.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin possessed that the $600 checks all sides had settled for Americans would be in the mail in a week. Rather, Washington is now crashing toward a crisis with Corona Virus aid about to fall, as the president is at his Mar-a-Lago club. He has been pouring out at GOP leaders for his refusal to join his hard work to capsize the election that Joe Biden won when the Electoral College votes are counted in Congress on Jan. 6.

According to Republican Sen. Roy, The best possible way out of this is for the president to sign the bill and also that he is still hopeful that is what he decided.

Racing to rescue the year-end legislation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mnuchin are in conversation on options. Democrats will remember House lawmakers to Washington for a vote Monday on Trump’s offer, with a roll call that would put all members on record either supporting or rejecting the $2,000 checks. They are also because of a Monday vote on a stop-gap measure to at least turn away a federal shutdown. It would keep the government running until Biden is instated on Jan. 20. Lawmakers will be asked to prevail against Trump’s veto of a must-pass Defense bill.

After presiding over the short House session, a frustrated Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mic condemned the option that the COVID assistance may crumple. She said that was a Christmas Eve, but not a quiet night. All was not peaceful but for too many, nothing was clear.

The president’s pushed to increase straight payments for most of the Americans from $600 to $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for couples drives maintained by Democrats but splits the GOP with a politically tricky and hard test of their faithfulness to the president.

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