Jermaine Jakes Biography: Wife, Scandals & Net Worth

Jermaine Jakes

Jermaine Jakes works as a data entry analyst. His fame comes from being a family member of the Jakes rather than his vocation. 

His second child is Jermaine Jakes, the respected American bishop. He is famous for being the son of American director T.D. Jakes and Serita Jamison.

His life has been shaped by his family’s importance and his personal choices. 

Jermaine is a significant member of the illustrious Jakes family, firmly established in the spiritual and inspirational spheres. 

Jermaine selected a different career despite coming from a novelist and filmmaker family.  

He has been doing reasonably well in his career throughout the years. What about his romantic life, though? Does he have a girlfriend, or is he wed? Keep reading about  Jermaine Jakes’ early life, career, biological father, mother, siblings, scandals, awards, wife, net worth and more!

Early Life

Jermaine Jakes was born on January 4 1980. He was created on the American continent. As of 2022, he will be 42 years old. T.D. Jakes and Serita Jakes are the parents of Jakes. His father is a well-known American author, director, and bishop.

Jermaine Jakes grew up with his siblings. Jason Coleman, Isaiah Roberts, Makenzie Hensen, and Jr. Malachi Jakes are among his nephews. Ernest Jakes is Jakes’ uncle. His grandparents are Edith and Ernest Jakes.

Who Is the Mother of Jermaine Jakes?

Serita Jakes is Jermaine’s mother. On August 9, 1955, in Beckley, West Virginia, she was named Serita Ann Jamison. 

Her mother died from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, in which the immune system attacks the nerves, and her father, a coal worker, raised her in the church. She also has an older, shot sibling. 

She has established a name for herself despite how her mother and brother’s deaths damaged her and drove her into an abusive relationship. 

The mother of Jermaine Jake has given her entire adult life to helping the church: author, lecturer, and visionary Serita. 

She works as a minister at The Potter’s House, a 30,000-member church in Dallas, alongside her husband.

Serita occupies several positions at her church, much like her son does. She oversees women’s and children’s issues as the executive director. 

She directs a mentoring program for intelligent girls between 10 and 17 and a project to empower women who face difficulties.

Who is the father of Jermaine Jakes?

Thomas Dexter Jakes, often known as T.D. Jakes is the actual father of Jermaine Jakes. T.D. 

Jakes is a well-known and respected name in the inspirational and religious community. 

Jermaine Jakes, son of spiritual teacher and author T.D Jakes, has a large following for his profound teachings. 

He is a prominent member of the powerful Jakes family and a well-respected pastor, author, and filmmaker who plays a crucial role in spiritual leadership and ministry.

Jermaine Jakes has how many siblings?

Jamar, Cora, Sarah, and Thomas Jakes, Jermaine Jakes’ four siblings, all accompanied him as a child. Jermaine Jakes’ elder brother is Jamar Jakes. 

Although they both have birthdays on January 4, Jamar and Jermaine are not identical twins.

Jamar holds the Manager position at “The Potter’s House” and is a Business Engineer at TDJ Enterprises. 

The next person is Cora Jakes, Jermaine Jakes’ younger sister. She is an assistant pastor and preacher in their father’s church, just like her siblings. 

Cora is followed by Sarah Jakes, the youngest and most well-liked of the Jakes siblings. She is a successful businesswoman, motivational speaker, author, and media figure. 

The final member is Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr., who shares their renowned father’s name. He produces music and is a media figure. 

Jermain Jakes Career 

American bishop, writer, and director T. D. Jakes also makes movies. He serves as the bishop of the nondenominational megachurch The Potter’s House. 

Film versions of his two books, Woman, Thou Art Loosed and Not Easily Broken, have been made. 

T. D.’s Jakes, a new non-religious discussion show presented by Jakes, was going to launch in Jakes; it was announced in July 2015 by Tegna, Inc. and Debmar-Mercury. 

Dr. Phil McGraw and Jay McGraw will host T.D.’s Talk Time with Jakes, which will appear on CBS on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

Due to problems with the syndicated television market’s economy, the program will not air as it did not in 2009. 

The 34-acre site in Dallas, Texas, the church contains a 5,000-seat auditorium and offices for staff members. 

The nondenominational American Baptist Church is associated with the church.

Oneness Pentecostal T. D. Jakes holds to the Trinity. He has advocated for sexual restraint on Good Morning America and Dr. Phil and is a fan of it. 

Due to low viewership and clearances, his show was cancelled on March 15, 2017. 

Jake’s show will debut on September 12 in more than 50 national areas, Tegna said on May 10.

Jermain Jakes Awards

At the 46th Grammy Awards in 2003, Jake’s album A Wing and a Prayer took home the “Best Gospel or Chorus Album” honour.

Likewise, his album “Live at The Potter’s House” has received Grammy and Dove Awards nominations.

Jakes on America’s “Top 10 Religious Leaders” was published in the PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. 

Jakes was profiled on the cover of Time magazine’s edition from September 17, 2001, which asked the daring question, “Is This Man the Next Billy Graham?”

Additionally, Jake had his DNA examined for the PBS program African American Lives, and his Y chromosome test results revealed that he is related to the Igbo people of Nigeria.

According to the family history record, his grandma advised that he be removed from them as well. Jake was featured on Oprah’s 2016 SuperSoul100 list of innovative leaders.

Who Is the Wife of Jermaine Jakes?

Jerman Jakes hasn’t publicly acknowledged being married; hence there isn’t a wife. 

The son of a well-known pastor has kept a low profile and hasn’t disclosed any information about his previous or current personal connections. Jermaine Jakes is most likely single as a result.

TD Jakes scandal at Bishop

Bishop T.D. Jakes, well-known for his sermons opposing homosexuality, gained notoriety after news of his son’s incarceration broke. 

At Kiest Park on January 3, 2009, Jermaine Jakes was detained for indecent exposure in the presence of undercover Dallas police. 

The subsequent reports state that Jermaine approached an undercover cop in Kiest Park while wearing his pants undone. 

He allegedly engaged in inappropriate behaviour before jerking off and making eye contact with the officer. 

The authorities classified his offence as a “Class B” misdemeanour after his arrest, which carries a $2,000 fine and a six-month jail sentence.

Bishop T.D. Jake publicly apologised for Jermaine’s crime after his incarceration.

Jermaine’s actions damaged the reputation of the Jake family, even though he insisted he could not disown his son. 

Jermain Jakes Got Arrested

Like famous child Speck Mellencamp, Jermain Jakes was detained by Dallas police in January 2009 at Kiest Park. 

He approached an investigator at Kiest with his pants undone, made eye contact with the officer, and then jerked off, which led to his detention.

He also received a $2,000 fine and six months in jail as punishment. However, his father released him on bond. The Jake family was devastated by this occurrence.

Jermain Jakes, Where is he now?

Jermaine Jakes has purposefully chosen a career of relative isolation due to the uproar surrounding his incarceration. 

He has succeeded in keeping a low profile in the public eye by firmly focusing on his profession and family obligations. 

T.D. employs Jermaine—Jakes’ Ministries as a loyal data entry specialist.

He made an extraordinary commitment to his family’s mission and personal development by fully devoting himself to his professional function. 

Although his imprisonment presented a trying incident that potentially destroyed his career, Jermaine’s unwavering commitment to his work has allowed him to persevere through adversity and emerge even more resolute.

Despite the lingering effects of the issue, Jermaine’s unwavering commitment to enhancing his family’s legacy is evident. 

His calm commitment to his work in the ministry demonstrates his fortitude and faith in the principles he upholds. 

Jermaine Jakes is a wonderful example of overcoming obstacles with perseverance and a commitment to personal and professional improvement. 

His hard effort in the background displays his road toward repentance and success.

Jermain Jakes Body Measurements

Jermain Jakes and his father are alike. His entire family is physically attractive. He stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. He has black hair and eyes. Furthermore, he has a chest measurement of 32 inches and weighs about 70 kg. 

Jermain Jakes Social Media

Jermain Jakes participates in social activities. T.D. Jakes has over a million followers on his Instagram account with the username @bishopjakes, including his entire family but mainly his father. 

Similarly, Jermain has over 1k followers on his Instagram account with the username @jermainej1980.

Additionally, he has a Facebook page under the name Jermaine D. Jakes; however, it appears to have few fans, whereas his Twitter account, @Jermaine Jakes, has amassed more than 5,000 followers.

Jermain Jakes Net Worth 

Although only a little about Jermain Jakes is known, he works for his father’s organisation, T.D. Jakes Ministries. He performs data entry work there. His estimated net worth is, therefore, $400,000.

In addition, he had a significant influence at The Porter’s House, his father’s church in Dallas, Texas. 

His father is an accomplished playwright and director who has a staggering net worth of $20 million. 

The Potter’s House pastor also owns a sizable mansion he bought in 2004 for an astounding $5.5 million. In Fort Worth, Texas, Jermain and his brothers reside with their parents. 

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