Guillermo Maldonado Wife: Early Life, Kids, Divorce

guillermo maldonado wife

Who is Guillermo Maldonado Wife? Guillermo Maldonado is a well-known preacher, televangelist, author, and Honduran American. He is the senior pastor and co-founder of El Rey Jess. That is the Christian apostolic and prophetic church in Miami, Florida. He was born in Honduras.

Maldonado claims that the church was established when Jesus appeared to him in a dream while he was praying and gave him the order to “deliver my miraculous power to this generation.” 

He has written over 50 books and manuals on the Christian faith since then. Maldonado and Joel Osteen have become well-known television evangelists. Keep reading about Guillermo Maldonado’s Wife, early life, their divorce, kids, net worth, and more!

Early life

On 10 January 1965, a Sunday, Guillermo Maldonado was born in Honduras. He is currently 58 years old. Capricorn is his zodiac sign. The serpent is the animal of the zodiac.

Co-founder of El Rey Jesus, or King Jesus Ministry, and Senior Pastor. He started the church after Jesus told the prophet to “bring my supernatural power to this generation” while they prayed together. Since then, he has authored more than 50 books and guides on Christianity.

Guillermo is a preacher on the popular television program The Supernatural in the Now. He co-founded The University of the Supernatural Ministry with his wife, a nondenominational Christian university connected to the Jesus Ministry.

He is a reverend who has achieved achievement. Guillermo was born in Honduras and is one of the wealthiest religious leaders. He is also listed among the most known spiritual leaders.

Guillermo Maldonado: Education

Maldonado holds a doctorate in divinity from Vision International University, a Ramona, California-based, unaccredited distance learning college, and a master’s degree in practical theology from Oral Roberts University.


Maldonado was born in the United States and is of Caucasian ancestry. He was born in Honduras in America and holds American citizenship. After inquiry there, nothing much was found about his family. His parents are unknown, and he has no siblings. 


Guillermo Maldonado is a famous Honduran-American Evangelical Christian preacher, televangelist, and author. 

During prayer, Christ appeared to Maldonado and said, “I have called you to bring my supernatural power to this generation.” 

Christ told Maldonado in a Publishers Weekly interview. Maldonado founded a 12-member church in 1996. Maldonado’s ministry, including his daughter’s churches, had 20,000 members on May 22, 2013.

Maldonado believes Christians should use God’s power to show that God is still functioning today. 

He believes we can’t have a genuine relationship with God and receive His healing, financial success, and freedom unless we approach God’s miraculous power. 

Jesus also emphasizes the establishment of the Kingdom of God. He stresses that the Kingdom of God is a network of ideas, lifestyles, principles, rules, and truths that govern the universe. This network is his “Kingdom of God.”

Apostle Guillermo and Prophet Ana Maldonado formed King Jesus International Ministry. 

Maldonado had to convert 12% of Miami to Christianity. His four-step vision—Evangelize, Affirm, Disciple, and Send—is to bring the Kingdom of God to Miami, the US, and the world. Guillermo Maldonado plays himself in the Ministry of King Jesus. 

The University of the Supernatural Ministry, a non-denominational institution, was co-founded by Guillermo Maldonado and his wife. Maldonado currently serves as its president.

Trump visited a Miami pastor’s megachurch on December 29, 2019. He promised undocumented parishioners they would not be deported if they attended Sunday services and watched the president’s ceremony on Friday.

Guillermo Maldonado Wife Ana Maldonado

On November 30, 1966, Ana Maldonado, a prominent and wealthy religious leader, was born in Colombia. Ana’s estimated net worth on June 1, 2023, is $5 Million. 

Immediately upon Billy Graham’s passing in 2018, she shared a remembrance image of him on her Instagram page.

Prophet Ana Maldonado is a great lady of prayer who God uses in deliverance, inner healing, spiritual battle, and prophetic intercession.  

She is a co-founder of King Jesus International Ministry (Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesus), which has experienced many powerful manifestations of God’s supernatural power and is regarded as one of the fastest-growing multicultural churches in the United States.

In September 2020, Ana Maldonado divorced her husband owing to his verbal and emotional abuse and financial issues. She started a ministry separate from El Rey.

Guillermo Maldonado Divorce

Pastor Guillermo and prophetess Ana Maldonado founded Miami’s, King Jesus International Ministry. According to court documents, they are at odds over an estate that could be valued at up to $120 million.

Ana Maldonado divorced her husband, a prominent supporter of former president Donald Trump, after 32 years of marriage. 

She claimed he had verbally and emotionally abused her in the initial filing. She also claimed that she has evidence that he is earning unlawfully from the megachurch.

They have homes in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, Treasure Cay, The Bahamas, and southwest Miami-Dade, according to Ana Maldonado’s financial affidavit, which the Miami Herald reported. 

Along with a 2020 Mercedes, a Lexus LX, and a Falcon 50 business jet registered in Florida under the church’s name, they also possess property in Opa-Locka and Hialeah. Evojets estimates that the cost of the plane alone can be somewhere between $4.5 and $6.5 million.


Bryan and Ronald, Maldonado’s two kids with his ex-wife Ana, are active in their parents’ ministry.

Who is Guillermo Maldonado Dating Now?

As of 2023, Guillermo Maldonado is not involved with anyone else. He is 58 years old now, Guillermo. 

Based on the information provided by CelebsCouples, Guillermo Maldonado has been in at least one past relationship. He has not been in any rumours after his separation from his ex-wife.

The Religious Leader’s birth date was January 10, 1965, in Honduras. El Rey Jes, also known as King Jesus Ministry, where he serves as senior pastor and co-founder.

According to his testimony, he had a spiritual encounter with Jesus while praying, who instructed him to bring supernatural power to the current generation. Following this, he established the church and has written and published nearly fifty Christian books and guides.

Height and Weight

Maldonado is a tall, slender man with a medium frame. His eyes and hair are both brown. He weighs around 70 kg and has an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Guillermo Maldonado Social media

Guillermo Maldonado is a well-known Evangelical Christian, pastor, televangelist, and author from Honduras and the United States. A large number of followers appreciate him. 

In addition, he is well-known for the breathtaking images he posts on Instagram under the handle @guillermomaldonado, where he has a following of 704 K people. In addition to that, you may follow him on his Twitter account, which is @apostlegm and has 116.2 thousand followers.

Guillermo Maldonado Net worth

The estimated net worth of Guillermo Maldonado is $30 million. He amassed a fortune as an Evangelical Christian, pastor, televangelist, and author in the US and Honduras. He’s old, but that’s a lot of money.


Guillermo Maldonado and his wife Ana have been wed for over three decades since they successfully established a ministry. 

Maldonado has received criticism for his lectures, even though there haven’t been any reports of his previous relationships or possible breakups. 

He remains a preacher, author, and charity volunteer. His principles inspire Christians today.

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