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james francis goble

James Francis Goble was Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson’s husband. Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson is a well-known mathematician today.

Through her rigorous and superior performance in manual computations and flawless accuracy, he had overcome barriers of age, race, and gender before the feminist movement.

It’s not the case that everyone in this world gets credit for their contributions. Some people gain recognition only after they pass away, while others may never recognize or name them. Real-life heroes, as well as the supporting individuals who play important roles in their success, often go unnoticed.

Individuals often receive recognition for their accomplishments without acknowledging the supportive contributions of their family members and close friends.

To bring such individuals into the public eye, it usually takes a significant scandal or earth-shattering piece of news. James Francis Goble is one person that comes to mind in this regard.

James Francis Goble Career

He was a chemistry professor at the university. James made his home in Marion and married a refined and well-educated woman who had completed her education at his chosen university. 

When James died in the middle of the century, everything went swimmingly downhill. While in their hometown, James was unwell with an illness. 

His illness deteriorated into a drawn-out fight against an incurable brain tumour (cancer), which he eventually lost. This was a challenging and costly endeavour. He could not work. 

Therefore, his wife had to find work. James and his wife may have worked various jobs to support their children, including teaching.

Katherine had to wait until she could enrol in a university program and get a job at NASA since she was a black woman with an atypical brain during discrimination.

The authorities would have widely reported the death of an African American woman at 35. 

When the household head became ill, it was hard to make ends meet because female employees earned less than male employees.

Amid such challenging circumstances, James’ in-laws provided him with constructive encouragement that was beneficial in restoring his wife’s profession. 

The diagnosis, their relocation to Newport, and her new job at NASA were the three events that dramatically changed his family.

Her precise calculations made it possible for people on Earth to learn about other planets, like Mercury, and the Earth’s orbit in space.

Apollo 11 is one of the key highlights of this development. She had to motivate herself to get up and start working every day.

Even though James could not provide for her financially, he was able to serve as a unifying force and moral support for the family, which enabled him to keep the family together even while everyone strived to advance their careers.

James influenced Katherine’s restraint, as she worked diligently and proved her dedication through multiple computations, earning the admiration of her male colleagues at NASA.

She refused to accept any appreciation for the necessary chores that she had completed for the job. James was ecstatic to learn about her achievements through the various forms of media.


Because the sign of Aries is associated with leadership, he authoritatively carried himself. His kindness, obedience, humility, dependability, and talent combined. 

James’s modest approach showed his subtle sense of style and prized inner beauty over outer beauty. His affection and respect for academics and academicians is fitting since he was a teacher.

In addition, he was wed and maintained a contented partnership with a mathematician until his passing. 

His efforts indeed assisted African-American family members in gaining access to higher academic status and even exposure to space exploration. He was a well-respected man with a sunny temperament and a positive outlook.

James Francis’s Wife Katherine

His sole true love, Katherine, whom he married, is famous. She was born on August 26, 1918, into a modest nuclear family with working parents. 

Her father was a farmer, and her mother taught at a local preschool. James and Katherine are natives of West Virginia. Her family is from White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia.

James appreciated the effort and dedication his partner had put in. She overcame the obstacles that society placed before her to develop into an intelligent thinker. 

In 1937, Katherine graduated from West Virginia State College with a degree in Mathematics and French. After finishing her degree, she waited two years before marrying James. 

In 1953, James and his family uprooted their lives and moved to Newport News to better their employment prospects.

James and Katherine were married for seventeen years and had three children then. Joylette, Katherine, and Constance are his three wonderful daughters, and Constance is the youngest. 

In 1940, James welcomed his first child, which brought him a lot of happiness. However, it also resulted in his wife losing her job that summer.

She abandoned her studies and spent the next decade taking care of her kids and attending to her family’s requirements.

As a teacher, she held multiple jobs to support the family financially. James made sure his daughters grew up well-educated as the head of the family. 

He knew that his spouse and kids were thriving and gainfully employed, which gave him a sense of accomplishment, making all his efforts worthwhile.

It is a challenging task to have the role of being the husband of a revolutionary genius. James worked hard to give his wife the necessary resources to become one of America’s most essential and knowledgeable female thinkers. 

They struggled in James’ final years, but Katherine had the worst. James supported a wife who became a scientist under Jim Crow rules. 

Even after 100 years of independence, American culture was still intolerant to persons of colour. Since he knew his wife’s struggles, he was friendly and supportive.

James, her first husband, died during their marriage. After James A. Johnson died three years previously, Katherine remarried. 

Her second husband was a Korean War veteran and Army officer. Besides their six grandchildren, they have eleven great-grandchildren.

James Francis Goble Charity

The family has continuously attended Carver Presbyterian Church since James was still alive. 

Family members have been active in the church’s choirs for almost half a century. James and Katherine led their family together toward adopting a Christian way of life.

During this period marked by racism and sexism, it was indeed challenging to be a person of colour who was also a woman. 

Various settings such as workplaces, dining establishments, and restrooms subjected Black American women to dual forms of racism due to their gender-based segregation from men.

James’s wife was a collegiate Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority member and made significant contributions.

African American ladies founded this sorority to help other women with similar principles in athletics and academia.


James, the son of Charles Jackson Goble, Sr. and Anna Thomas-Goble (Smith), was born on the glorious Saturday, March 29, 1913. 

He was their first child. His first outside-world experience was in Marion, Smyth County, Virginia.

James was born into a poor, middle-class household. He had four siblings, but three were lost. Four are considered brothers, while the fourth group member is Helen Goble McClanahan, her brother’s sister.

Born into an African-American family and raised in that household, he had to deal with subtle racism in the US at the time and throughout his life. Despite this, he graduated and entered school.

James Francis’s Cause Of Death

In 1953, his wife started working at NASA. James died three years after she began working for him, and she was his employee.

The situation presented some complex challenges for Katherine. She had to choose between her demanding profession and helping her spouse, who had a terminal illness. His family tried for years to help him and never gave up.

James, who died of cancer, struggled to breathe. His family’s unwavering love and support gave him hope in his final days. 

He died at 43 on December 20, 1956. The cemetery at 520 Shell Road in Hampton, Virginia, 23661, holds his grave.

His wife is buried in Pleasant Shade Cemetery near him. Even after he died, his family took care of him well. His wife and kids were his priority. 

James’s loving father, husband, and helpful partner will be remembered most by his family. Despite his condition, he died smiling.

The untreatable brain tumour afflicting Katherine Johnson’s husband caused his death in 1956.

How Did James Francis Goble Get Fame?

James is a star with many fans. The American mathematician and physicist Katherine was his wife while working for NASA on an aeronautics space program. 

She is considered a pioneer in orbital mechanics calculations due to her groundbreaking research.

Katherine’s input was crucial to NASA’s ability to achieve crewed space flights and almost every significant finding after that. 

For her legacy in computations, she was called a “Computer” and an “American Academic Hero.” The US president awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

Katherine left NASA in 1986 after 33 years, mostly in flight research. She would have been forgotten if the recent movie hadn’t highlighted her. 

In 2016, her achievements received attention thanks to the Academy Award-winning film “Hidden Figures.”

The movie depicts Katherine and her deceased coworkers, whose research and development helped the US climb to greatness. 

The film received three Oscar nominations and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Katherine was the only one of her contemporaries still alive when the cast of the Oscars took the stage together. She survived long enough to see the film’s premiere and even commented on how she was portrayed. 

In February, she constantly received standing ovations, photographers took her picture non-stop, and the media paid attention to her.

The media’s interest in the real-life people from her story who inspired the characters in the film was sparked as a result. James became well-known for the same primary reason, and both did so. 

At that time, she had the highest profile of any member of her previously unknown group. Katherine G. Johnson’s Computational Research Facility was another project that made headlines in 2017.

Her autobiography, “Reaching for the Moon,” which she had written three years earlier and published under her name, was also successful. 

Three years ago, her book became successful after she wrote it. Because of this, James has continued to garner attention even after he passed away 64 years ago.

Social Media

James passed away at around the time that computers started becoming commonplace. So many people took photos of him; it’s hard to imagine.

However, even after the passing of his wife in February, he has acquired a significant amount of attention on social media.

Famous Katherine passed away after experiencing a surge in popularity brought on by releasing a biopic based on her life. 

James Bridenstine, the administrator of NASA, and other influential individuals have commented on the statements. Because of this, James is now one of the most talked-about celebrities on social media.

James Francis’s Net worth

The value of his assets is yet to be determined. James Francis Goble was the mathematician Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson’s husband. Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson later became a well-known mathematician.

He could distinguish between obstacles of a certain age, race, and orientation before any women’s activist development because of her exhaustive and dominant performance in manually performed computations, which required faultless precision.

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