Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea and Shameless and Mr. Robot star Emmy Rossum all turned their backs on Trump’s daughter – but why?

Anna Wintour, Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea and Shameless

The move of Donald Trump into politics didn’t just affect his beloved daughter Ivanka’s professional scenario but it has taken its excise on her individual life too. Even though some of her friends took a stand by her, but don’t look forward to seeing Ivanka babbling with these erstwhile close friend any time soon.

Before the win of Trump’s 2016 election, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter was often seen to appear on the course of the events with socialite Ivanka, but the pair haven’t linked since. The Democrat confessed on Watch What Happens now in October 2020 that she hadn’t any relation to Ivanka, who was formerly registered a Democrat and since the start of Trump’s Republican campaign, remembering it’s just really tough when there is someone who is keenly accepting their candidate, no matter it is their father or not. She doesn’t need to be friends with a celebrity like that. 

But actually, there were some pictures and proofs which revealed that Ivanka Trump and Emmy Rossum appeared at an event of the American Museum of Natural History that took place in 2010 in New York. And that shameless actress (Emmy Rossum) and Ivanka remained close friends for many years. Ivanka was in contact with Emmy Rossum on her wedding occasion to Jared Kushner in 2009. By the time Rossum got married to her with a Robot creator partner in 2017, but the couple was no longer on good terms. Ultimately, the TV star has been publicly blunt in her conflict with the Trump administration and so it is understood that Ivanka had no longer invited her over for dinner, something that she said in Hamptons magazine in 2013 was one of her preferred things to do.

On the other hand, some other photos depicted that Ivanka Trump and Anna Wintour also attended The Fashion Group International Night of Stars Gala in 2008. That fashion personality along with Ivanka Trump remained so close and great friends that she also presented an offer of a job at Vogue to Ivanka (who was having her fashion line previously).

Ivanka Trump

This led Ivanka to turn down to focus on real estate. Anna Wintour also appeared to remain affable with the Trumps, including Donald and Melania, who she had invited to the Met Gala for years. Nevertheless, the family and the editor became secluded after the Trumps penetrated the White House, with Vogue frankly holding and motivating Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. In one new popular interview of The Economist Podcast, where she pushed on her thoughts about Melania, Anna constantly rejected to recognize her as an alternative conducting the discussion back to Michelle Obama and Senator Kamala Harris to be the most commendable candidates for their attention. This very same thing happened again in a CNN interview at the ultimate rebuke to the Trumps. The Don even wretched Vogues verdict not to attribute the first lady throughout his time. 

And the fashion editor rebuffs don’t end there, but Ivanka’s ex-friend, Vogue editor turned Moda Operandi (CEO Lauren Santo Domingo), has forthright about her abhor of the family. With Trump frequently calling the media the “enemy of the people”, it’s no more a wonder Ivanka has become far-away from a close school friend and journalist Lysandra Ohrstrom. However, once Trump lost the election, Ohrstrom jumped at the chance to publicly elucidate how Ivanka’s less venerable traits went back to her teens. She not only asserted in a tell-all that Ivanka was a blemished and money-oriented high schooler but also reprimand Trump for being too anxious with the trivial things, claiming that he at one point questioned who at their Manhattan school was beautiful than his daughter.

Ohrstrom (a maid of honor at Ivanka’s wedding) said that it has since led to them growing separately.

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