Karla Hennings: Ex Wife OF John Dean

Karla Hennings

Karla Hennings was a remarkable woman who left an indelible mark not just on her family and friends but also on the community in which she lived.

Her passion for living and selflessness toward others, and generosity will live on in people’s memories of her. Her memory will continue to live on via those fortunate enough to have known and loved her, even if she is no longer physically present among us.

Karla Hennings was the late ex-wife of John Dean, also known as John Wesley Dean III, who served as an attorney and former White House Counsel for former United States President Richard Nixon.

Around seven years passed when John and Karla were husband and wife. Together, they also raised a son, who was their offspring. 

Who was Karla Hennings?

Karla Hennings’s birthday is August 2. and She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1939. She was the daughter of Senator Thomas Hennings. 

Who represented the state of Missouri in the United States Senate. Elizabeth S. Hennings was the name of Karla Hennings’s mother. 

A few sources claim she was, in fact, the biological daughter of the Senator, even though some accounts suggest. that Thomas was her stepfather rather than her birth father when she was younger. 

Still, some reports indicate the opposite.  In addition to Karla, Sue Gallagher was one of Karla’s sisters.

Hennings received his primary education in the St. Louis area. After that, she uprooted to the nation’s capital, where she enrolled in the Sidwell Friends School, Karla received her undergraduate education from George Washington University.

Who was Karla Hennings’s ex-husband John Dean?

John Wesley Dean III was an American lawyer born on October 14, 1938. worked for President Richard Nixon as White House Counsel from July 1970 until April 1973. 

Dean is well-known for participating in the Watergate cover-up and subsequent witness testimony before Congress. 

After pleading guilty to a single felony and cooperating extensively with the prosecution, he received a reduced sentence and spent time in prison at Fort Holabird in Maryland. His guilty plea resulted in his disbarment.

Shortly after the Watergate hearings, Dean published a book series and gave lectures across the United States about his experiences. In time, he established himself as a political analyst, author, and columnist for FindLaw’s Writ.

Before becoming an outspoken opponent of the Republican Party, Dean had supported Goldwater-style conservatism. 

Dean has been especially harsh on the party for its backing of Presidents Bush and Trump, as well as neoconservatism, executive solid power, global surveillance, and the Iraq War.

He became Warren Harding’s biographer after growing up in the former president’s hometown of Marion, Ohio.

Dean was born in Akron. When he was in elementary school, his family relocated to Flossmoor, Illinois. 

He became good friends with the Goldwaters after their sons attended Staunton Military Academy together throughout high school. Barry Goldwater Jr. is the son of Senator Barry Goldwater. 

In 1961, he graduated with a B.A. from the College of Wooster in Ohio. Having first studied at Colgate University. 1965 he graduated with a J.D. from Georgetown University’s Law Centre.

On February 4 February 4, 1962, Dean wed Karla Ann Hennings; the couple had one child, John Wesley Dean IV, and later divorced in 1970. Maureen (Mo) Kane and Dean were wed on October 13, 1972.

How did Karla Hennings & John Dean get married?

How or when Karla became acquainted with the former White House Counsel, John Dean, is unknown. In addition, once Dean and Karla split up, they rarely discussed their relationship. 

The only known fact is that Karla Ann Hennings wed John Dean on February 4, 1962. John Wesley Dean IV was born to Karla and John’s union, resulting in their son’s birth.

After seven years of marriage, Karla and John decided to divorce each other. In 1970, the couple finalized their separation and divorce. 

There is no clear explanation for why John and Karla decided to separate after being married for so long. 

Karla Hennings & John Dean Child

After her marriage to Dean divorced, Hennings wed Larry Phillips, a resident of Naples, Florida. Andrew Phillips was the only child that they shared as a couple. 

He has a home in Naples, Florida. Before moving to Naples, Florida, Karla and her husband Larry had a home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During the later years of Karla’s life, she made her home in Naples, Florida. Karla’s husband and son both choose to lead unremarkable lives, as does Karla herself. 

Death of Karla Hennings 

Naples, FL – Karla Hennings Phillips, age 80, is a Naples, Florida, resident from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who passed away on December 18, 2019. in Naples due to complications that arose following surgery. 

Karla was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and she went to elementary school in St. Louis before going to Washington, D.C., where she attended Sidwell Friends School and then George Washington University. Karla graduated from both institutions.

Her mother, Elizabeth S. Hennings, stepfather, The Honourable Thomas C. Hennings Jr., and sister. Sue Gallagher passed away before Karla was born.

Surviving her are her husband, Larry Phillips from Naples, Florida, along with her son Andrew Phillips, daughter-in-law Dodi Dean, and granddaughters Franny Dean, Sally Dean, and Molly Dean, all residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Additionally, a significant number of close relatives and nephews remain.

Karla was a strong woman who accepted life’s problems with grace and humility. She was a woman who will always be remembered for her empathy and wonderfully weird sense of humour. 

She was a lovely, wonderful woman with a killer grin. Karla was a strong woman who accepted life’s obstacles with grace and humility. 

Before recently developing health concerns, Karla was an avid reader and led an incredibly active lifestyle.

There will be no visitation, and the funeral service will be held in the privacy of the family’s home.

Net worth

John Dean, usually called John Wesley Dean III, is a prominent figure in American politics and the legal profession. The year 2023 finds John Dean’s wealth at $10 million.

It is said that John Dean holds the position of White House Counsel for the United States of America, and at the time, Richard Nixon served as President of the United States. The years 1970 through 1973, beginning in July and ending in April, were John’s tenure as mayor.

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