How To Become An Influencer? Step by Step Guide

How To Become An Influencer

Are you tired of being a corporate slave who spends half of his day with his 9 to 5 job? If yes, then it an ideal chance for you to become an influencer. But wait, is becoming an influencer is the right thing for you, and is it that easy to become an influencer in a world full of bloggers and social media influencers?

Long gone are those hectic days when you need to leave your home or office’s solaces to collaborate with others or work in a virtual office to bring in cash to your table. Today is the world of learning to expect the unexpected. All thanks to the inception of social media and technology that you can now effectively bring in cash through the significant utilization of social media, but the trick is, how?

Technology and media are advancing and progressing day by day, rapidly. But only the headway of technology and innovation is not enough. The advancement of technology can only be done if it is utilized and adequately understood by humans. It has made it most uncomplicated for anyone to bring cash to their tables or help them reach numerous individuals from everywhere the world to develop your business quickly like never before. 

Be that as it may, before we delve into a comprehensive guide on the most professional guide on how to become an influencer, let us clear you that the social media world is full of influencers, so focus on not just influencer who runs for money but someone who influences people by the way they act and the human they are. If someone takes advantage of their platform in an ethical right way, he/she is no doubt an authentic and successful influencer in a world full of influencers. Let us clear you a few confusions about influencers and their part in social media and influencer marketing.

Power comes with responsibility.

They say, with great power comes great responsibility, they say right. The role of an influencer in our society comes with significant responsibilities because they have the ability to change people’s perspectives about anything as they built a reputation for their expertise in a specific niche.

An influencer can be good or bad, but the world we live in needs some right and positive influencers. Before becoming an influencer, you need to understand its pros and cons, responsibilities, and powers. To understand those responsibilities, you need to know what an influencer contains.

You should know what does ‘influencer’ really means.

The meaning of influencer is something very important to know before becoming one, why you ask? An influencer is somebody who can incredibly affect the purchasing choices of thousands of people around the world because of their apparent position, trust, information, and associations. In contrast to celebrities, influencers are viewed as the ordinary and average individual, subsequently causing their suppositions to appear more valid yet relatable. 

On the other hand, an influencer is someone who leaves a significant impact on people. No one can become an influencer overnight. It takes a lot of time, consistency, and hard work to be known among thousands of influencers. All you have to know is, in what way are you going to influence people? Work on your ideas. Why do you think you would influence people? Imagine yourself as an audience and look for what you would look in an influencer. Believe it or not, IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC. Before becoming an influencer, make sure you have the answers to these questions.

Type of Influencers

Did you know you can divide influencers into different ways, how? You can categorize the types of influencers by their level of influence, type of content, and their number of followers. 

Select a niche that you are passionate about

Niche, yes, you heard it right. Before becoming an influencer, choose a niche that you are passionate about, and you can never get rid of it because your niche is what makes you different from other influencers. In other words, it is like giving life to your passion and interest if you don’t do so, it can be very difficult for you to do no matter what other advantages you bring to the table.

We get it that choosing a niche can be complicated because it’s something that your whole influencer career would be based on. Your niche can easily make or break your success as an influencer because the niche that you chose will depend upon what things interest you and what you are passionate about.

Focus on your interests

Choose a niche in which you have some level of expertise in the field to be able to establish yourself as a social media influencer in this competitive world because most of the successful influencers have spent most of their lifetimes mastering a specific niche of their interests by using their knowledge to educate the online community. Find your callings and mix your interests and TADA! Your niche is ready.

But we advise you not to limit your niche. Combine two or more niches together, but make sure they align with each other for better outcomes and more engaging audience.

Pick a platform for yourself

Platform plays an important role, if you want to become an influencer. Thence, being an influencer demands to have a powerful presence on the social media platforms but especially the one you start with. Choosing a platform can be a game-changer for you, because it all depends on the trends and engagement of the audience. We urge you not to choose every other social media platform and every distribution channel out there. 

There are plenty of platforms out there, but you have to make a clever choice while choosing a platform because all it depends on your niche. Presently, Instagram is a social platform which precisely took over every other social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, why is that? Because Instagram has the best audience engaging strategies than any other social media platform.

Optimize your social media profile

You chose your niche. You have picked a platform for yourself. Now it’s the right time for you to take the next step further, boost your social media profile that you are going to use as an influencer. 

You might find lots of other social media influencers and blogger on the platform. Try to take ideas from their profile, but keep in mind not to copy. Yes, DON’T COPY.

But if you don’t have a social media account on that platform, then make one, or if you already have an existing account on that platform then you better boost it for better audience engagement.

Know your Audience

You know on which platform you are going to work as an influencer. Every social media platform has different kind of audience. The next thing to known as an influencer is that you must know what kind of audience you want to target. Finding the targeted audience is primary yet important step towards becoming a successful and renowned influencer.

Post relevant content according to your audience

Knowing and targeting your audience is the direct doorway of becoming a successful influencer, it is important for you to know the audience targeting strategies, like who you are targeting and then do it well to build a loyal follower base. Understanding your targeted audience will help you increase engagement itself as it will make your audience that you as an influencer is being thoughtful and kind towards them.

Connect with your co-fellows

When you are done with these steps, make sure you get engage with other fellow influencers. Why is it important? Well, when you engage with your other influencer, they will start recognizing you not just that, but their number of followers will also recognize you as a valued audience member. To get in touch with other influencers all you have to reach out comments, likes, and shares on their posts. Try to start a conversation with them, share your opinions with your fellow influencer, that’s how they will start recognizing you.

Concentrate on the strategy of your content

Now that you know your niche and you have chosen a platform for yourself as an influencer. It’s the time for you to start working on the strategy of your content. As an influencer, you must know how to deliver good quality content. Formulate a good quality content strategy that targets on the wants and needs of your audience.

Creating content strategy isn’t as complicated as it sounds because all you have to do is keep it organic yet try not to exaggerate. Use good quality of pictures with good, informative yet connecting captions and you are done!

Preplan your next post

Being an influencer is a full time job, once you get into this, then there’s no going back. Create and post your organic content. That’s how your audience engagement starts to increase. TheThe key to increase engagement is not to sell so much. Try to create your own virtual family with your connecting yet informative content. But don’t let your audience get bore that you make them unfollow you, create some juicy content because your audience can sense when the content is coming right from your heart and when it is copied or unauthentic.

Be Consistent.

Yes, you heard that right. Consistency is the key in whatever you do. Being an influencer looks very appealing to every eye. But being an influencer isn’t as appealing as it looks. If you know the right strategy of being an influencer, you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on your follower count and outreach success through advertising brands and products, collaborations, and sponsored posts.

Let everyone know you are up for collaborations

Now you know? The amount of cash influencers make is totally based on the number of people that follow you. The more the amount of followers the cash you can bring to your table. Take an idea from those influencers who can easily grab the engagement by delivering excellent yet connecting content.

An average influencer can easily make a good amount of money from $30,000 to $100,000 per year by collaborating, promoting, and sponsoring with brands. But any influencer with more than 1 million followers can make more than $100,000. So let the brands know that you are always up for collaborating to bring more cash to your table.

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