All About Jackie Hill Perry’s Husband, Preston Perry

Jackie Hill Perry husband

American spoken word artist Jackie Hill Perry is well known for including information on traditional Christian themes in her poems and hip-hop music. She released The Art of Joy, her first rap album, in 2014. 

She is also well-known for converting to Christianity in 2008, claiming to do so after changing her sexual orientation from lesbian to straight woman. 

Her first spoken word poems were written after becoming religious.

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Jackie Hill Perry Husband

After becoming 17 years old, Jackie Hill Perry began engaging in repeated sex acts with females. 

Her girlfriend said she was a stud during their second relationship; Hill recalls, “I was never the ‘cute chick,’ but when I became a stud, it seemed like every girl wanted me.” 

Girls would swarm toward me when I was at straight clubs. That was like a narcotic because I’m insecure and need love.

Preston Perry was the name of the man she later wed in 2014. The couple also has a lovely daughter named Eden Grace, and they both do a great job raising her.

All About Jackie Hill Perry Husband Preston Perry

Early Life

On June 21, 1989, Jackie Hill became Jackie Hill Perry in St. Louis. She was sexually abused when she was five and raised without a father. 

Till she turned ten, Hill went to church. Her gender uncertainty was aggravated by sexual assault, school bullying, and boys’ disinterest in her. 

Hill believed she should have been a guy since she was four years old, and at age six, she began mimicking male behaviors, such as standing up to use the bathroom. She began pursuing many serial relationships with other women when she was 17. 

Hill’s second partner recommended she take on a masculine role in a lesbian relationship or become a “stud.” Hill explains that once she adopted the stud persona, “Every girl wanted me. I was never the ‘cute chick.'” 

Girls would swarm toward me when I was at straight clubs. That was like a narcotic because I’m insecure and need love.

Hill Perry took drugs excessively and developed a pornography addiction.[1][2] She changed her religion to Christianity in October 2008.

Jackie Hill Perry Career 

Jackie Hill Perry battled a drug and pornographic addiction. She changed her religion to Christianity in October 2008. 

Hill-Perry was interviewed by Christian hip-hop radio station Wade-O Radio on July 31, 2013, and she expressed her opposition to the Macklemore song “Same Love” in the interview. She said, using 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 that.

Hill writes in her poem “My Life as a Stud” that “one day, the Lord spoke to me. In addition, Jackie Hill Perry is taking part in the “Poets in Autumn” globe tour. 

Christian spoken word artists Ezekiel Azonwu, Chris Webb, Joseph Solomon, Janette.IKZ, Preston Perry, and Jackie are participating in this tour, which began in 2015. 

Preston Perry and she launched their podcast, “Thirty Minutes with the Perrys,” later in 2019. The subjects of racism, relationships, parenthood, theology, and politics are central to the program.

Is Jackie Hill Perry Lesbian?

Jackie Hill Perry learned that she was a lesbian at seventeen. Hill says that a childhood experience with sexual abuse led to the uncertainty she experienced regarding her gender identification. 

Before converting to Christianity in 2008, she led a promiscuous sexual lifestyle and battled drug and pornography addiction. 

With many gay rights advocates claiming that one’s sexual orientation cannot be altered and that Jackie Hill Perry’s experience supports conversion therapy, her self-described past as a lesbian has caused controversy. 

But Jackie Hill Perry still holds fast to her conviction that God can change people’s lives and that he gives his followers the strength to withstand temptation.

Preston and Jackie Hill Perry: Sexuality and Culture Destroy Submission

The opening of the audio episode by Jackie Hill Perry and Preston Perry examines many ways that people construe and misunderstand surrender. 

Because “everyone wants authority,” Jackie acknowledges that the concept of headship in a marriage can be “off-putting and anxiety-inducing.” She also remarks that many women had “negative experiences with men,” saying with a laugh, “Y’all got issues!”

According to Preston, the society of today and unfavorable memories from prior relationships may obstruct God’s design for marriage. 

He observes that when reading the first few chapters of Genesis, God did not grant Adam dominion over Eve but gave humans dominion over the rest of creation. 

Some believe that the Genesis 3:16 curse of wishing for your husband is “actually the beginning of patriarchy,” as Jackie points out.

According to Preston, it was part of God’s “original design” for spouses to support one another and make selfless sacrifices for one another, but “human relationships are all jacked up because of the Fall.” 

He continues that submission isn’t about “becoming less than,” but rather about supporting one another in carrying out God’s plan for your lives.

Jackie notes that the biblical meaning conflicts with what is observed today and throughout history. Preston explains that this is why “we’re supposed to correct that by modeling true Christlike headship and submission.” 

It takes demonstrating selfless leadership, appreciating the other person’s abilities, and occasionally allowing them to “drive the boat” to do this.

The husband does not have to “dominate every single area” or “suffocate [the wife’s] strengths for the sake of your leadership,” according to Preston. Instead, the husband must respect and believe in the wife’s abilities.

Jackie Hill Perry Body Dimensions

Jackie Hill Perry is roughly 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 49 kilograms. She looks great with her long, curling black hair and black eyes. She is of black race and has a beautiful attitude that makes her easy to get along with. 

Regarding her physical appearance, she has a beautiful body structure that keeps up with exercise and a balanced diet. She has a lovely, endearing, and attractive nature overall.

Jackie Hill Perry’s Net Worth

Famous American rapper, poet, and YouTuber Jackie Hill Perry has a fortune ranging from $1 million to $5 million. 

Although her actual compensation is undisclosed, it is likely significant given the career success she has achieved. Her employment as a rapper and YouTuber is her primary source of money.


In conclusion, Jackie Hill Perry is a very talented person who has established herself in various fields. She is a poet, rapper, writer, YouTuber, and hip-hop performer. 

Her work has received accolades for its profundity and insight, and many in the spoken word and hip-hop scenes look up to her as an inspiration. Whatever she creates, her enthusiasm, originality, and influence on the art form are evident.

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