Kyra Sedgwick Net Worth: How Rich Is Kevin Bacon’s Wife?

kyra sedgwick net worth

Here, we discuss Kyra Sedgwick net worth because many are curious about his earnings and personal affairs. Since 1982, Kyra Minturn Sedgwick has been involved in the motion picture industry. 

Kyra has been an American actor, producer, and director. In The Closer, she played Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, which was her most famous TV role.

However, the role of Johnson earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 2007 and an Emmy award in the year 2010.

She has appeared in more than 40 movies, TV shows, and films. Due to her successful acting career, many fans are asking about Kyra Sedgwick net worth in 2023.

Kyra Sedgwick’s early life

On August 19, 1965, Kyra Minturn Sedgwick was born in New York. Patricia Heller and Henry D. Sedgwick are the parents of Sedgwick.

Her mother worked as a family therapist, while her father was a venture capitalist. 

Sedgwick’s parents split when she was six, and her mother married an art dealer.

After completing her Friends Seminary studies, Kyra attended Sarah Lawrence College and the University of Southern California. 

Kyra Sedgwick career

Kyra Sedgwick’s first chance to pursue acting came when she was sixteen. Later, she was cast in the American television series “Another World.”

She worked in the films “Lemon Sky” and “Cindy Eller: A Modern Fairy Tale” for ten years. 

In 1989, she landed her first significant motion picture role as the lead in “Born on the Fourth of July.” Sedgwick landed a part in the critically acclaimed film “Miss Rose White” that same year. 

She landed her breakthrough role in “Singles” a few years later. She worked with other celebrities like Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Bridge Fonda, and Matt Dillon. 

Heart and Souls, Something to Talk About, Phenomenon, Secondhand Lions, The Game Plan, and The Woodsman are just a few of the films she has appeared in. 

The television series “Proof,” which aired for one season in 2015, was created by Sedgwick.

That same year, she appeared on the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Kyra Sedgwick net worth as of November 2023 is $45 million.

Kyra Sedgwick parents

Kyra Sedgwick is the daughter of Henry Dwight Sedgwick V and Patricia Sedgwick. Her mother worked as an educational family therapist and speech therapist. 

Her father was of English descent and works as a venture capitalist. The mother of Kyra Sedgwick came from a wealthy German Jewish household. 

Sedgwick’s father came from a rich, English-speaking Massachusetts family. The descendants of the Sedgwick family have influenced politics, law, business, and the arts. 

The first Sedgwick was Yorkshireman Robert Sedgwick. During the Great Migration, he came to the USA in 1636—the US authorities in Hancock County, Maine, dubbed Sedgwick town after him. 

Kyra Sedgwick’s personal life

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon first crossed paths when working together on the set of the PBS adaptation of “Lemon Sky.”

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Their first kid, Travis Sedgewick Bacon, was born in 1989, and their second child, Sosie Ruth Bacon, was born in 1992. They tied the knot in 1988. 

The fact that they are genuinely ninth cousins once removed was brought to their attention in an episode of “Finding Your Roots” in 2012.

Following Barack Obama’s election as president in 2008, the pair appeared in the music video “It’s a New Day” performed by 

In addition, they shared screen time in the movies Pyrates, Murder in the First, The Woodsman, and Loverboy.

How old is Kyra Sedgwick? 

August 19, 1965, was Kyra Sedgwick’s birthday. Thus, Kyra Sedgwick’s age is 58. American actress Kyra Sedgwick is a well-known figure.

Kyra Sedgwick height & weight

Kyra Sedgwick is a famous American actress born on August 19, 1965. Kyra Sedgwick has earned a respectable living from her acting career.

She stands at a height of 165 cm and a weight of 55 kg (121 lb).

How much did Kyra & Kevin Bacon lose in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme?

On the “SmartLess” podcast, hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, Kevin Bacon discussed how he and Kyra Sedgwick lost much money in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

More than 40,000 Madoff victims have received $4 billion from the fund. “When something like that happens, you look at each other, and you go, ‘Well, that sucks, and let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work,’” Bacon told Shameless of his and Kyra Sedgwick’s financial stress management.

“We’ve made it this far; our kids are healthy, and we’re healthy. Let’s examine our strengths. We can both work.” Bacon said it was vital to put his family’s losses in context and that they were OK.

Kyra Sedgwick net worth & earning

Kyra Sedgwick net worth is $45 million, she is not a billionaire. The movie business provides the actress with her income. 

Her part in The Closer was the primary source of her income. She has a firm that has increased her financial worth and is interested in real estate.

Kyra Sedgwick’s earnings as an actress, director, and producer have contributed to her $45 million net worth. Before winning the 2007 Golden Globe, Kyra earned $150,000 for every episode of The Closer.

She earned $250,000 and $300,000 per episode after winning the prize. That made her one of the highest-paid TV actresses.

 The TV show ran for seven seasons and 109 episodes on television between 2005 and 2012. Kyra made appearances in every show episode.

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