Kenneth Marrero Story: Father, Mother, Siblings & Death

kenneth marrero

Kenneth Marrero is the older half-brother of rapper Young M. A. Kenneth. They are very close when their father abandons them at a young age. A famous rapper and songwriter Young M.A. was very close to her brother. 

So many people want to know about Kenneth Marrero’s life and confirm the news of his death. So keep reading about Kenneth Marrero, his father, his mother, and his death.

Who was Kenneth Marrero?

On December 9th, 1988, Kenneth Marrero was brought into this world. He was Katora Marrero’s older brother, but his stage name, Young M.A, better knew him. 

Katorah Kasanova Marrero, best known by her stage name Young M.A., is a well-known American rapper. Her real name is Katorah Kasanova Marrero. Kenneth Christopher Ramos was Kenneth Marrero’s birth name.

Marrero was born in Puerto Rico to a father named Kenneth Christopher Ramos Sr. and a mother named Latasha Carlisle Blackman, who was from Jamaica. 

Kenneth Marrero’s younger sisters, Katorah Kasanova Marrero and Quintessence Blackman, have the same name as their older brother.

The fact that Kenneth Marrero is Katorah Kasanova Marrero’s older brother is one of the reasons he is so widely known. Young m.a. is the stage moniker by which Katorah Kasanova Marrero is better known.

Young M.A. is a successful businessman and rapper, and songwriter. Young M.A. publishes several tracks, including Hot Sauce, Body Bag, Tip the Surgeon, Hello Baby, and Huge Steppa. 

Kenneth is said to have been the one who brought up Young M.A. after their father was captured and sentenced to prison. 

Kenneth Marrero Father

Mr. Marrero is the father of Kenneth Marrero. He ran away from Kenneth’s life when she was just a year old.

Later, when his sister Young M.A. who was very close to him, aged 11, was let out of jail, their relationship didn’t develop as quickly as it might have. In any event, nobody is certain of his identity.

Young M.A. excitedly discusses her mother and grandmother in her interviews, but she is remarkably mute regarding her father. Even his name is unknown to the large group of fans of the artist.

Kenneth Marrero Mother

The cherished mother of Kenneth is Latasha Carlisle Blackman. When she oversaw her famous daughter at the BET Awards 2016, her face became well-known to a large audience.  

Latasha developed Kenneth sister Young M. A’s musical taste. The Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and many other artists were favorites of Latasha’s. Today, Young M. A cites each of these musicians as an inspiration.

Brooklyn, New York, is home to Latasha Blackman. Her diploma came from Drake University’s School of Business. She provides for herself by working as a freelancer. 

The mother raised two kids after the death of Kenneth Marrero in 2009. She has three different fathers involved in her children’s upbringing.

Young M.A. makes her mother, Latasha, very happy. The artist once said in an interview that she now supports her family. 

Her mother spent 12 hours a day supporting her children in every way. Young M.A. now wants to offer her some rest and provide financial support. The rapper also spends her money on the younger sibling.

Kenneth Marrero Siblings

Kenneth Marrero has one sibling known as Young M.A. She was very close to her after their father abandoned them. Young M.A., known as Katorah H. Marrero, is an ambitious young rapper. 

She received her big break when she released the track “Ooouuu” in 2016. Katorah debuted the album “Herstory in the Making” in the fall of 2019. It entered the Billboard 200 list at position seven right after its introduction.

Young M.A. has a distinct personality and takes on life, which she is willing to share with her “supporters”—her followers. Although she is open about being a lesbian, she despises being referred to as one.

She was a natural-born member of Latasha Blackman and Mr. Marrero’s family. She has a younger half-sister and a more experienced half-brother.

Katorah suffered greatly after his passing and could not articulate how she felt adequately; hence, she did not pen a single phrase about her emotions. 

But ten years after this horrible incident, she gave Kenny a special place on her first record.

Is Kenneth Marrero still alive or dead?

Sadly, Kenneth Marrero has passed away. On September 26, 2009, Kenneth Marrero passed away unexpectedly. Kenneth was employed at Bickel’s Snack as a laborer.

Young M.A. mourned the loss of her caring older brother Kenneth. She is closer to her older half-brother because her birth father abandoned her.

During their conversation, Young M.A. expressed that she still values every moment she spends with Kenneth Marrero. 

In Pennsylvania, a nefarious gang was implicated in the tragic demise of Kenneth Marrero, who tragically departed this world at the tender age of 21.

Kenneth Marrero Cause of Death

On September 26, 2009, Kenneth was murdered, and his death was ruled a homicide. It has been reported that Marrero was killed by gangsters who stabbed him. His death resulted in his death.

After Kenneth died, Katorah, better known as Young M. A. in the music industry, said that her elder brother was a friendly and inviting person whose death was a sorrow for her and the family. 

M. A. has become closer to her older brother and half-brother since her father left. 

She said so in an interview, and it’s clear that she still values every second she spends with him. Gang members from Pennsylvania were responsible for Kenneth’s death in that state.

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