The Story of Jelissa Hardy & Where Is She Now?

Jelissa Hardy

A former basketball player, Jelissa Hardy was Draymond Green Jr.’s ex-girlfriend. In high school, Hardy played basketball. 

Her back problems forced her to abandon basketball. In 2009, she had a meeting with Draymond. Keep reading to learn about Jelissa Hardy’s early life, husband, kid, net worth, and more!

Early Life

On March 4, 1990, in Saginaw, Michigan, Jelissa Hardy was born. Michigan State University awarded her an English degree. 

When she was younger, she enjoyed modeling, fashion, and entertainment. She adored taking pictures as a child; now, it’s second nature. 

She abandoned her tomboy reputation in middle school and loved fashion and design.

Her mother and aunt helped her take her first snapshot in her living room. 

Her first professional photo shoot was before her senior year of high school to become a model.

The Story of Jelissa Hardy Where Is She Now 1

Jelissa Hardy Career

Jelissa did not pursue a profession in English despite obtaining a degree in it.

In high school, Hardy participated in sports and was particularly interested in basketball and running.

She did not, however, carry on with these activities after high school due to an injury. Jelissa Hardy was a model for the renowned Model Mayhem from 2009 to 2013.

She used social media to market herself and tried to develop the broadest portfolio possible.

However, she has given up on her modelling career. Although Hardy is no longer a model, her current job allows her to maintain her model-like appearance.

She performs challenging boot camp-style workouts for her clients at Jamz Trainings in Oakland, California, where she works as a personal trainer.

Jelissa Hardy Married 

Hardy and Draymond Green became buddies after meeting in college. They started dating after meeting at Michigan State University. 

Draymond Jamal Green, the lovely kid of the couple, was born on December 22, 2016. The infant was born while Draymond was away on his gaming excursion.

Despite Steve Kerr’s best efforts, Draymond could not attend the baby’s birth. The following game, against Brooklyn, was played without Draymond, who instead went home to be with his girlfriend and new baby. Hardy has a daughter named Kyla Dior from a prior union.

After over ten years of dating, the couple ended their relationship. Because Hardy and Green seldom discuss their relationship, the cause of their split is unknown. 

Since the footballer started dating the actress Hazel Renee not long after breaking up with the former, the couple needed to be more dedicated to one another.

The former lovers maintain excellent ties for the benefit of their son even though their relationship has ended. Green and his son Draymond Jamal have been spotted in public multiple times.

She enjoys being a single mother. Sources claim that she is a single mother raising her kid Draymond Jr.

Jelissa Hardy Kid

A child born to Draymond Green and Jelissa was conceived. She gave birth to Draymond Green Jr. on December 22, 2016. When the child was born, Draymond played video games. 

Coach Steve Kerr presented the kid, but Draymond was gone due to their location. Despite their breakup, Jelissa and Draymond still try to nurture their child. 

Jelissa Hardy Social Media

Jelissa is socially active on various Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook platforms. She has a huge fan following on all media.

Jelissa Hardy’s Net Worth

Currently unknown are Jelissa Hardy’s salary and net worth. She could be living lavishly with her son. However, Draymond Green is expected to be worth $20 million.

He purportedly signed a five-year, $82 million deal with the Warriors in 2015. NBA players average $17,469,565.

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