Jeremy Foster Pastor: Reason Behind His Resignation

jeremy foster pastor

Jeremy Foster resigned as Hope City Church’s pastor in Houston, Texas. There was a time when the church boasted that it was one of the fastest-growing in the United States.

Jeremy has been leading worship at Hope City Church since its inception in 2015. Thousands of people have found their calling and been baptised at the church since it first opened.

Why did Jeremy Foster Resign? 

The resignation of Jeremy Foster is the most recent incident involving the ARC. Foster admitted this week that he had an extramarital affair. 

The Hope City Church is not where her loyalties lie. In a video posted on YouTube, Hope City pastor Mar Briggs broke the news and asked for donations to the church’s cause. 

According to Julie Roys, Pastor Jackie Groves and Daniel have replaced Jeremy at the church.

His affair and subsequent resignation were announced on the Hope City website. Jeremy’s website and social media pages still need to address the resignation.

The scandal and lawsuit involving Jeremy is the most recent to concern a pastor affiliated with the Evangelical and Reformed Churches (ARC). 

Venue Chruch in Chattanooga, Tennessee, saw multiple resignations last month after its leading pastor got accused of having an affair. After Foster had an experience and cheated on his wife, he left Hope City Church.

Who is Jeremy Foster’s Wife?

Pastor Jeremy Foster came clean about his infidelity to his wife, Jennifer. It’s been over two decades since they tied the knot.

Jennifer is a pastor’s wife with her husband and oversees all celebrations.

Foster and his wife started Hope City in Houston, Texas, after ministering for 15 years. The whole family has relocated to Houston at present. The couple’s six children are Josiah, Jackson, Jeselyn, Jayden, Jillian, and Carla.

Where Is Pastor Jeremy Foster Now?

Pastor Jeremy Foster was the type of person who would never be afraid to attempt something new. Jeremy claims on his website that his family background includes cowboys and preachers. 

He has dabbled with bull riding, rock ‘n’ roll music, entrepreneurship, and the church.

Foster is committed to God and the vocation. After feeling God’s call, he entered the ministry. He runs deep with the dedication to sharing the Gospel and transforming people’s lives.

Is he Remarried After his Resign?

Former megachurch pastor Jeremy Foster has remarried with his father’s approval, a minister in the United Pentecostal Church International, a year after resigning due to an adulterous affair.

When Foster left, Hope City Church in Houston, Texas, was no longer the “fastest-growing church in American history.” 

The Roys Report (TRR) revealed in January 2022 that within four years after planting in 2015 as an ARC member church, Hope City had grown to over 12,000 people.

Please note that the ARC church locator recently removed Hope City Church. It’s important to keep in mind that the ARC, a significant church-planting organization in North America, has been involved in several scandals, including Foster’s resignation.

There have been sexual and financial problems at some ARC churches over the past few years.

One of Hope City’s overseers said Foster left after admitting to having an adulterous liaison with a non-church member.

According to Harris County court system records, his then-wife filed for divorce a month later. On September 2nd, the divorce has finalised.

A copy of their marriage licence shows that nine weeks later, on November 6, Foster wed Ratchadaporn Thongaram. Thongaram owns the home where the couple has been residing, so that’s where Foster was when the divorce papers had issued in February.

In 2009, authorities accused Thongaram of operating an unlicensed massage parlour, but they ultimately dismissed the charges against him.

According to the marriage licence, Foster’s father, W. Mark Foster, performed the ceremony. Mark Foster serves as the bishop of the Louisiana-based UPCI church, The Pentecostals of the Twin Cities (POTC).

Jeremy resigned a year ago as pastor of a Houston megachurch after admitting to an adulterous affair. The senior Foster expressed his gratitude for the gift of sonhood by writing that he felt “honoured” to have Jeremy.

When TRR attempted to contact Mark Foster for comment, we did not respond. According to his church biography, he served as POTC’s senior pastor beginning in 1998 and ending with his appointment as bishop in 2017. His father, Fred Foster, served as pastor for over 28 years before he took over.

Retired ministers may receive the title of “bishop” from certain local congregations as a sign of respect, although the UPCI does not officially recognize this position.

According to his bio, Mark Foster now spends his weekends as a bishop giving speeches at churches and conferences worldwide.

It is unclear if UCPI ministers have given particular instructions on solemnising marriages that got dissolved due to adultery or divorce. The UPCI general superintendent is abroad and unavailable for comment.

The denomination’s position papers state that “a Christian who commits an act of fornication or adultery loses his or her sanctification” and cannot enter God’s kingdom unless they repent.

It considers divorce and remarriage adultery, even when one spouse divorces the other for infidelity.

The UPCI general constitution requires extra scrutiny when credentialing a minister who has undergone a divorce.

We believe in maintaining the biblical concept of a family, which consists of a legally married man, woman, and children.

Jeremy Foster Adulterous Affair Apology

Foster apologised to his Instagram followers for the affair that forced him to leave as Hope City pastor last year.

Foster confessed to an affair in a nine-minute video. The devastated ex-megachurch pastor comes up about his adulterous affair after a year. After fleeing Hope City during the upheaval, Foster remarried last November.

I had a moral failure; if you don’t know it already, you do now. Infidelity was mine. I have also completely ruined my relationship with my parents.

He also said, “I offended the church I was leaving, and many of the staff, volunteers, and fans who followed me listened to me and loved me. I never in a million years imagined doing something like this. And I apologise very much,” 

Foster said he and his wife have an “amicable” relationship and shared some facts about his romance despite their separation. Their former pastor in Mega City says they are “working well with their younger kids.”

Foster’s eldest daughter, Jayden, has spoken out against her dad, calling his assertions “BS.”

Hope City administrator Mark Briggs announced Foster’s resignation in January 2022, according to a second piece by the Roys Report. Briggs claimed that Foster had admitted to the extramarital affair and resigned as pastor of Hope City as a result.

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