Jenn Pellegrino: Career, Husband, & Net Worth 

jenn pellegrino

Jenn Pellegrino is a journalist, news anchor, marathon runner, and model based in the United States. Alongside James Cortes, she is a television host on the Newsmax channel. 

Pellegrino has devoted his whole professional life to leading television networks. He was formerly employed with One America News Network as a journalist. Learn more about Jenn Pellegrino’s family, height, work, and net worth here.

Jenn Pellegrino Early Life

Jenn Pellegrino was born on 3 November 1985.  Now she is 38 years old as of 2023. she was born Jennifer Pellegrino to a mother who was a housewife and a former member of the US Air Force. She was born under the sign of Scorpio in the zodiac.

Since she was a young girl, Jenn has been incredibly passionate about journalism. She enjoyed a happy upbringing because her loving parents constantly catered to her needs and encouraged her to follow her aspirations. 

This encouraging upbringing has undoubtedly influenced her current career and accomplishments.

Although Jenn’s mother and father are not well-known, she maintains good contact with them. Her parents are Christians. 

The existence of Jenn’s siblings is unknown. There are speculations that Jenn’s mother is a stay-at-home mom and her father is a former member of the US Air Force. Jenn was reared in the US.

Nothing is currently known about Jenn’s family history, including information about her parents, siblings, and childhood. 

Jenn hasn’t shared any information about her family, suggesting she is private. We are investigating Jenn’s family history right now, and we’ll let you know if we uncover any new details.

Before going to college, Jenn Pellegrino finished high school in her hometown. She received her degree from the University of South Carolina in 2007. 

She decided to accept multiple internships after graduation to prepare for a journalism career. Her training with Fox News is most notable. 

According to Jenn, working for a recognised network company gave her much-needed exposure to American journalism. Jenn returned to Fox News to work as a product assistant years after her internship ended.

Jenn Pellegrino Career

If you sufficiently keep up with the journalism industry, you may be familiar with Jenn Pellegrino’s work. She has held many illustrious roles, recently serving as a White House correspondent for One America News (OAN). Her first post was as a Fox News anchor.

She has covered the coronavirus outbreak and other political events on several news programs.

Jenn obtained employment with Fox News after earning her degree from the University of South Carolina.

She spoke with Mike Pence, then the US vice president, and Donald Trump, then the president.

Jenn co-hosts The O’Reilly Factor for Fox News and Cortes & Pellegrino on Newsmax. Her professional life began around 2007. With only 15 years under her belt, there is no question that Jenn will soon rank among the best news reporters in the nation.

Newsmax OAN

On weeknights at Newsmax, Pellegrino hosts Prime News at 9 p.m. ET. In May 2021, she started working at Newsmax. For One America News Network, she had previously worked as a White House correspondent. 

One America, one of the right-leaning news networks, may have been the most pro-Trump, and Pellegrino worked as a correspondent there. Both Fox News and QVC have employed her in the past.

Newsmax reported that the program would “confront and tackle Washington’s fixed political class, big business, and the increasing risk of ‘woke’ liberalism.” Stinchfield, Spicer & Co., Greg Kelly Reports, Rob Schmitt, and Greg Kelly Tonight, Newsmax will air additional programming. 

According to Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, the newest program “completes our nightly lineup and will continue our remarkable growth.”

“Battle for America” on Cortes & Pellegrino features “the amazing stories of ordinary people who survived the disastrous policies of the ruling class, such as broad immigration laws, critical race theory, and censorship.”

Jenn Pellegrino Husband

The 38-year-old media personality currently looks to be single. For about 15 years straight, Jenn has been actively immersed in the news scene. Probably, she didn’t want to entertain any severe suitors since she wanted to give her career her all.

Jenn has also lived a relatively sedate personal life. That has made it challenging to receive precise information on her life, including her romantic life. Despite the high likelihood that Pellegrino has a hidden boyfriend, she has remained admirably silent about the subject.

Height & Weight

Jenn Pellegrino has a fit physique. She stands at roughly 5 feet 5 inches tall. She is skinny and weighs about 55 kg.

Jenn is a well-known marathon runner who engages in a lot of physical activity. Pictures of her competing in several marathon competitions are all over her Instagram profile.

Despite not having substantial assets, Jenn is regarded as the epitome of traditional American beauty. She has used her model-like appearance, which is a result of her slim build.

Additionally, she possesses golden blonde hair and blue eyes. Even though her modelling career didn’t pan out as planned, Jenn could easily transition into high-profile journalism—a field that discreetly favours people with typical attractiveness.

Jenn Pellegrino Social Media

The television personality maintains a busy social media presence on Twitter and Instagram. The Newsmax host has amassed approximately 205k followers on Twitter under the user name @JennPellegrino. News updates about Republicans make up the majority of her content.

She also offers political commentary on her Twitter profile, mainly in support of the opposition-led administration. Jenn has 35.7k followers right now on Instagram, where she uses the name @jenn_pellegrino. Jennifer’s Instagram account exhibits her humorous side and is considerably less guarded.

You may discover images and videos of her on the track field on Instagram, typically while she trains for the upcoming marathon.

According to her biography, she has competed in 74 marathons in around 31 states. Her most recent competition was the Marine Corps Marathon in 2022.

She has also qualified for Boston five times. However, trying to gain personal information by looking through Jenn’s social media is pointless.

There are only a few photos of Jenn with her mother on her Instagram, and everything else seems related to sports and business. Talk about an obsession with work.

Net Worth

According to estimates, she has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million that she has accumulated throughout her journalism career.

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