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Jack Touzet family details

Banyan Street Capital has contributed $3.5 billion to the net worth of the Jack Touzet family. Rudy Touzet and Lydia Touzet, originally from Miami, are the parents of the Jack family.

Touzet is also well-known for being the boyfriend of Xandra Pohl, a TikTok celebrity in Miami. The pair’s humorous contributions to the video-sharing app have quickly gained widespread attention throughout the internet.

Pohl’s posts have garnered worldwide attention, from videos of her getting ready to hang out with pals. Her morning coffee runs with Touzet, and those visits with viral influencers are always entertaining for viewers to observe.

On TikTok, the young celebrity has already gathered over 839,4k followers and is continuing to do so.

Touzet, Pohl’s boyfriend, keeps a healthy separation between his private life and the online world. It contrasts with Pohl, who shines brightly everywhere on the internet. Currently, he is keeping his Instagram account locked down and secret.

However, the fact that he shows up in her captivating videos regularly piques people’s interest in learning more about his family and how he lives his life.

Jack Touzet’s parents 

The Jack Touzet family owns Miami real estate firm Banyan Street Capital and has a $3.5 billion net worth. Their company was founded by his father in 2007.

Miami’s business community knows the Touzets for their community and business work. They are one of the city’s wealthiest families, with about $50 million.

Rudy Touzet Father

Banyan Street Capital got established by Jack Touzet’s father, Rudy Prio Touzet, who also serves as the company’s CEO. The location of the real estate firm’s headquarters in Florida is Miami.

After over three decades of experience in the financial and commercial real estate industries, he launched the company in 2007. In 1997, he was also a co-founder of America’s Capital Partners, which he did after establishing Banyan Street.

During that period, the company participated in joint ventures with local and international investors, where it funded and managed office complexes totalling 13.8 million square feet and having a staggering value of $1.9 billion.

The company had operations across the whole Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. In 2007, he left the company, where he had been a co-founder for ten years, and created Banyan Street Capital.

The present portfolio held by Banyan Street Company has an estimated worth of $3.5 billion. According to the company’s official website, the company has roughly 10.7 million square feet of office space spread throughout several cities in various states in the United States.

Additionally, the corporation owns opulent office buildings in some cities in the United States. These include the 191 Peachtree Tower in Atlanta, The Peachtree in Atlanta, Rivergate Tower in Tampa, Salesforce Tower in Atlanta, and Tampa City Center in Tampa.

Mother Lydia Touzets

Middleborough, Massachusetts, is where Jack Touzet’s mother, Lydia Touzet, was born and raised. She and another individual lead the Ransom Everglades Parents’ Association.

She was born and raised in Middleborough and received her high school diploma from Middleborough High School in 1982. She is a devoted wife and a doting mother to her two children. She and her family make their home in Miami.

Due to the nature of her history and the family business, it is easy to deduce that her wealth is staggeringly enormous. At one point, she got seen attending a fancy function while wearing jewels with a combined value of around two million dollars.

The magnificent home of the Touzets served as the setting for the exclusive dinner party. 

According to Social Miami, the Touzet couple organised a dinner party to celebrate the inauguration of the De Beers diamond store. The event got attended by 65 of Miami’s most prominent socialites.

The stunning Lydia accessorised her look with a diamond necklace from Riviere that was worth one million dollars and featured 75 stones with a combined weight of 45.28 carats. Her breathtaking diamond earrings had a value of $790,000 each. On its own, her Rainfall bracelet cost a staggering fifty thousand dollars.

Jack Touzet Siblings 

Jack is the family’s eldest member and has a sibling named Rudy Touzet Jr., the family’s baby. He is a pop singer and songwriter that got based out of Miami.

At a young age, he discovered that he had a talent for singing. At the age of eight, he penned his first song and gave it the title The Only Girl.

 He would sing in the recitals held at his school. It was a love song he had written for the girl he had a crush on.

Touzet’s music has also benefited from the cultural impact of his half-Cuban origin. He would visit his grandmother on the weekends to better understand his family history.

Rudy indulged in his lifelong interest in singing and songwriting by keeping a notebook, which motivated him to compose additional songs. 

Even in high school, he continued to hone his craft by writing an increasing number of pieces.

After that, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from Chapman University in Orange, California. While in college, he would use GarageBand to record his original songs, which he would then write lyrics to and compose melodies for.

Touzet completed recording his debut single, Contigo, a Latin Pop love song, in the spring of 2020.

 Since then, he has distributed several titles that have generated much interest, including I Don’t Know, Take It As A Win, Runaway, and Say Less.

In each song, the songwriter tries to depict a distinct era of his life, from the close of one chapter to the start of another, from love to heartbreak.

Goodnight Moon and Treason were the names of the two singles that he issued in March 2022. 

His debut extended play was scheduled for release later that year. Not only did the tracks highlight his promise as a singer and songwriter, but they also highlighted his flexibility.

After working on it for two years, he finally released his first extended play (EP), titled Where It All Started, in October 2022. 

The young artist explained that his personal experiences of maturing and discovering what it means to love served as the impetus for the work.

Xandra and Jack Famous Couples Of TikTok

The Xandra Pohl Boyfriend Is Worth One Million Dollars Xandra Pohl’s first boyfriend was when she was 20. Jack Touzet is a member of the Touzet family, one of the wealthiest families in Miami. 

Jack Touzet, Xandra Pohl’s boyfriend, frequently posts videos to her TikTok account. Jack is a massive fan of Xandra’s work as an internet influencer and is always cheering her on.

Xandra, whose actual name is Alexandra Pohl, has established herself as a well-known figure thanks to her success as an internet celebrity. On her TikTok account, the blonde beauty routinely shares videos with her beau, but she has yet to share any images with him on her Instagram account. 

During an appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast hosted on YouTube, Xandra divulged that her partner does not even have a TikTok account. 

Nevertheless, although Jack does not use the internet, he has been Xandra’s most reliable supporter throughout her career as an online influencer.

Jack is also uncomfortable with having information about their relationship publicised across the vast internet ocean. 

According to Xandra, Jack has expressed a desire for her to maintain the confidentiality of some communication with her audience because he likes to keep things to himself.

Although both of them are now enrolled at the University of Miami, whether or not they share classes is yet to be known. 

Nevertheless, in the videos published on TikTok, they can be seen spending time together and travelling on trips. 

Jack Touzet Age

Jack is 18 Years old.

Jack Touzet 

Jack’s net worth is unknown.  As was indicated earlier, the Banyan Street holdings have contributed more than $3.5 billion to the total wealth of the Touzet family.

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