Jayme Gohde Arrest: Case, A Plan, Sheriff’s Apology

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People are curious as to whether or not Jayme Gohde has been detained. The officer on duty stopped a 61-year-old man from carrying a weapon. However, the thing in his pocket was a collapsible walking stick.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy Jayme Gohde and her supervisor were placed on administrative leave after a mishap.

Jayme and Sergeant Randy Harrison assumed James Hodges had a pistol when they saw a foldable walking stick in his pocket.

The officer arrested Hodges for resisting without using physical force during a heated verbal exchange.

After investigating, Sheriff Mark Hunter determined that the police officers used excessive force during the arrest in Columbia County.

Consequently, Jayme and her supervisor received reprimands and were temporarily suspended.

The incident highlights how important it is for law officers to be accountable to their communities and maintain transparency.

Government agencies’ goal is to continue to win and keep the public’s trust while continuously improving their policies and procedures.

Who is Jayme Gohde?

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office has released a video in the wake of the suspension of officers Jayme Gohde and Randy Harrison. Sheriff Mark Hunter admits on the video that deputies broke department rules.

Sheriff Hunter apologized to Mr Hodges on Facebook and claimed full responsibility for the event. He assumed the deputies were exasperated and did not follow their instructions.

Sheriff Hunter emphasized that the behaviour is unacceptable despite the explanation. The department is investing extensive effort and rigorous training to prevent similar incidents.

Since they disobeyed department policy, Sheriff Hunter said the two suspended deputies would have to complete training after their suspensions. 

After the sheriff’s office dropped his charges, Mr Hodges filed a complaint and plans to sue them.

Is Officer Jayme Gohde Being Held Without Bail?

In November 2022, Officer Jayme Gohde arrested a legally blind man James Hodges in Lake City, leading to her firing and placement on administrative leave.

An officer on the scene saw something silver in Hodges’ pocket, and thinking it was a gun, the deputy falsely assumed that Hodges was carrying it. 

Despite this, it turned out to be a walking cane that belonged to Hodges that got rolled up.

Hodges uploaded the arrest tape to social media platforms, drawing extensive attention to the arrest and its aftermath.

After conducting an investigation, Sheriff Mark Hunter determined that Deputy Jayme Harrison and Deputy Randy Harrison had broken the policies of the sheriff’s office by their acts.

Harrison faced a seven-day suspension without pay and a two-year ban on “favorable action.” Gohde received a two-day suspension without pay for his offence.

Both sheriffs were suspended and underwent corrective training focused on civil rights.

Sheriff Hunter emphasized the need to safeguard individual rights and avoid future situations analogous to those that have occurred in the past.

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Jayme Gohde Case

On the morning of October 31, 2022, Deputy Jayme conducted a traffic stop on James Hodges in Lake City, located west of Jacksonville. James had crossed the street against the instructions of the traffic control equipment at the intersection.

The police report states that the morning was misty and gloomy and that motorists were utilizing their headlights. 

After stopping Hodges, Gohde noticed a “silver (chrome) pistol with a white grip in the back right pocket,” which she promptly reported to the police.

During his interrogation by the deputies, Hodges stated that he was legally blind and unfolded his cane to demonstrate it to them. 

Despite this, the situation immediately worsened as the deputy questioned Hodges and asked for his identity. Hodges refused to produce it.

When Hodges refused to provide the first deputy with the requested information, another deputy handcuffed him and arrested him for disobeying an officer. N.B.C. News received Columbia County Sheriff’s Office body camera footage.

The officer found a navigation device in Hodges’ pocket after arresting him, which was unfortunate despite everyone’s attempts to prevent it.

The Sheriff of Florida’s Apology

This week, a sheriff in Florida issued an apology after his deputies made the mistake of arresting a man who was legally blind because they mistook his walking cane for a gun. 

According to Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter, Deputy Jayme Gohde and her supervisor placed James Hodges, a Lake City resident, on administrative leave after they arrested him for resisting passively on October 31st.

Hodges got charged with this offence. “On Tuesday, Hunter apologized to Mr. Hodges on behalf of the department for the acts of his deputies. I apologize profusely to Mr. Hodges for this incident for which I am solely responsible.”

The deputies did not have malicious intent but instead felt dissatisfied and lacked confidence in their training. This behaviour is never acceptable.”

Gohde confronted Hodges, 61, after seeing him cross the street with a revolver in his back pocket. According to body camera footage from the incident 100 km west of Jacksonville, the two started fighting immediately after making eye contact.

“Howdy, folks. What is it that got tucked away in that pocket of yours? In the video, Deputy Gohde says, “I just saw you walking.”

Hodges retorts, “It’s a navigational aid,” in response. “What exactly is the issue? You’re a tyrant?”

Gohde responds, “Yeah, I am, actually,” to this question.

Randy Harrison, who was also at the scene, said the cane seemed like a weapon. After the deputies have placed him in handcuffs, they question whether he is legally blind, and he confirms that he is.

The next thing that happened was that Hodges requested the name and badge number of Gohde from Harrison before Harrison “put him in jail for resisting.” 

After that, Hodges inquired about Harrison’s name and requested his badge number.

Two deputies violated regulations and will complete training during suspensions. Charges against Hodges were dismissed without explanation, says Sheriff Hunter.

He filed an official complaint with the sheriff’s office and informed First Coast News that he intends to sue the agency soon.

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