Who is Kardea Brown Husband? Is She Married?

who is kardea brown husband

Kardea Brown, the host of the Cooking Channel’s “Delicious Miss Brown,” is engaged to Bryon Smith. Bryon prefers to keep his life private.

She has been in a committed relationship with her fiancé, Bryon Smith, for several years. There are no specific details about when they started dating, but it’s clear their relationship has been longstanding.

It’s worth noting that the couple maintains a relatively low-key profile and does not share many details about their personal life.

Since the 2019 premiere of her program Delicious Miss Brown, 3.5 million people have seen it. One million people watch each episode of the show on average.

The sixth season of the show, which premiered in 2022, is where Brown is currently putting her skills to the test.

Kardea Brown Early Life

She is of Gullah origin and was born on November 16th, 1987, in Charleston, South Carolina. Her grandmother was from Wadmalaw Island. Kardea identifies herself as a modern-day Southern cook.

The Food Network legend received her secondary education at the neighbourhood high school. She spent many years working in social services before attending Oglethorpe University in Atlanta to study psychology after finishing secondary school.

2013 she also relocated to New Jersey to continue her psychology studies. Because she saw cooking as a hobby, Brown initially had no interest in doing it as a job.

However, two years later, she gave up her position in social services and started cooking on camera after losing interest in psychology.

She previously applied for a pilot on the Food Network but was rejected and has since been working for social services.

Finally, Kardea pursued her collegiate career at Oglethorpe University. She graduated with a bachelor’s in sociology and psychology.

Kardea Brown Family

Kardea is a member of the Gullah ethnic group, as was already mentioned. In actuality, Kardea was raised and born in Charleston, South Carolina. Additionally, she draws inspiration from her homeland and culture when she prepares food.

Pat Green, a native Brooklynite and interior designer, brought up Kardea Brown. She didn’t know her father’s name, but he was the source of her Gullah heritage.

In the family, she also had a sibling named Kendrick Wright. Kardea referred to her godmother, TC Jones-Cannady, as her extra mother. On her shows, both Kardec’s mother and godmother have appeared.

While talking about family, Kardea learned how to cook from her grandma (on her father’s side). Her grandmother was a fantastic cook, specializing in foods from her Gullah heritage.

Kardea Brown Career

She is the proprietor of a self-funded, mobile pop-up dinner club she founded in 2015. She serves traditional Gullah meals in her restaurant with a “contemporary twist” and hosts performances by Gullah singers or storytellers.

Kardea once received an invitation from the Food Network to Beat Bobby Flay and host Cupcake Championship.

The competition was presented before she debuted her program. She later received an exclusive contract with the television network Food Network in 2021, when she was offered the opportunity to host the “The Great Soul Food Cook-Off” cooking competition.

Delicious The program Miss Brown, which debuted in July 2019, is still available for viewing on the channel with exclusive content.

The Edisto Island-based program frequently emphasizes “fresh, seasonal, and very seafood-heavy” cookery. Regarding Kardea Brown’s connection, the last owner of Hutchinson House on Edisto Island was her great-great-great-grandmother.

To generate money for the house’s renovation back in 2021, Brown hosted one of the show’s episodes with a fish fry fundraiser.

She discussed the history of slavery and the formerly enslaved people who had contributed to the construction of the house during the presentation.

Despite the network’s focus on past issues and related subjects, she chose to talk about matters relevant to the house.

Kardea Brown Personal Life

Kardea Brown is unmarried (for sure). Still, she has admitted in interviews that she once had contact with “a person” who was a boy and was trying to win over the Food Network channel’s executives during an interview for a pilot position on one of the shows in which Brown appeared.

The boy initially sought to impress Kardea Brown in April 2015 by focusing on her.

After that, the boy is not brought up again in any of Kardea Brown’s interviews. She has never been seen in public while dating anyone or any boy or with any love connections.

However, she frequently shares her original food-related images and videos on social media. She has frequently been spotted with several well-known people while interacting with the Food Network program.

Is She Married?

Despite her fame as a chef, Kardea has generally kept her personal life a mystery. She is not married. 

Although Kardea Brown’s future spouse, Bryon Smith, desires to maintain his anonymity. Bryon Smith and Kardea Brown, who hosts the Cooking Channel show “Delicious Miss Brown,” are dating.

Smith’s private life is unknown, although he has backed Brown’s career and frequently shows up in her social media posts. Brown said on Instagram that Smith had popped the question to her on December 31, 2023.

Bryon makes a heartfelt proposal to the couple in a video posted to Instagram. Then he gives her a stunning ring, and she enthusiastically accepts his proposal.

Future husband-to-be Bryon is a rather obscure person.

The couple has been busy getting ready for their upcoming 2023 wedding. Brown’s Instagram postings indicate that the couple enjoys travelling and spending time together.

They both love food, and Smith frequently helps Brown in the kitchen.

Is She Engaged?

The soon-to-be spouse of Kardea Brown, Bryon Smith, prefers to lead a secluded life. In a committed relationship with Bryon Smith, Kardea Brown, better known as the host of the Cooking Channel’s “Delicious Miss Brown,” is at the moment.

Smith has been a helpful influence in Brown’s career and frequently appears on her social media platforms, even though nothing is known about his private life.

Brown announced the wonderful news Smith had proposed to her on New Year’s Eve in 2023 on her Instagram page.

An emotional scene between the couple and Bryon, as he got down on one knee, was captured on camera and released online. He proposed to her and gave her a gorgeous ring, which she accepted with joy.

A kiss completed the happy moment as the pair celebrated their engagement. And this is how I rang in the New Year, it said in the caption for the video. I’m getting married, cousins! The most wonderful night of my life.

Who Is Her Fiance?

Bryon Smith is the fiancé of Kardea Brown. She began her career in social services before applying for a Food Network pilot but was told to sharpen her culinary abilities.

She started the New Gullah Supper Club in 2015, a mobile pop-up supper club that included traditional Gullah food with a modern touch. Gullah singers and storytellers frequently gave performances at these gatherings.

The Food Network saw Brown’s talent, leading to her hosting Cupcake Championship and appearing on shows like Beat Bobby Flay, which finally led to her own show.

Brown committed to an exclusive deal with Food Network in 2021, including hosting duties for The Great Soul Food Cook-Off.

Her program, Delicious Miss Brown, is recorded in a home on Edisto Island and focuses on cooking with a focus on seasonal, fresh ingredients, especially seafood.

Notably, Brown’s ancestry is significant because her great-great-great-grandmother was the last owner of Hutchinson House on Edisto Island.

Kardea Brown Height & Age

Kardea Brown is currently 35 years old. She was conceived in the year 1987. Her birthday is on November 16th. Five feet, 10 inches or so is about how tall she is.

Brown’s great-great-great-grandmother last owned the Hutchinson House on Edisto Island, and he hosted an episode with a fish fry to generate money for the restoration of the building in 2021.

Kardea Brown Social Media

On some social media networks, Kardea was well-liked, but not on others. She had an enormous 277k Instagram following as of February 2021. She barely has 8,143 followers on Twitter.

She also has a huge YouTube following. She had two Facebook profiles, one with a blue check mark and the other without.

Kardea Brown Net worth

Kardea Brown’s net worth is projected to be nearly $1 million as of 2023. She makes money through her cooking program, cookbook, speaking engagements, and other media appearances.

Although the amount she received for “Delicious Miss Brown” is unknown to the general public, it is said that Food Network hosts can make between $50,000 and $500,000 per season, depending on their level of popularity and experience.

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