Jennifer Tanko: The Story Of J.D. Harmeyer’s Wife

jennifer tanko

Jennifer Tanko is a well-known American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and educator who previously worked in Virginia.

Additionally, she is known for being the spouse of American media producer and radio personality J.D. Harmeyer. 

This fact has brought her a great deal of notoriety. However, unlike many other famous people’s spouses, Jennifer has established a name for herself.

She has several jobs in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and a beauty writer. 

Therefore, due to her profession, she brings in a respectable quantity of money. Keep reading about Jennifer Tanko’s life, career, husband, net worth, body measurements, social media, and more!

Early Life 

Famous Australian paralympic competitor Angie Ballard. She was born in Canberra, Australia, on June 6, 1982.

Angie is described as a successful athlete who was born in the year 1982 on She is listed among Australia’s wealthiest people. “Angie” is her first name, and “Ballard” is her last name.

JD Harmeyer’s wife came from a very humble beginning in her family. Her childhood was quite typical of those from middle-class backgrounds because her mother was a teacher.


However, the diva was highly successful in her academic endeavours. In terms of Jennifer’s academic background, she attended Blacksburg High School through graduation and then studied at Towson University.

2010 saw Jennifer’s graduation with a Bachelor of Science in sociology. She continued her education and earned a post-graduate degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, after she completed her initial degree there.

Career Outlook

Jennifer Harmeyer, married to J.D. Harmeyer, has yet to sit still in her pursuit of professional success. She has given several other approaches a shot, with positive results.

After completing her studies, she began working as a teacher in a primary school in Baltimore. Jennifer’s skill set progressed to a higher degree, and she considered trying her hand as a cosmetics artist.

She was a legitimate makeup artist, as evidenced by the fact that MAC cosmetics had awarded her with the MAC essential qualification. JD Harmeyer’s wife has indeed gained a significant amount of popularity and praise from prominent figures.

Her professional accomplishments do not stop there at this point. In addition to that, she contributes her literary thoughts to the independent student publication known as the Towerlight.

After some changes, Tanko currently produces news for Sinclair Broadcast Group. Furthermore, the diva blogs about cosmetics, health, and fashion on her website.

Jennifer Tanko and JD Harmeyer’s Wedding

Jennifer Tanko and JD Harmeyer both had an intense passion for one another throughout their relationship. The two doomed souls first laid eyes on each other in 2016, and after dating for some time, they finally decided to tie the knot.

In 2017, Tanko and Harmeyer became engaged. However, many individuals needed to be made aware of the development.

They married in August 2018 in front of family and friends to make it extra special.  Los Angeles served as the setting for their wedding.

There are whispers that Jennifer and Harmeyer have officially ended their marriage and divorced. Despite this, neither party has issued a statement that can be considered official.

JD Harmeyer’s wife had a previous romantic involvement with Nick DiMarco before the couple married. Nick and Jennifer first started dating when they were in high school. The sad truth is that their love tale didn’t last very long.

Are Michael Ballard and Angie still together?

Despite their age gap, the ideal pair has much love and respect for one another. On March 30, 2014, their daughter Emily Grace Lynn Ballard was born. 

There are no signs of divorce because Angie and Michael are still cohabitating amicably. His net worth is enormous. As a business owner, Michael Ballard has amassed considerable wealth.

Jennifer Tanko Religion and Ethnicity 

Jennifer is white because she was born in America. She is a Christian and practices Christianity.

The stunning diva wears a size eight shoe with an impressive shoe collection. In addition, because she was born in January, the Capricorn astrological sign is associated with her.

Jennifer Tanko has gorgeous brown hair, which complements the rich brown colour of her eyes, a stunning shade of hazel.

Jennifer Tanko Body Measurements

The year 1988 marks her birthday. Therefore JD Harmeyer’s wife is currently 35 years old. Jennifer Tanko, who once worked as a teacher, is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Similarly, she weighs 60 kg. Jennifer spends much of her time in the gym to maintain her body. 

In the meantime, the critical body measurements of the fitness specialist are as follows: 34, 27, and 35.

Social Media Outlook

Jennifer is not now accessible on any social networking platforms. Her husband, though, can be found on Instagram as jdharm.

Jennifer Tanko Net Worth

If you wonder how much money people with numerous abilities, such as JD Harmeyer’s wife, could have in their bank accounts, the answer is not very much.

Even though Jennifer Tanko has achieved a great deal in her professional life, the amount of money she is currently worth could be more impressive.

As of 2023, Jennifer Tanko has a net worth of 450 thousand dollars. It is the outcome of her pursuing a variety of job paths at the same time.

Although the information on her net worth is easily accessible to the public, she has kept any information regarding her assets, such as a house or cars, a secret from prying eyes.

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